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Your most expensive accessory

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. No, not your wife/husband/partner, your most expensive MOTORCYCLE accessory.

    What's the most amount of money you've spent on a bike accessory (not leathers or personal accessories)?

    And, if you can work it out, what was that cost as a proportion of the total value of the bike??

    Mine was for the first bike I owned, the RD-250. I paid $849 for the bike, brand new, in 1974, and in 1975 I spent $280 on..

    1. A handle-bar mounted bikini screen

    2. A fibreglass front guard

    3. A one-piece shell which fitted over the tank, and replaced the seat, turning the bike into a cafe-racer.

    I needed to have, and made myself, a set of rear-sets, and later added expansion chambers as well, but that single package of three matching (orange) fibreglass accessories cost ONE THIRD of the total value of the bike!!

    {I'd never get that past Mrs Hornet these days!! :p}
  2. I spent $1500 on a suspension upgrade (front and rear) using Gold Valves etc for the Suzuki Bandit 1200 I used to own.
  3. at the moment it would be the ventura rack and bag at around 400 bucks , although i want to buy the belly pan/ fairing thats available as an option which is 550 bucks
  4. Mine would be the Termignoni Exhaust Cans. Over $1000.
  5. Around $250 for a muffler on a bike which i paid $4500 to get.

    When i upgrade i'll be spending bigger $$$$$$ on better stuff.
  6. hmm my pipe on my old zzr

    Now.. My helmet.. but that's not really an accessory is it lol
  7. $2300 on a full system for the SP1
  8. I just spent $1050 on a nice carbon fibre yoshi RS3 oval exhaust. I still cant believe how bloody much slip on exhausts cost its bloody ridiculous. Looks a heap better now though and makes abit of sound, its far from a good sound but what can you expect from a 600cc I4.

    Also bought some other things recently.

    $200 - New tail light with integrated signals
    $100 - Fender eliminator kit
    $400 - Personalised plate
    $80 - Nice set of black anodised mirror block offs
    $100 - Clear flushmount front indicators which ive been waiting for weeks to arrive from the US.

    Bike cost me $14,900 ride away so thats a pretty big dent on the initial price on silly exterior mods :roll:
  9. I spent $2000 on a full 50mm exhaust system for my first VTR.
  10. $1000 on new suspension
    and worth every cent :D
  11. a $30 tiinted visor for my helmet.
    that's uh, all.
  12. 900 on new front cowl, left middle and left lower
    500 on new instrument bracket
    130 on new gear lever

    after a low speed off

    still have original fairings sitting waiting to be resprayed
    little damage just hate imperfection

    and lately
    130 on a graves fender eliminator

    new pipes after the wedding in october
  13. you forgot to add....

    Riding an awesome looking bike....priceless! :)
  14. Lol yeah, certainly looks alot tidier now. Ill post some pics when the front indicators rock up.
  15. Quite a spread, $30 to $2,000; who said motorcycling was inexpensive? :LOL:
  16. $1450 on a GPS alarm that comsumes all the space in my tiny boot. About 7% of my bikes value at that time.
  17. Easy - annual comprehensive insurance. :)

    Between 5% and 10% annually.
  18. Metal rego holder...$5 seriously.

    Oh alright..$100 disc lock, but thats it.
  19. bought the bike new 5 months ago for 12,602

    so far i have spent just over 10,000 on it

    full s/s race system (remus)

    vas computer system

    racing levers

    jet kit and pod filters

    full bolt replacement (with s/s cap head bolts)

    L E D everything

    Flame Rotors

    and lots of other stuff to numerous to mention

  20. bike = $2500
    transfer rego = $90
    oil change = $70 (inc filter)
    Windlip screen = $140 (inc postage)

    but that's just the start, over it's life the beast will be one big rolling experiment :twisted: