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Your help (online vote) required please!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by damedi, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. I'm calling on all NRs to help me out by voting in a community donation competiton for a new NFP (not for profit) my sister is involved in on the Gold Coast, Everyone Deserves Music.

    "Our mission is to advance education and social welfare for children with special needs, through Music Therapy. Our main objective is to raise funds to provide: grants to Registered Music Therapists to establish and/or maintain group or individual Music Therapy programs, or a free or subsidised Music Therapy service to approved schools and early intervention programs through the contracting of Registered Music Therapists."

    If I could ask you to please take a moment to vote for Everyone Deserves Music at the following site:

    Everyone Deserves Music Inc. - myGC.com.au

    You can vote once a day from each device or PC.

    I really appreciate you taking the few seconds required to vote.

    Winning the $2000 donation would really help them to hit the ground running with this very worthwhile endeavor.
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  2. Done :). Thanks for sharing it on here damedidamedi, it's a great cause (y)
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  3. Done :D
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  4. yes mate, done. please remind me to do it every day and I will.
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  5. There's another 20 votes for you. See if I can do even more tomorrow. Handy having access to lots of servers :whistle:

    Those votes only raised it about 0.1% so lots more needed for the cause - keep 'em going :)
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  6. Check ;)
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  7. Voted will do tomorrow music is life
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  8. Done. Neck and neck with a bloody netball team....let's get em!
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  9. Is it once a day or each 24hrs as it wouldn't let me vote again today after voting last night ?
  10. 2 votes added, 1 lappy and 1 phone, too easy ;)
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  11. done :) (y)
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  12. They are being beaten by a Netball team ffs! Get and vote you lazy arsed NR'ers!
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  13. #13 Jeffco, Jun 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016


    Phone vote added

    Home computer too :)
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  14. Done from 2 devices here, will do the other ones when I get home. Every vote helps. Music is life!
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  15. Three more today, home, phone, work... Wish we caught up with this earlier, half June has gone already!

    C'mon peeps, it's far too easy, spare a minute please (y)
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  16. (y)
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  17. If everyone here, once a day, post their vote tally, not only would it keep the thread alive but we could make a race of it. A bit like the 'top poster of the month'....yes I'm looking at you GeorgeOGeorgeO and chilliman64chilliman64 :LOL::LOL:
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  18. We can't let some sports team win it... sheesh!
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  19. My fingers are still worn out.....
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  20. come on GeorgeOGeorgeO it's for a good cause
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