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Your Last Meal

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. A hypothetical question...........

    You are about to be executed (of course you're innocent, it was a government set up) when the guard enters your cell
    to take your order for your last meal.
    You can have an entree, main course and dessert with drinks.
    Cost is not an issue but you do have to choose foods that are readily available.
    What would your meal be ????

    I'll start.

    A dozen oysters Kilpatrick. Those big juicy Tasmanian Pacific ones.
    Two stubbies of Coopers Sparkling Ale.

    I'd be going for a mixed grill consisting of export quality scotch fillet steak, 2 lamb cutlets, a small piece of lambs fry, a small burger,
    a sausage, two fried eggs (free range of course), baked hydroponic roma tomatoes, Kooweerup asparagus and Tasmanian potato shoe string chips with a rich brown gravy.
    Garlic bread on the side and a green salad. And let's not forget the white bread with lashings of butter.
    Wine would be a nice Grange red.

    Bread and butter pudding with a quality vanilla ice cream and an unhealthy quantity of King Island whipped cream.
    Several shots of black zambucca.
  2. Entree:


    2 litres of distilled alcohol.
  3. entree: Slow baked Plum marinated Racks of Lamp, with Butter, garlic and rosemary baked Kipfler potato's with wilted spinach and a honey mustard sauce. Served with a French Rose.

    mains: lovo Baked whole Lamb, stuffed with fresh Vegetables, dressed with a sweet red wine sauce, served with lovo baked root vegetables. Combined with a nice light red wine.

    Dessert: Bomb alaska, and a large chocolate bavarian Gateau, with a Colt, 4 clips of ammunition, and a steel file inside.
    Use the bomb alaska to set bed on fire, wait for gaurds to come, and fight your way to freedom or death.
  4. entree: 10 metal pipes, a cooking pot, a lawnmower engine, some welding tools and 5000 nails.

    Main course: I'll skip this bit so i have time to build my home made minigun.

    Dessert: Blood, brains and scattered limbs :twisted:

    Then i'll bust out of there and be on my way to get with the girl of the story and save the planet while im at it.

    It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And i'm alll outta guuum.
  5. ENTREE: KFC Potato & Gravy

    MAIN MEAL: 2 pieces of KFC breast fillet, 1 hot & spicy one original recipe, KFC coleslaw, KFC fries

    DESERT: KFC chocolate mousse & a can of solo
  6. Entree: Foie gras on a potato galette with a sauternes sauce - accompanied by a nice sauternes of course

    Main: Slow roasted pork belly with caramelised onions, creamed potatoes and a green salad - I'd probaby go a rose champagne for this

    Dessert: either a vanilla bean pannacotta with raspberry coulis or a raspberry souffle - probably continue on the champagne with this

    then finish off with coffee and a nice armagnac
  7. 2 x cheese pizzas.
    24 x crown lager.
    25 x benson and hedges smooth.
  8. you know, for some reason every person I ask this question to gets really uncomfortable...
  9. If i was a celebrity death-row dude.
    And what ever recipe i'm allowed !

    I'd ask for soemthing exotic !

    Like endangered species !

    Roast Koala
    Narwhale bbq ribs
    White Rhino stew
    Ganges River freshwater Dolphin fillets
    Fried American Bald Eagle

    . . . . if its endangered ! Get that Iron Chef Kenechi (red guy I think) to prepare something ! :LOL:
  10. Entree:
    Moar Sex!

  11. You have a thing for prison guards?
  12. Nup, Would have to come from the outside :grin:
  13. Entree: 1000-year egg. Just bring me a fresh egg and I'll wait

    Main: Roast Elephant Steak - but only the best unstressed elephant, hand reared (by me), massaged daily with only the best beer (by me & a nubile young wench), and allowed to die unstressed of old age. Bring me a baby elephant & the wench, and I'll wait.

    Desert: After such a heavy meal I think an esspresso coffee would be good. In fact bring it first, I might have it while I'm waiting for entree and main!
  14. one course; a cake with a file in it :LOL: