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Your Keys In Ignition SSF05 Honda CBR1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RickyRock, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. You left your keys in your bike and turned on- just in case you are reading this !!! I left them at the hotel reception opposite the street.

  2. While I admire your thoughtfulness, I got ten bucks says he's not a member and simply assumes he's lost his keys...
    And I hope none of us are low enough to grab a helmet and start looking for a CibberThou with a hotel across the road...
    (EDIT: OK, so I thought you mentioned it was at Concord - bit harder to find it "somewhere in Sydney").
  3. I have found keys left with a bikes a few times. I either stash them or drop them into a hotel and leave a written message with my phone number on the bike so owner knows how to find them!
  4. Only the owner will know the location. There is a note left on the bike - hopes he sees it.
  5. hope the note says 'I got your keys ring me on @@##@@##@@
  6. no it says "follow the clues and get your keys and see if you can get home before I have finished with your missus"
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  7. So where did you park my bike again?
  8. I get it 'fark it, time for a beer' lol
  9. The lass at the reception did jokingly suggest I ride it home - tempting !
  10. or did she say to ride her home?

    I would go back and clarify :bannanabutt:\\:D/\\:D/:dance:(y)
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  11. absolute gold.