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Your Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pen, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hi All!

    Ive yet have one yet... but just wanna know what to expect if (touchwood) it ever so unfortunate to happen upon me.

    Mind sharing your experiences those who have them?
  2. In 30+ years of riding and 13 offs I've only had 2 kinds of accidents. There's the ones where you don't get hurt much, and then there's the others. :(

    Either way you usually don't have time to expect anything. :shock:
  3. OK, so imagine you're running as fast as you can - that's probably under 20kmh. Now run full bore into a brick wall, or jump onto your belly and go sliding along a piece of road. That's kind of similar to a very low-speed accident, except accidents tend to be expensive too.
  4. ^^^^What they said.

    And, if you've time to get seriously scared, you've probably got away with it.
  5. Some people crash
    some don't
    Some people die
    some don't
    Deal with it htfu and avoid crashing at all costs.
    Minimise all chances.
  6. too many

    5 within 10 months. Walked away from all of them. Luckily.

    Better learn to not crash, rather ride sensible (and the odd blat) and leave the very spirited riding to track days :LOL:
  7. wearing appropriate gear does help.. i live in central Queensland.. it gets REALLY hot and humid i went for a ride one day in jeans instead of ballistic riding pants.. ended up colliding with a truck lacerated my knee and left permanent scaring up my leg from road rash.. i always wear full gear now.. i was wearing everything else luckily.
  8. Well... its more like... would you like to share your experience question

    and ... post-crash stuff like...broken arms/legs, scars, replacing bikes/gear, how long was recovery, etc

    but yea... i dont expect myself to have much of a reaction time in an accident... if i do have time to react, prob wont be an accident :p
  9. I've had a couple of bike accidents in 18. both were low speed (60 or less). A few random thoughts:

    - All goes quiet
    - Bikes bounce much less then you would think
    - I thought I didn't hit my head, but further examination revealed significant helmet trauma (this is scary)
    - Fabric gear won't stand a up to a big accident no matter how much you wish it to be so
    - injuries sustained in a bike accident can manifest themselves months later. I banged my hip in one and the bruising didn't come up for a week and I couldn't play golf for months. This was not a hospitalising accident.
    - bike parts cost a mint.

    so having a bike accident on the road is not like Hollywood. Be prepared for ramifications.
  10. I've had plenty. Some harmless, one requiring surgery, and lots in the middle that leave anything from a permanent niggle, to not being able to climb into a car for a week.

    A good set of leathers will last you many crashes, although you may be on first name basis with all the guys at the repair shop.

    A tuppaware bike will cost you a fortune, others cost fcuk all. :)

    Reaction time does build.
  11. Haven't had a road bike accident, but I've had two in a car. Was doing handbrakies on some rich guys lawn and slid down a hill into a fence...oops. Also got drunk and went rally driving in my mates paddock and hit a horse trough. Neither were very smart decisions, but pretty funny all the same.

    I had a good one on a dirt bike once. Hadn't ridden the bike in about a year and I'd been riding plenty of push bikes. Anyway, I was doing 40-50kph towards a fence and went to pull hard on the rear brake... by the time I realised I was pulling on the clutch lever I was stucking in the middle of a massive bogunvillia bush (the ones with the two inch thorns). Have several scars and a good story to show for it.
  12. Swearing.
    Crashing involves lots of swearing, if you've stopped swearing you know you're in trouble.
    You should be able to make a towtruck driver go red from your swearing or you're not doing it properly.
    I had my first prang at fourteen breaking my leg, and thus started a long career in swearing.

    *Note* It is difficult to swear whilst sucking on a whistle but can be done.
    Good luck with it.
  13. haha Phil @ Highside?

    he seems to know everyone on a first named basis :LOL:
  14. Everyone that likes a crash anyway. :LOL:
  15. The (natural) jolt of adrenaline from a near miss or actual accident is huge. Time well and truely slows down - or more accurately, your perception of time slows down because your brain's processing everything a hojillion times faster than normal.

    Anyhow, touch wood my only motor vehicle accidents have been while driving a car, both almost a whole decade ago. Oh, and plenty of spectacular (and fun) mountainbike stacks offroad. :LOL:

    Both times in the car I was rear-ended while stationary, due to inattentive drivers.

    +1 on "avoid accidents at all costs".

    The 2-second rule (and keeping an eye on the traffic ahead, not just the vehicle in front) has saved my butt a few times.
  16. I've been riding about 9 months now and no accidents *knocks wood*.
    A few hairy close calls, 90% of them caused by going too fast, and some how using my super powers to save it :LOL:. And yep, time really does seem to slow down, after those moments I usually take it really easy to collect myself, then try to move on mentally.
  17. 2 serious car accidents in my first 3 years of driving.

    1 my fault, 1 not - they've always made me understand the limitations of new drivers.

    Got hit by a car doing 60kph crossing a road when I was 7 - some might say it explains a lot :)

    No serious injuries from any of them, hope that doesn't mean I've used up all my luck!

    Incident free on the bike so far...
  18. No crashes on the bike so far.
    Have been in several miniorish car accidents, although I was not driving for any of them.

    1st crash - A guy I used to goto school with puts my car into a guard rail 1 week after having all new suspension put on. Car was pretty banged up, we were fine.

    2nd crash - A mate of mine got his car sideways in the wet and ended up mowing someones front lawn for them before juuuust clipping a telegraph pole. Again we were all fine, but the car was covered in grass (and we had JUST washed it :p )

    3rd crash - Same mate in his car, came upto a hairpin at night doing 60+, he thought it was a different section of the road so pretty much didn't brake. Car was munched up, amazingly though one headlight still worked, we chucked the front bar in the back seat and limped it home :p

    Interestingly enough both guys mentioned in the above stories, I was in the passenger seat when they lost their licences for various offences.

    Me though? No crashes, sitll have all my points.
    Although I did come VEERRY close last week to running my bike up the back of a P plater in a camry.

    I was riding along in fairly heavy traffic in Penrith, I saw a Ferrari 575 Marenello stopped in traffic going the other way. Needless to say I stared at it, looked back to ahead of me to see Mr Camry had stopped quite suddently and I was getting closer WAY to quickly. Hit the brakes as hard as possible, locked up rear, squirmed my way to a halt about a foot from his rear bumper.

    Pulled over 5 minutes later and had a drink, massive adrenaline jolt.