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Your modifications.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. So, what mods have you made to your bike to put that personal touch to it. Have you got any fancy graphics, unusual mounts, perhaps even your name/nickname on the bike or rego plate? Then there are the mods to help the bike as well, frame sliders, LEDs to be seen better, reflective strips etc.

    Let's see if we can put all our mods into one thread (and make sticky?)

    To start, so far my mods have been a double bubble screen + Gel seat. The screen had better wind deflective properties than the stock one and in my view gives it a heaps better look :) The gel seat is there to protect what touches the bike the most, my butt! No use riding for ages and feeling sore afterwards is there :cool:

    I'm starting to check out what carbon fibre bits I want and order them soon. Also considering a different exhaust in the future. In case you haven't seen it, my bike at present is: http://connect4.com.au/waz/bike/IMG_3608.jpg

    What mods do you have :?: :?: :?:
  2. Synchronised carbies. I consider them a mod because now they are completely different to what they were :p.

    I would love to replace the headlight with the a twin-headlight kit, but am yet to find one that doesn't cost $600-700 (as the Streetfighter kit does). Also I wouldn't mind a little bikini faring (the Streetfighter kit can have one included, but again $600-700 is too much). If anyone knows of a kit or place to get a good one, let me know.

    Looking to replace the front indicators to something a little more stylised. Also looking if I can mount mini-flushmounted rear indicators just under the seat next to the brakelight as I want to get rid of the stock rear ones and remove the broken rear plastic that the right indicator is mounted on.
  3. Nothing yet, but...

    I am hoping to get my bike custom painted. Nothing too fancy, mostly the same as she is with the decals painted on rather than stuck on, her name (Banshee) instead of the "Kawasaki" and [img:180:180:922015d4c8]http://www.userfriendly.org/cartoons/dustpuppy/headshot_dustpuppy.gif[/img:922015d4c8] on the front mudguard or something. Maybe not that exact one, but... Oh, and the www.userfriendly.org under it.
  4. Only thing Ive done is get the bike lowered & had seat redone. But who knows. Time will tell.
  5. er, Mods? We prefer to think of it as evolution. 4 into 1, modified to let me keep the centrestand
    Stealth Orange invisible radar reflective paint as used on the most advanced military equipment. (everyone sees black helocopters but they have far more orange helocopters.)
    Honda regulator/rectifier. (Cos the suzuki one is crap) Missing Dash. (Cos the suzuki one bumps the suzuki clutch line and I have only got half way to fixing it.
    Bigger back disk (Cos I made the previous one catch fire), No pillion strap, Never had a pillion use it. Rear rack.

    Doubtless other stuff.
  6. I made sure I found a used bike that already had plenty of work.
    Came with tinted screen, sharkskinz lower cowl, K&N air filter, Staintune slip ons, HRC jet kit and a Ventura rack!
  7. Sonja, just get the plushie puppy and strap it to the triple clamp or behind the screen. Better than a sticker.

    Me, well, I have a cruiser, so its more what I haven't done to it...

    hot pipes (with jetting and performance filter), bags, screen (off at present), guards, pegs, throttle lock, driving lights, about 70% of the chrome covering upgrades, fender rack & sissy bar.
  8. You're a UFie??

    I have a plushie, and I'm going to get DP painted on, not stikered. Then all I have to do is pray I don't come off...
  9. DB screen
    Electronic cruise control
    Auto chain oiler
    Driving lights
    140litres of hard luggage
    radiator guard
    Heated grips
    Lighting switchgear to control electrical requirements
    HID main lamps.
  10. Flat bars, paint (blackcurrant in colour), improved oil flow (internal filter, oil cooler), hotter cams, twin Mikuni carbs, tall gearing, beefed-up clutch, Dunstall-rep exhausts, rear-set pegs, erm...

    Next year or so will see an extra disc brake and stickier tyres :cool:
  11. sports pipes,
    removed Air Injection System
    bigger jets
    oils temp gauge

    to come

    Tow Bar, spotties, Big Bore kit
    need to wait for warranty to run out :)
  12. Solo cowl from "Katriders.com"
    Megacycle can
    Sprockets down geared to 14/47

    more mods to follow.....maybe!
  13. Yes, hence why I know about the plushie. I've spoken to J.D. a couple times by email too, as we're both OotS fans.
  14. Geeks! I have had a look at that site and it makes no sense to me? :?
  15. Yes, geeks!

    voyager, are you a poster? I go by the nick of fitzso on UF.

    And matti-san... not all of the comics are so geeky you wouldn't get them. Illiad did an entire week and a half (ish) on Australia. :grin:
  16. Road rash :roll:

    Dub bub
    Reupholstered plush seats
    Heated grips
    Crash knobs
    Sports can
    Bling levers
    Road angel GPS
    Aftermarket touring pegs
    Rear hugger

    Some TLC

    To come;
    Diesel detector :roll:
  17. urmmm

    modified rear fender
    wyleco end can Yoshi box tuned
    flush mount indicators
    k3 mirrors
    oggy nobs
    AFAM-1front+2rear sprockets
    matt black frame
    EBC h/d clutch kit
    cheetah alarm(when i can be bothered to get a sparky to put it in)

    and thats it for now
    but i want get new paint scheme
    or just fcuk it off totally and get a 929 or 954 fireblade
    or a k1-k3gixxer1000 or an 02R1
  18. Pretty much only visual stuff to clean it up a bit.

    Mirror block offs.
    Yoshi RS3 CF.
    Fender Eliminator.
    Integrated signals tail light.
    Flushmount front indicators.
    Rego "MIK" Yeah pretty gay i know.