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your help please in choosing my next cruiser I'm off restric

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bikechickadee, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. :grin: well I got off my restrictions last week. Woo Hoo! here's my dilemma Im looking at getting a cruiser somewhere bw 650-1000 cc max
    im thinking of these 3 (ok so one is not truly a cruiser but am considering)
    Honda shadow 750/750C V star 650 cc or maybe Suzuki SV650 (ok i know not really a cruiser) but I have been told it is the only sports style bike with a genuine low seat height ( my main bike issue is I like to keep my feet planted when i stop & im only 5 foot tall. hence cruisers fit my bill.

    wot are yr thoughts on these 3 pls pros cons issues?? i havent test ridden any of em yet but am trying out a shadow on sat any others worth considering ?? thks bikechickadee

    also any with a fuel gauge or warning low fuel light yes coming from a car backgrd I have run out of fuel a couple of times by forgetting i was on reserve tank!

  2. Sit on all the bikes, test ride them if you can, and choose the one you love - thats my advice.

    If you are going for seat height alone, if you like the v-star 650 then it may be worth considering going for the 1100 instead, the seat height is the same...but choose the bike YOU like and feels like the best fit for you :)

    EDIT - as for fuel, just get into the habit of resetting your trip meter each time you refuel - much more reliable than any fuel light on a bike.
  3. cruiser choosin

    :eek: 1100 bit too big 4 me yes guess i too much of a girl!! maybe i should rephrase my choice prob more 650-900 cc do u reckon dealers will let me test ride bikes without too much trouble guess i will find out this wkend!!
  4. If you are looking at the Yammy & the Honda then you should also check out the Kawasaki VN900. There's two styles - the Classic and the Custom. The seat height for the Classic is 680mm and 685mm for the Custom. Both are belt drive, fuel injected, disc brakes front and rear. Not completely sure, but I think they have a fuel gauge. Very nice bikes with renowned Kawasaki engineering. Looking at around $13500 new on road.
  5. cruiser choosin

    Thks rourkster i hadnt heard of that one I will add it to my shopping list & check it out on the weekend. I did see a beautiful lime green Kawa i think called a Vulcan 1600?? well looked real fine but I would have my licence & life for about 5 secs if I got one!! :roll:
  6. No probs. Here's some pics.




  7. Next week BTX in Ferntree Gully will have my M50 as a trade in - should be better than a demo for test rides, as it is run in!.
  8. Just been through the same thing...dont know if you are looking new or used but

    The XVS 650 is probably the cheapest of them. A bit underpowered

    The HOnda VT750 new is great with fuel injection, but I like the older smaller front wheels

    If you can afford new go with the Kawasaki VN900 - it's just an awesome bike - fuel injection, rear disc brake and belt drive plus 2 year warrenty
  9. Speedmaster

    I've ridden a Yamaha VStar 1100 & now have a Triumph Speedmaster. The Speedmaster outperforms the VStar on all fronts. It's 900cc but has the feel of a more poewerful bike. With a set of Mad Dog pipes I get extra OOMMPPHHH in the midrange, and it brings back that nasty Triumph growl the factory pipes all but murder. I think yoiu might like this bike a lot - it's not a cruiser in the classic sense, in fact it handles like some sports bikes I've ridden - but it flies, and is very comfy on long trips.

    Whatever you choose, have fun!!!
  10. My sister has a XV650, and it has been a reliable bike, and the power level suited her riding style.
    I borrowed it from time to time, and it was always more than adequate in every dept, although felt 'small'.

    I have also ridden with people with a VN800, who are very happy with it.
    One bloke I know has owned one for 3 yrs, and it is enough bike for him.
    He has nothing but praise for it. In fact it was his experience that started me looking at cruisers again.
    In every area except two up, or in a straight out drag race, the above two bikes are plenty of bike for their owners, and combined with the low cost of ownership are all they want from a bike.
  11. My pick would be the 2008 VN900 Custom..... hmmm black or green, the green is a real nice pale metal flake green, not the Kawa lime green.

    You can get them for $12,900 on the road.
  12. im partial to Hondas, so i will call the VT750C
    you should also know i am partial to anything Japanese...
    - bikes
    - food
    - cars
    - beer
    - snow
    - mountains
    - the people
    - their public transport system
    - their toilets
    ...i could go on and on
  13. as per our conversation tuesday at coffee.
    I am doing a similar comparison. the VN900 custom is top of the list and top price as well. second is the hyosung gv650 (come on loz fire up :grin: ) third is the honda. remember the honda comes in carburettor and fuel injected versions the carb is about 1000 cheaper. will have a look again at the suzuki and yamaha but the sales experience from these guys has not earnt them more that a cursory second look :evil: . if your at marks next tuesday happy to compare notes, though i may yet head down to melb council re parking.
    check also tank capacity the honda from memory is smaller and this may impact any touring asprirations you may have.
  14. I purchased the Honda VT750......Depends on the size of yourself, and what feels better for you.....I was having a hard time choosing between the Yamaha xvs650 and the Honda.........After sitting on each bike 20 times, i realised the honda was just right for me as im only 5'4, to me the yamaha felt that little bit bigger.....And may i say, its a choice i could never regret, im lovong the bike...My brother has the suzuki c50 and i get way better fuel economy than him, mine is the carby version and his is fuel injected........So if your a petite girl, id have a closer look at the honda........ :p
  15. VN1600 Mean Streak

  16. :cool:

    sheesh! that looks tops
  17. removed

    Sorry - wrong post! - removed.
  18. Kawasaki Newcastle (NSW) have a red\black Meanstreak on display in their showroom. They look awesome in the flesh :grin:
    Licence would last 10 mins max on one of these. You would have to ride the damn thing hard to justify having one!! :LOL:
  19. thanks for the info

    :) thks guys & gals esp username renshell. i will take all this on board i test rode a honda shadow 750 fuel version &loved it next up will try & get a ride on a suzuki sv650 to see how it is but thks for all yr help