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Your NR IOM correspondent reporting (very long)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Til i got here i didn't understand quite the significance of the IOM TT. I feel like i got here on false pretences 'cos i was in the UK for family, the trip just happened to coincide with the TT and i thought i'd drop in. Now i get that it's a pilgrimage that every rider should make at some point in their life.

    the buzz started early on tuesday morning for me. a friend of Movin's picked me up at 6am to give me a lift on his Suzuki DR Big to the Liverpool ferry. 4-5 hours in early morning frost, 1 cylinder, 800cc, nobbly tyres and my arse discovered the true defintion of pain. a couple of pit stops warmed us up, stretched our limbs and kept our spirits up.

    i checked in at Liverpool, one of a handful of foot-passengers, drooling over the bikes and swearing next time i'll hire my own. a farewell coffee with Leigh and his DR, who was cursing his work committments by now, and we set sail.

    the journey itself would be considered uninspiring except that of course you had something in common with every single human being on that boat - same passion, same excitement and same love of all things two-wheel related. needless to say, conversation with passing strangers was easy.

    setting foot on Douglas for the first time is a moment you'll never forget. for any rider, it's a homecoming - like a jew going to israel for the first time, a hippie going to that first confest, an alcoholic going to their first AA meeting or michael jackson's first trip to disneyland :grin: it's an island of bikes. every man, woman and child rides. the only people not in leathers are those on crutches :wink:, bikes of course as far as the eye can see, unlike london's street-fighter-style nakeds, these were for the most part, fully-faired sports bikes. it's also the first time i've ever enjoyed the touristy side of an event. every hairdresser, clothes shop or internet cafe has a bike, bike photos or flags in their window!

    a boy from the ferry had offered me a lift to the place i'd booked my accommodation in port erin on the back of his old kwaka (can't remember the model - before my time :) ). the trip through the countryside was a step back in time. the landscape here is straight out of a jane austin tragic romance or possibly a king arthur legend. green hills, craggy rocks, a smattering of quaint country homesteads and little stone walls peppered across the country.

    i realised however, where i'd booked was too far from the action and rang a different fella from the ferry, pete, who'd mentioned there might be a spare room at his b'n'b in douglas - the friendliness and helpfulness of fellow riders in action yet again. we sorted that out for the next night, he picked me up the following morning on his 2003 silver SV650 (you'll be pleased to know glipschitz there's an abundance of them over here), we dropped off my bag and pete made the suggestion of a quick lap of the circuit before they closed the roads. he says my "daft grin" said it all.

    pete's in fact a quiet fellow these days. 42 with a sane and stable life. but in his teenage years he was renowned for rarely keeping two wheels on the ground ... and he knows the circuit well. we took off. 38 miles at a cracking pace (except where traffic got momentarily in our way) of small country villages, open landscape, those suddenly terrifying looking stony walls, a canopy of trees overhead (got the spelling right this time hornet600), sweeping corners, sharp town corners, one tight left-hand uphill hairpin as you head up the mountain, an audience starting to gather round the edges of the track so you feel like a star (and i'm not even riding!!!) then suddenly out of nowhere, the thickest mist i've ever ridden in as we get near the top of the mountain, can't see 3 feet in front of you, headlights from oncoming traffic coming out of nowhere at the last minute, hit the top of the mountain, the mist disappears below you, the sun suddenly bright and surprisingly warm, and back into the mist as you start to head back down the other side of the mountain.

    almost at the end and we stopped at the Creg-ny-baa pub (well i guess wagga wagga sounds strange to them!) and the corner where we're going to watch the races for the day. i chat with the australian barman, pete bumps into a neighbour from his home-town near liverpool and the place is crackling with laughter and anticipation.

    we head out to find a spot to watch the race. i see a fella the spitting image of loz and figure he can't be a bad sort :LOL: so we plant ourselves and start chatting. i wasn't wrong - the guy was an irish version of Loz, gift of the gab, contagious laugh and knows everything there is to know about bikes and the TT. his 18 year old Manx (from the Isle of Man i've just learnt) cousin who looks like he just walked off the set of "Lords of Dogtown" is studying a degree in racing mechanics (!!) and same with his mate, so between them they instructed me on all things IOM and TT related - everything from the tailless Manx cats, to the fairies you have to thank as you ride over a particular bridge, the sidecars, the crashes, the pit-stops, the danger spots, the bike specs and the riders. couldn't have asked for more.

    two races on over the day - junior TT supersports and the sidecars. i took more photos than i have any idea what to do with, i cheered for our Aussie lad, no 21, cameron daniels (i may have his surname wrong - sorry) from Vic, i watched in horror as one side-car ran wide and crashed into the hay-bails and they had to stretcher out the rider in a helicopter, and i enjoyed the endless sunshine and laughter of everyone around.

