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Your help please

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I am right behind the phones for ducks campaign run by oxfam

    recycle 2 old mobile phones and they will donate a duck to a struggling family in Mozambique

    Having lived for a time in one of the poorest countries in Africa I know how much a simple thing like a duck can assist the lives of these people.

    There are many fantastic wonderful intelligent people in Africa who unfortunately do not have the opportunities that we do here.

    This way you get rid of that old house brick mobile phone and help someone less fortunate

    It will cost you absolutely nothing to assist but your time


  2. Sounds like a good cause Motolegion, unfortunately a mates kid's primary school has cleaned me out of old mobiles. Next upgrade. :)
  3. NO problem at all CJ - thank you though
  4. nice one ML. I seriously have about 5 or 6 old mobiles at home that are just sitting in a drawer, more than happy to part with them for a good cause.
  5. Hey Shiek - long time no see -- thank you very much for choosing the duck
  6. Make sure to delete any info from the phones
  7. Im actually here every night reading threads, just to lazy to post anything. good tip on deleting all the info though, will make sure I do it.
  8. speak up sheik - stop holding your peaces - you always have good things to add
  9. i've got one phone i want to donate - my mum is using it for the next few weeks until she buys a new phone - then it's all for the cause.
  10. Cheers lowercase - your single phone is placed with another persons single phone to make the two that will get an under privillidged family a duck