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Your Home Twisty.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by shady_knife, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. so what's your home twisty ride that you hit up when the weathers nice and you want to go for a ride for a few hours?

    Start: Geelong
    End: Geelong
    Time: 3 hours (very rough)
    Route: Geelong - Torquay - Anglesea - Benwerrin - Anglesea - Torquay - Geelong
    Scenery: Ocean and inland Bush views.


    anyway we can collaborate this so we basically have everyones home twisty on 1 google map link?
  2. Macquarie Pass if time is precious.

    Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Nowra, Kiama, Jamberoo, Albion Park if time is available.
  3. For a really quick spin Mountain Hwy and Dandenong Tourist Hwy - Upper Ferntree Gully up to Montrose and back in an hour tops.

    A little longer for the Spurs - Cockatoo, Reefton, Marysville, Healesville and back to UFG. Around 3 hrs, add Kinglake if time permits.
  4. Tathra - Bermagui and back for an afternoon run.

    Up the coast to Batemans Bay - across to Canberra via the Clyde - back to Bega via the Brown Mountain. This is a day ride

    Or Bega – Candelo - Myrtle Mountain – Wyndham – Mount Darragh – Bombala - Imlay road – Eden – Bega. Another day ride with a relaxed lunch break.

  5. google maps it so people not from you area have some idea of what the f*ck you are talking about :p
  6. Mt Dandenong Tourist rd and Mountain Hwy for a really quick loop, Mt Dandenong tourist rd and Marroondah hwy to Yarra Glen back via Victoria Rd for a bit longer. Maybe hour or 2 if stop for coffee.
  7. Pretty spoilt for choice where I am.

    If I wanna just blow the cobwebs off for an hour or two:

    Myrtle Mountain Road to Wyndham
    Up Mt Darragh Road to Big Jack Mountain Rd (dirt)
    Down to New Buildings
    Then either back up Mt Darragh and Back to Candelo via Tantawangalo Mtn Road (dirt) or Continue to Burragate and Eden via Towamba Road (dirt) then back home via Wolumla.


    Or I could just run up to Bermagui and back via the coastal road.
  8. This is mine
    Bonbeach - Braeside - Bonbeach
    Google maps estimates 1hr 3 minutes round trip by car
    but it's longer on bike esp. when you factor in wheelie practicing etc
  9. just got back from a ride from geelong - apollo bay - geelong was maaaaad fun. the badish weather kept most people away i think :) had the road to myself most of the time, only had to overtake 3 cars the whole way :)
  10. I'm lucky. I've got heaps of local twisties. I could tell you about them, but, if I did, I'd have to kill you.
  11. guess im lucky the hole east coast if you cant find a pass or strech of road you dont like your hard to please and with no reduced speed limits on the windy bits well it is gods country :grin:
  12. Hmmm note to self, go to tasmania.