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Your opinion please?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly, I'm new to the road and have been riding for about 6 weeks, I'm very happy to have finally joined the bike community after 18 years of driving a car :D

    I've joined this forum as I am reasonably new to Sydney and don't know anyone here with a bike, it looks like quite an active forum and I'd like to get opinions on the quandry I seem to have got myself into...

    As a first bike I decided to buy a scooter, I bought the new Aprilia SportCity 200 http://www.aprilia.com/models03/scooters/eng/modello.phtml?id=80

    Its a great looking bike (I think) and my plan was to get confident riding then eventually upgrade to a larger geared road bike, but at the same time I wanted a bike now that I could get out and do a bit of touring on.

    The guys at the shop told me the 200 would easily handle highway speeds and "if you want you have the option to pop out to the blue mountains" or whatever, with the larger wheels and 200cc engine you have the best of both worlds.

    Sounded great, so I scratched together the $7,500 including ORC and bought one , I also bought the right protective gear so came away paying about $8,200 which is fine.

    The first 1000kms I just commuted to work on it averaging about 40ks a day, then ventured up to palm beach (about a 100k ride for those of you not in Sydney)...this was my first open road ride and I was a bit nervous and didn't really get over 80ks, I was also due for my first 1000k service so figured not pushing the bike was the best idea. I did feel a bit slow in traffic but figured this would improve as I got more confident at the higher speeds.

    The bike went in for its first service after owning it for two weeks, this cost me $234 which sounded expensive, so I asked and was told it was a very comprehensive service. I dropped it off at 9.30 and it was ready to picked up at 1pm...to be honest I don't know anything about bikes so enquired elsewhere and was told that was about right and that you can go over an entire bike in 3 hrs, so fine, paid that and road home.

    Within 1/2 hr of getting home the bike had broken down and would not start, the guys from the shop came out and fixed it the next day while I was at work, I was told it was a shorted fuse and "a few other things", they also replaced the battery.

    So anyway fine, the bikes fixed and running sweet and I clock up another 1000ks commuting to work and riding around doing errands and things, I'm starting to get confident riding it and have become the quickest thing around the CBD between 20-80kms/hr, I even did short bursts on the freeway with a limit of 90.

    This weekend the weathers come good and I decide its time to really test out the bike so I decide to head down the coast for my first proper road trip. I planned to go to Waterfall then through the National Park down to Stanwell Park, those of you in Sydney will know this ride well.

    Its all good until I get out to the open road, the speed limit rises to 90 which I slowly climb up to, then it opens up to 100....I pull the throttle open as far as it goes and the bike crawls up to 100 and I mean crawls!

    I felt like a sitting duck out there, very unsafe with cars riding up my arse wanting to go faster, the throttle wide open and the bike whining hard?!

    The guys in the shop assured me it would comfortably do 130, I mean the clock goes up to 160 (100m/ph)...I don't know if they were just telling me what I wanted to hear or what but I certainly didn't feel safe out on that highway. Shouldn't a 200cc bike be capable of that and more?

    And to top off that ride, I get home and now the damn thing won't start, sounds like the starter motor is not firing!

    So what do you think? Have I bought the wrong bike for what I want to achieve? I did chat to a couple of guys at work who have bikes and they thought it was pretty low powered at 21hp, I have to admit it doesnt sound like much.

    Its a great bike for around town anywhere between 20-80 it rules the road (compared to cars) hence the name I guess and I'm now thinking just hang on to it for a year and then upgrade to a geared bike, it has a two year warranty so I think selling it within that period would be the best idea? But I'm also thinking how much am I going to learn about riding by putting around the CBD?

    I've got my eye on the new CBR600rr, not sure how smart the transistion from scooter to superbike is though? Also whats the deal with my licence as I sat it on a scooter, I'm over 30 so can get my full licence straight away, but would I have to do it all again on a geared bike?

    Sorry this is a bit long winded, but its all a bit new/frustrating at the minute and I could really use some different angles on it.

  2. Jeez, wish you'da got on the forum and asked these questions before you bought the scooter, because you can commute on a sports bike, but, as you found, you can't tour on a scooter, at least not as easily as you'd expected.

    Me? I'd sell the scoot while still in warranty, cop the loss and put what money you can towards something like a naked 600. (Biased, of course)
    A naked 600 will give you the best of all worlds. If you go straight to a super-sports bike, you will be swapping one end of the spectrum (slow out of town but good commute) for the other (great out of town but not entirely suitable for commuting).

