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Your (hopefully informed) opinions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. I had a bike for sale referred to me over the weekend. I haven't seen it yet, but just wanted some impressions.

    1999 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird (don't know colour)
    40,000 kms
    Arrows Pipes
    Ohlins Suspension

    Now assuming it's in good condition, and has never been thrown up the road (i'm told this is the case), what do you think of it ? I'm guessing there might be a little wiggle room in the price tag.
  2. Depending on the overall cosmetic appearance of the bike, I'd say that was a pretty fair private sale price.

    If the bike's appearance is looking a bit ratty, maybe ask for as low as $8000, but if the bike is looking in pretty good nick (there will of course be some unavoidable stone chips and light sand-blasting of the fairings), then $9000 still sounds like a pretty fair and reasonable private sale price. Of course, you should always try asking for the obligatory $500 off, and see if they budge, but I reckon if the bike's in good nick, they'd be well within reason to refuse to drop the price further.
  3. While the pipes and suspension are a great mod, they don't add value. I'd say $9000 is a bit steep. I purchased a VTR1000F of the same year for $6k to give you a comparison.
  4. Go check out the bike. Don't get sucked into talking about price. If he starts dropping it while you're there, great - but tell him you're more interested in the machine than the price for the moment.

    Then if you like it, go see him again with cash on you. Do the bargaining then.
  5. yeah - I'm OK when it comes to the negotiations. I bought a car once and had an extra $2K in $250 lots stashed all over me, and had a bank cheque in the sellers name with my bottom price on it. It's amazing what they do when you wave cashola in their face.

    I am more interested in the bike at this stage, but just wanted some input from netrider before I look at it.
  6. Lotta K's on the clock as well, so take that into account.
  7. Well, I can't agree with that. The Ohlins suspension will add a lot of value to the bike, especially a bike who's stock suspension is non-adjustable except for preload. But don't let the seller think you think it adds value. Maybe even ask him if it comes with the stock suspension as well...

    A Firestorm is a much cheaper bike than a Blackbird to start with, and doesn't hold it's value anywhere near as well as an XX will... especially once it has a few km on the clock.
  8. thats a blackbird fella, its just run in :LOL:
  9. It's a bargaining point when you're talking price, but on the Blackbird, it's not a bad point. The engine is built like a brick shithouse... it'll probalby do a few hundred thousand km without too much attention.. I've heard about a bloke in the UK who has done something like half a million miles on one of these.
  10. Thats such a modern way of thinking- 40 thous is too many kays!! 20 years ago that wasnt even as issue. These bikes will do a gazzillion kays if you look after them. If you neglect a Jap engine it may only do a million kays :p Everyone panics bout kms now. 40 thous is nothing.
  11. Many modern Jap engines (made in the last 15 years) will happily do 160-200 thousand K's between requiring a rebuild, and will easily last at least 500 thous K's if looked after.

    One guy I knew put 450,000 very aggressive km's on his old Kwaka ZXR750's engine. Had two engine rebuilds in that time. Was still going well when he sold it.
  12. Yeah, 40k is nothing on a Blackbird.

    It's just getting started :)
  13. yep, my tame mech in Canberra doesn't even want to look at the valve shims on the Hornet yet, and it's just ticked over 73,000 kms

    "If you're not racing it, somewhere round 90,000 is plenty early enough"
  14. It's a Honda..It's good for 250 tho till rebuild..

    Not like that other crap like Suzuki and green shit :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Thats not a good comparison though.

    2 very different bikes, different "when new" price, different mods, different kms etc etc etc. There are far too many variables to consider when making a comparison.

    Where are you located OBM?

    That's a great price for the Storm.
  16. I think it is a fair price, but the best thing to do is have a look around the motorcycle trading magazines... Look at comparable blackbirds... and then buy a ZX12R :)
  17. Best Honda roadbike by far, just don't expect to keep your license for long after coming off of a 250 and onto a Blackbird afterall they are not named after the stealth fighter for nothing!
  18. sccoter, if I were toget the BB, I will take that as a personal challenge
  19. Good luck!

    I love those bikes but I know that it would get the better of me every time I got on it.