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your opinions on bt014

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fubarcbr, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. i picked up a set of bridgestone battlax bt014 yesterday for 400 bucks nearly 200 of retail and was wondering what your thoughts are on them.

    things like grip, milage etc.

    i ahve a mate who has uesd them and recons they are great, but i want some more opinions

    [MOD]please read this. I have moved this thread to Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts joel :)
  2. :? You're asking for an opinion AFTER you've bought them :?

    I'm on my third BT-014 front on the Hornet (16" version) and while I'm a moderate rider, and don't know how they'd go if you were really ear-'oling it, I love them. (I'm running a BT-020 on the back; my next rear will be the updated BT-021, I guess..)
  3. I had them as original fit on my K7 GSR 600 and found them to be ok. I have got Michelin pilot road 2ct now and find them alot better for my bike and style. I got 7.5k out of the rear and 10k out of the front.
  4. Pilots are a better tyre by most people's judgement, but not much wrong with 014's.

    I hope you like em, it seems you paid a shedload for them!

    Edit: Your/the supposed retail price is a shedload.
  5. My gixxer 1000 came with 014's as standard and I thought they were very sticky tyre. They didn't last long though with the front lasting 5,000km and the rear 3,500km. I then switched to pilot powers which aren't as sticky but last longer. Bridgestone have just released the 015 only available in 120/70 and 190/50 sizes and I've just fitted a front 015 to see how it goes.
  6. Hey fubarcbr,

    Could you plz tell me where u bought your BT014 cheap from?

    I am looking for a new rear...

  7. +1 ! This is a good time for YOU ride them and tell us what YOU thought!
  8. team moto at spring wood was selling them cheap they might have a pair left. i got front and rear for 400.

    i wil do a report once i have them fitted on monday
  9. What's the rrp on them?
  10. Don't like. Got an 014 front, and really don't like how it feels. Pushes too easily. Keen to swap both tyres (rear as an 012) as soon as I can afford it (which is probably when they wear out :p).
  11. Got them OE one the zx and did not like them at all It would push the front, and spin the rear on the 2nd/3rd shift :shock: . I am running pilot powers now, they are much better for grip turn in and feel and I think life will be similar if not a little better.