    My 2c worth anyway
  3. Why get a 600 when hes only been riding for 6wks?
  4. because he can,, so says Hornet
  5. So are you a person who would buy a bike that you couldnt ride for min
  6. Well I've been riding since 1974, so I guess my opnion, (which the gentleman asked for) has as much merit as anyone else's.

    It's a free forum, and I haven't see you answer his question yet, just pick on my opinion.

    You're not backward in expresssing it in other threads, so why not give the man an answer instead of trying to prove some self-satisfying point?
  7. He's in NSW Kishy.

  8. I'm not picking on your opinion. I was asking a simple question thats all.
    Stop getting all uptight & relax... breathe in... breathe out :wink:
  9. hey kish, how long were you on the road before you went and bought the 9? :wink:

    600s aint scarey, especially not the learner legal ones under the LAMS specs.

    and congrats on the first post mate, i reckon thats a serious contender for the longest first post on any forum i've seen :LOL: :wink:
  10. yes hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I'm enjoying riding the bike/scooter and have read that alot of the great twisty rides have a typical speed of 60-80kms/hr, ie the illawara ride I want to do....but getting there is the problem.

    I'm thinking from an investment point of view hanging onto the scooter for a year won't be too bad, its top of the line and good brand so it should hold its value? But I'm also concrned that I wont develop the skills I want for when I get on a serious bike like the CBR I have my eyes on.

    In any case I probably wouldnt be able to afford to upgrade for at least 6 months, but do you think it would be ok to go straight up to that sort of bike (preferred option), or is it smart to by a cheap in between geared bike to practice on?

    I was chatting to a guy down at Stanwell today who rides a 2005 CBR600 and he commutes on it, reckons its ok.
  11. lol...well I generally don't get on forums unless I'm serious and have something to say. I'm serious about getting in to bikes :wink:
  12. Hi duncank , welcome.
  13. Because we have LAMS and it is a very sensible choice. There are ALOT of 600's out there that will be MUCH MUCH easier AND safer for a relatively new rider to ride. You don't have to push the things 100% to get the performance out of them you seek.

    AND when off his restrictions, he then (depending on the 600 he chooses) will not feel the need to get rid of his 250 for something which does things alittle easier.
  14. Nah i think it's a great post. Just let it all out in one and we know the whole story, therefore making it much easier to give you meaningful advice without needing to probe you with 100 more questions.

    Good Work!
  15. If you have been riding a scooter for 6 weeks now I would jump up and go for the next level, sounds like you have outgrown the scooter already. I went to Malaysia in January, was riding a scooter for 2 weeks and I felt with the smaller wheels etc, anything over 80 km/h and they are dangerous machines.

    My opinion if you commute 40k's a day it's the wrong bike.

    As hornet600 said, cut your losses and start looking, even a hornet600 which has the same or simular frame to the hornet250, but I am not the hornet specialist.
  16. whats a LAM?

    An re the upgrade, I'm one of those guys who likes to buy the best/lastest model (I know this is subjective) so i probably wouldn't be happy until I was on something like the CBR600

    just wondering wether I should get an inbetween throw away bike to learn on, I'd prefer not to and would like to go from my scooter to a bike I really like....just not sure how easy the transition would be?

    I've ridden an old honda 100 trail bike years ago with gears so have half a clue, but todays bikes, man they look scary...lol...so damn big and aggressive
  17.  Top
  18. he he, actually, that's only in comparison with your scoot, mate. Today's bikes are smaller, lighter and more powerful than their peers of even 5 - 8 years ago. But they are very rideable, too.
  19. Sure, have updated...in brief, I'm a kiwi by origin and have been living in Aus for about 3 years, Melb for 2.5 and in Sydney since January.

    Sydney is now home for me but I'd love to get back down to Melb to ride the Great Ocean road :)

    Don't sell on forums, it pisses people off...lol...just here for the bike talk/advice
  20. For what the scooter cost you, you could've picked from numerous 250 motorcycles. At the lower performing end of those, a CB250 has no trouble getting to 100 and with a slight incline, laying down on the tank, my old CB hit the end of the speedo at 140km. Something like a VTR250 or a CBR250 will feel lacking comparitively until you hit 70km but then the difference is pretty clear. They're not like a CBR600 but would be a better transition than the CB. A lot of the LAMS (Lams are baby sheep) bikes are also great performers. My ER-5 (retail new for around 8k on the road) has more than enough get up and go when I want it, but I wouldn't advise it as a first bike for the same reason. Given that you can already ride, it might be a good option.

    To answer the question in a nut shell, wait on buying the CBR600 but throw away the scooter asap, buy a motorcycle, get some practice then a CBR600 after you get off restictions will be a smooth and happy transition. :)