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Your Opinion - Yamaha R15 or Honda CBR250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by like_spike, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Both new bikes, both on the cheaper end of the market.

    I have read lots and watched lots of reviews, but they don't always come down to a true opinion.

    Yamaha - $4800 ride away
    Honda - $5500 (+$500 for ABS model)

    It would be for an inexperienced rider, daily commute with no highways. I'm 189 and 85kgs.

    What do you think? Which would you buy?
  2. if i had to choose it would be the honda, because the yamaha is an indian shitbox.

    but rather neither, aren't you a bit too big for them being 189/85?
  3. The CBR.
  4. I would sure hope not. Surely bigger people than me get around on bikes this size.
  5. i suppose you'll have to sit on them to see, and when you see them in real life the quality difference will stand out.
  6. The Honda is a far better bike - yes, $700 (or $1200, though the Yam may also have on-roads) better.

    Mind you, I'd advise getting a second-hand learner bike rather than a new one.
  7. I thought about going second hand, but by the time you have paid rego on it once, you are looking at only a small saving.

    Buying a new bike you get warranty and the first service included if you buy the Honda.

    Unless you can suggest a decent second hand model I could look for in a similar price range (excluding a used Ninja 250R), I am all ears.
  8. Hi,

    I'm also keen to get a motorbike, never ridden one before. I've been checking out these two models and I agree the CBR is the better option but doesn't look as good, I reckon.

    Are there any other new-ish bike with similar specs which would suit a novice rider that anyone could suggest.

  9. I'd say the Honda. BUT you should really consider a used 400 or 500 lams approved bike.
  10. 500cc bike? Isn't that a bit much for a beginner rider?
  11. Can you explain how one might arrive at that conclusion?
  12. All the road authorities arrived at that conclusion up till the introduction of lams. Wa are still at that conclusion and learners are limited to max 250cc bikes.
  13. Your a big bloke, hyosung?
  14. Someone needs to go do some reading, here's a term you should go searching for "LAMs"
  15. Your response, while uninteresting, obvious, trolly and law-abiding, fails to answer my question. Authorities also arrived at the conclusion that the maximum safe speed for NSW learners in 110km/h is 80km/h.
  16. There's almost no such thing as a 250 in North America. Everyone there learns on (unrestricted) 650s and larger.

    The LAMS legal 500s have less power than the (two-stroke) RZ 250 I learned on 30 years ago...

    My suggestion for a secondhand bike is just because people tend to upgrade when they can, and lose a lot on depreciation in the process. It's not a hard and fast rule, just a guideline...

    For the person who say the R15 looks better - maybe nicer fairing lines, but look at things like the skinny rear wheel and realise the CBR is a real bike and the R15 is a glorified and prettied-up very cheap thing...
  17. (cheap not in a good way)
  18. It was a genuine response that the authorities don't always get it right and in the end we are made to suffer. Typical case the example of the 80 limit for learners in nsw you gave.
  19. Out of those two, the CBR would fit you better and the extra 100cc would be worthwhile.

    Not sure why you don't want to consider the used Kawasaki, other than the Ninja is only a recent model (so to speak - it's essentailly the 250 they've had for years). I saw a GPX250 in our local paper this week for 2 grand. Oldish, but only 40 000 km, and you can just about get parts at St Vinnies. They (and the ZZR, which I like less than the GPX) were changed so little over many years that if reasonably well maintained you might just as well aim for the lower km ones rather than the year model. If anything, the older ones went better or at least as well unless it's a worn out one.

    Aside from all that, you might still consider something with more cc, but then I rode my first bike, a 250 single roadie, for three years before upgrading and it was a hoot that cost me pocket change to run.
  20. What's wrong with a used Ninja? Though with a budget of 5k a used GS500F would be the smartest option.

    Of the two new models you've listed I wouldn't choose either - I'd wait a month or so for the Suzuki TU250X to come out.