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Your move, Apple.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Jan 7, 2011.

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  3. Wow...that is pretty nifty...wouldn't mind getting one of those. All it needs to do is play full PC games :D
  4. Very cool!
  5. Watched the video on that page, looked awesome, except for the end of the video where the whole system froze - bit of a bummer lol.

    Just with the specs listed "1930mAh battery", that isn't bad but with a dual core processor wouldn't the battery life be depleted fairly quickly?

    I have a HTC Legend (600MHz CPU) and the stock battery is 1300mAh which with the settings I had and the amount of time I use on my phone (fair bit) I would be down to around 20% and would need to have a phone charger at work if I did want to go out in the evening and have a decent amount of battery left to be able to call a taxi/friend etc without having to worry is my phone battery going to die before I'm able to make 'X' call.

    I brought a Mugen 1800mAh battery for my HTC Legend and it has done wonders but that's only with a 600MHz CPU, if you add in the Tegra DC processors they're 1GHz each core, right? With all the features that the Atrix offers, would the battery last long?

  6. Yeah, that was a little bit of an anticlimax at the end.

    Re battery life though, I would assume that the phone OS and the webtop OS have been written to use the CPU differently. As you're always plugged in to power on the webtop then it can go balls to the wall no worries. As for general phone usage, battery life should be sweet, there are other dual core phones out already.

    See here for an explanation but tl;dr, dual cores allow for more processing efficiency, therefore less power draw, therefore less power usage.
  7. I am in the market for a new phone in the next couple of months (replace the curse of Mr Jobs), and that is a really cool idea. Could see the start of the replacement of netbooks/laptops if it takes off, which I think is very exciting.
    Such a versatile system there; I want.
    They have also said that there is a chance of getting this over to AU, but I wouldn't be holding my breath for it to happen.
    It is funny; for years Motorola has been basically dead, and off the radar, but then bang, they have this and their other new released phones that are exciting...
  8. True forgot about that.

    My bad, I thought it would of worked in the opposite way.