    we headed back into town with a swarm of other riders when the roads re-opened, had a bite to eat and watched some stunt riders in the heart of douglas before going for a few drinks with my newfound friends. in all it was as close to a perfect day as i've ever experienced!!!

    races are only every second day - a blatant effort at revenue raising - so today i'm catching up on emails and am being taken out for a look around the countryside with the crew we watched the races with yesterday.... and yes, my loz-lookalike friend, rides an SV650 so i'll be used to the ride :LOL:

    i suspect this post is more self-indulgence for me than really useful information for you guys, but i really wanted to just capture the feeling of it while it was fresh. what i would suggest is that we seriously consider trying to organise a netrider group visit one year. i don't think there's a soul who's ever ridden who wouldn't absolutely love it here.

    anyway, signing off and will be home all too soon. senior TT's tomorrow morning, BBQ in the arvo, back to the UK for Silverstone on Sunday then back to oz on tuesday. take it easy and happy travels to all, c x
  2. Great update Carri, can't wait for the next installment!
  3. I am sooooo jealous Caz!

    Thanks for the SMS updates, you are such a bloody tease!

    I swear you have given me a travel bug now.

    So after all this riding and abundance of SV650's, has it convinced you to get one :wink:

    Enjoy your last few days, take care, and can't wait to catch up upon your return!


  4. Carri that was just a great report on the IOM.
    Your joy and excitment burst off the page as I read it.

    I've never been to Manx.

    Hope to go next year, 2007 is the 100th aniversery of the Isle of Mann.
    It promises to be the BIGGEST IOM yet.

    Maybe I'll see you there? :LOL:

    I love that you're loving the UK, despite what many say it's a great country for a myriad of reasons.

    If only the weather... :LOL:

    Take care mate.
  5. I'm so jealous I could cry! Next year will be bigger as it's the 100th anniversary! I need to rob a bank or win lotto! Not much chance of me doing either though!
  6. Top report Carri. :grin:
    I hope you get the opportunity to meet up with John Daley. Apparently, he's filming for Chanel 31's Two Wheel Torque.
  7. damn.. sounds absolutly magic and im jelous as hell.. hope the seniors race goes off..
  8. jeez, carri, give us a break will'ya??? I can just barely handle that you got to go there, but you did a lap round the circuit????? :cry:

    Top report and I can't wait to see the photos.....
  9. IOM TT *and* a trip to see the F1's at Silverstone?!?!?!

    I'm going to crawl into the corner and cry.
  10. Thats it, ](*,) Netrider pilgrimage next year,who,s in?,after this hopefully Carri you will [-o< definitely be up for it again next or upcoming years.We need a live feed video cofference link over the net here Glipschitz,for next pilgrimage,so we can get realtime footage for all us poor unfortunate bahst*ds missing the action here in oz :facepalm: .
  11. I'm about to check out live webcams for the IOM right now myself.
    If I find any good ones I'll paste up the links.

    Movin...Yes mate, I think I'll deff be there for next years 100th Anniversary mate.

    Already got a 4 month bike tour of Europe planned, so can hardly miss out on the IOM 100th can I?
  12. I'd have to wonder if you ever found that difficult anyway. :p :LOL:

    I soooo wish I was there. It sounds like a riot ya lucky thing. :grin:

    Are there any ER-5's racing? :)
  13. grrrrr.... me jealous

    oh i miss the IOM, i was there 2 years ago and u summed it up perfectly. i'll never forget my first steps on the IOM, felt like i was in heaven. i had the biggest grin for the whole 2 weeks i was there. u will have to post some pics 4 us!!!!

    me deffinately there next year!!!!
  14. Me! I also think we should hire bikes and do a lap or two while we're there if that's allowed. :wink:

    Edit: Also, Egiste. I haven't asked him but I'm pretty sure. :)
  15. Hmmm...none of the webcams are that inspiring to look at for more than five minutes at a time, but in some parts of the IOM it looks warm and sunny, many people in t-shirts.
    Nice green countryside also.
    Lots of bikes parked up in most of the cams.
    I just googled Isle of Man live webcams to get that result.
  16. Aaaaaaaawesome.

    Must go one year to ride that track, soak up the atmosphere, meet some clowns and slay my evil twin.

    Keep it up Carri!
  17. Check the "cough, cough" British sun tans...lol.
  18. Top report mate, I can smell the bread pudding and Boddingtons beer from here......

    Note to self: gotta do IOM before I fall of my twig.
  19.  Top
  20. X2!!!!!!
    Im so jealous Carri, I have some money in the bank and my holidays are coming up in one week, if i book now think i can join you??