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Your opinions of 250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nightrider, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. After sitting on a hyo gt250r at the bike show on sat i thought this bike has some potential. It felt great to sit on the bike and seemed quiet comfortable. I like the gears as it feels smooth and overall a good looking bike. I have read quiet a few reviews and i think i read one on bikepoint and ive noticed alot said that the break pads wear out easy on these bikes? I havnt got a bike yet but in the market for one but i dont want to spend 6.5 grand on a new hyo i would rather a used cheap one because i dont want to drop a new bike id go spastic. But there arent many around for a respectable price since they are still new in the market. I also am tossing up between a gpx250 or even a suzuki across for its storage space which would come in very handy. CBR's are nice but not my thing too expensive and overpriced. ZZR would be another alternative if i found one as cheap as a gpx. What do you guys think?

  2. Get a spada or the vtr. Bullet proof.

    You can try other naked bikes. Don't fork anymore than 4k unless you're planing to keep it for awhile.

    I had the spada for 3-4 months (had an accident - not moi fault though) and then got an Aprilia RS250 - which kept for over 3 years.
  3. The GT250R is relatively new but the naked GT250 Comet has been around a bit longer so 2nd hand examples of those are a little bit more common and quite cheap. Plus being naked they're going to be a lot cheaper to fix if you crash (and probably cheaper to insure too). A 250 is unlikely to chew through brake pads all that fast - and even if it does pads don't cost that much to replace anyway (high rotor wear would be a concern though). The GPX, ZZR or Across are all good options too if you can find one in good condition for the right price.
  4. hey jd yeh i dont mind the GT250 if i found one cheap id buy one but my preference would be the GT250R i just like the styling. But you are right with naked bikes if you drop or have an accident with them at least it wont cost you anywhere near a fairing bike would. I guess ill just keep looking. Im patient so i will just wait till i find a good deal i think.
  5. nightrider - there have been stacks of threads asking the question about which 250 to buy. Do a search and have a read, there's a lot of good info in this forum :grin:
  6. What type of riding you want to do?

    LAMS is your friend - why bother with a 250??

  7. So true Doonks. And thats what i have been doing for months on here just reading different opinions. Maybe i wanted to get my post count up as well! LOL :)
  8. Why are you looking at a 250 when you live in NSW?
  9. SPADA SPADA SPADA... not biased at all :LOL: :grin:

    dropped it the day after i got it.... nothing more that a few scrathes to the exhaust, pootpeg and morrow housing.... these bits conveniently stick out furthqt than the painted bits

    had mine for almost 3 months and it's a blast.. cruises nicely on the highway as well.. anthough wind can be an issue at times :grin:

    you can certainly get a good and decent 250 for under $4k...any more and your just buying bling
  10. Well 250 is what id like to start off with since im a new rider on the roads i feel more comfortable on a 250. If i found a good deal on a bigger bike thats LAMS then i would probably buy one but preferably a 250 would be a better option.
  11. I ride a GT650 and find it nice. As a LAMS bike it isn't super exciting. De-restrict it and it's better.

    Get what ever bike you like the feel of. There are plenty of good bikes on the market.

    Personally, I think twins are nicer for a fresh rider because of the softer power delivery. Talk to the owner and make sure that what ever you look at, it has been well maintained and doesn't have dangle-berries hanging off it.

    Your money, your riding, your call.
  12. I think you'll find it'll only take about 2 weeks before you start to find the 250 underpowered, but it's up to you. Keep in mind resale value too. It's going to be hard to get rid of a 250 in NSW and if Victoria or Queensland take up LAMS in the mean time, then it'll be worse.

    Then again if you are a smaller person then the 250 may be be the better choice anyway.
  13. Night Rider,

    I was of exactly the same opinion but then found a Suzuki GS500E at a really good Price (Under 6k) had a test ride and it scared the S**T out of me, but bought it anyway...

    Best decision Ever, I got over the whole 250/500 thing after about a month and now love the 500 and will keep it a lot longer than I originally planned.

    The GS500E is a naked as well so if you drop it (which I have once!) there is not anywhere near as much to damage.

    Go find and have a sit on A GS500E I reckon you will be pleasantly surprised,

  14. Ditto the above. I've only been riding for 2 months and the 250 is sooo slow. My SRV is plenty of fun in the twisty's but on the open highway strugles to keep me on the legal limit up hills. I can't wait to get onto something bigger.
  15. If a 250 is what you want then i'd suggest:
    GPX250- very reliable, very smooth power delivery, very stable around corners, only half fairing so not too expensive to fix if dropped.
    spada- bullet proof naked bike, but are getting long in the tooth, hard to find one with low km's but not immpossible.
  16. I agree woth Ro, i own a GT650R and it is a nice bike to ride, a lot better than my CBR250. It is restricted at the moment however still plenty of power to play with and it handles very well.

    Ill keep it once on full licence as it can be de-restricted, no need to further bike upgrade!

  17. I got a gt650 faired LAMs comin up for sale.
    It was a reparable write of. Out near blacktown should be finished in a week or two handles much nicer than any other bike ive had including cbr250,old gsxr,nsr ect ect

    anyways u can come test ride it when its finished