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Your 'One day I'll...' Tour

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Commuting and group rides can be fun, but can leave us unfulfilled. Some yearn for the Tour. The Journey is the Destination.

    Aside from the tours you've done in the past, tell us about that trip that lurks in the back of your mind... not the 'If I had a million dollars' one, but the one that if work and home life could just leave you alone for 3 weeks, you would just get out and do.

    I need some inspiration.

    >If you have any good touring yarns, I'd implore you to take an hour out of your life and post them in a thread in this section for our entertainment - tell us a captivating story as Roarin and Glitch and others have done (but not on this thread). <

  2. Simple, dan, and probably a bit too prosaic. but I'd like the time and funds to be able to ride right around this wonderful county and to take all the sideroads and detours along the way.
  3. I want to combine my two favourite past-times and ride to the north, and go fishing for barramundi. Along the way I want to visit everyone I know; I'm not a fan of going places just to see the places; on the other hand I'll travel anywhere to see people!
  4. I'm still aspiring to head up the east coast as far as half of $xxx takes me... then spend the other half getting back. No idea where i'll end up and i think that's part of the fun of it!

    I'm guessing atleast up to northern NSW.. possibly QLD. Who knows.
  5. I recently ferried a vintage aircraft from near melbourne to Perth.Because it could only travel for 2 hours at about 60mph I had to take a pretty circuitous route and some of the roads and country I saw from the air was breathtaking. One day I want to take about a month to do it all on a bike. The route was;

    Riddell Creek
    Swan Hill
    Port Augusta
    Port Pirie
    Streaky Bay
    Nullarbor Roadhouse
    Border Village
    Eucla miles from roadhouse
  6. http://www.ferriswheels.com.au/

    This is an adventure I'd love to do. If I could con my Indian mate to come along I'd dispense with the guide and just go it alone.
  7. yup :D

    my olds has filled me with stories of him doing this for all my life. if i tell him about a road i've been on, he's got a story about it. now i'm 6 months from having kids of my own and it dont look like i'm gunna have much of a chance :?

    taking my time to travel around oz with a swag, a change of clothes, a few hundred bucks and no real plan would be nigh on perfect :D
  8. 1 week Tassie in Nov, already nailed.
    With an XT600 or such it'd be easy to make 3weeks out of that, and see some of the last "wild" Tassie as well.
    2 weeks of having the bikes transported to Brissie, then flying after them and zigzagging the Great Divade back to Melbourne....already nailed, late April/ early May.
    6weeks of European Alps Sept/ Oct 2007, already nailed. Hire bikes, 8500km of twisties !!!!
    2008/09 three lots of 2 to 3 weeks each, taking the Posties from Brissie to Cooktown, leg 2 from Townsville to Darwin, leg 3 Darwin-Perth, semi-nailed, one postie bought, need another 2. There's 4 teams up and running at this stage for this one.
    2010 for 4 weeks of Springbok-tour, South Africa, Capetown along the Southern Coast and into the Veld via the wineries/ Drakensberge etc etc.
    If that doesn't work, it'll be Quebec (Canada) to Alaska and back (if they make enough mozzie-spray by then).
    I'm fairly sure there'll be the other odd ride in between 8)

    :) :) :) More ideas? The dream?
    Sorta, but this one would mean selling about everthing to finance it....
    Around the globe via China and Siberia to Europe, no soft-option crap, doing it the rough way. Euro to Africa in the north, 4 months to make it to Capetown (possibly more with the odd jail-term or so) ship to US, then through Central America to Fireland in the faaar south...as long as there's a footpath to ride on.
    THAT one will remain a dream, I think :( :(
  9. I'd love to do tassie on a bike. Have been in 4wd but a bike would be heaps more fun. :)
  10. Love to follow the steps of Ewan McGregor and his mate Charlie when they did the round the world thing. Departing from London across the channel to France heading east crossing countries like khazakstan, Mongolia, Russia and then accross to Alaska and down the the US and back to London again.
    I read the book and it was an awesome adventure riding some big beemers and sometimes not even on roads and doing river crossings and everything.
    I love all the support crew thing and near death experiences etc. Just be awesome to do.
  11. I'd love to do a trip just in victoria. Start out by heading east following the coast line as much as possible stopping anywhere i wanted. then follow the northern border and the murry back across the top and then back down and along the GOR back to melb, I would like to spend a few weeks doing it, i know it could possibly be be done in a week, but i would want to take my time and stop wherever i want and have the time to just hang a left and see where that road goes. I like to know what we've got just here first rather than go and check out every other states niceties.
  12. Sobil, that's another of my dream rides. Victoria is such a lovely place and it's so compact, you can tour right around it and take in the sideroads and still do it in a short space of time.

    I did 3000k's around Viccie at Christmas (not my first tour there, that was back in '84) and it was wonderful.
  13. well lets see here
    tassie has my name written all over it for jan 06 when i visit the olds
    there's a choice twistie mountainous section between sheffield and tullah thats about 150 - 200k's long thats waiting just for me thats for the first week or two then another 2 weeks bummin around vic and nsw 8)
  14. C'mon, mate, just riding down the road to get a pound of butter is going to be a tour for you way out there!!!
  15. thats why we buy it by the ton :p
  16. If your after the twisties... don't bother going near the Murray. :p
    I'm a Mildura lad born & bred, and there's nothing but flat straight roads for miles. :(
  17. A work colleague of mine did a ferris wheels tour and says it was amazing. He said the guides were astounding. The world's greatest bodge mechanics - they could fix anything. A valuable skill, I imagine, if you're all riding Royal Enfields.

    My dream tour? To combine my three passions - real British ale, the Farnborough airshow and the IOM. A ramble across Britain (maybe on one of them horny new Thruxtons) with plenty of little pubs (without bloody pokies), a chance to ride the TT circuit 'til I'm dizzy and a lazy day watching beautiful aircraft.

    In the meantime (whilst I wait for a rich relo to croak) I reckon Tasmania sounds pretty good.

    The other tour I've sometimes daydreamed about is to retrace the ride that is described in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". I've never fully understood the book, but I've re-read it many times - first, I think, when I was about 18. I always found the story to be at odds with what a motorcycle meant to me. The idea that you could take your son with you clashed with my notion of a motorcycle as an expression of rebellion.

    Pirsig uses a long and meandering journey as a hook on which to hang his long and meandering metaphysic. Guess what? Now that I have kids, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than pack them up and take them on a journey like that.

    So there you go. Friday night, a few beers, and he goes all filosofical. Who would have guessed?
  18. Hey I was born in Kerang!
  19. Did most of that in December 03. We took it at a leisurely pace and took five days getting over there and seven coming back (via the south west of WA)

    Best bit of road was the Pt-Germain - Murraytown road (not far drom Pt. Pirie) A magic, tight climb up a twisting canyon.

    But the most enjoyable part was blasting through Horrocks pass (just this side of Pt Augusta. After crossing the flat plains for days on end, it was like ......... Oh, I don't know... something really good that you've been missing......
  20. You haven't ridden the spider's web?