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Your helmet collection?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kevinnugent, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. I think I've got the beginnings of one.

    I'd already bought a Bell Shorty open face helmet last week when I knew I was going to actually get a bike. It's a nice Matt black with a peak on the front. It looks like someone cut a watermelon in thirds and stuck it on top of my head though. They really only protect the top of your head, and as I've become quite attached to the rest of my head I thought I'd go out and get another one today

    I don't like full face helmets. Let's get that out of the road first up. They are too claustrophobic for me. I used to have a Tech Tech something years ago, and it was the pull up front type. It wasn't bad, but the xl size (the biggest I could get) meant it hit my chin every time I closed it. So, open face it is.

    I got a nice Matt black (love all the colours so long as it's black) open face today. Covers everything nicely and has a clip on peak and a clear visor that comes down if needed. Fits well, and it's comfortable! Very rare for me.

    What's your budding collection like, or are you a faithful one helmet sort of person?
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    Yep. Sitting on top of the wardrobe in the back room are the following (this is from memory)

    1 x HJC size M CL12 Blue (mine)
    1 x HJC size M CL10 Black (mine)
    1 x Cirus size 55 black/grey/silver (Wifes)
    1 x Cirus size 57 Grey/Black (mine)
    1 x AXO size 55 blue (wifes)
    1 x Shark size 57 Duhaml replica (wifes)
    1 x AGV size 57 Xvent Goddard replica (mine)
    1 x HJC size M open face Black (mine)
    1 x HJC size SM CS16 (youngest sons)
    1 x 'Rockster' size SM (Eldest sons)
    1 x HJC size S CS16 (youngest sons)

    I'm sure I've missed one. Ah yes, the HJC FS15 that I currently wear.

    I also have a selection of gloves varying in condition from near new (winter gloves not being used because it's summer) to having holes in the palms and/or fingers.

    I have 3 pairs of boots - a pair of old Rossi 'buckle up' dirt bike boots, a pair of DriRider boots and the my current MotoDry boots.

    I've got 3 textile jackets (ok one doesn't fit me any more). My wife has 2 jackets as does our youngest son. I don't know what the eldest has anymore - he lives in Brisbane.

    Plus various other pieces of motorcycle apparel - things like neck socks, balaclava's, leather vest, 'cool' neck bands, thermal 'inner' gloves, thermal underwear etc etc.

    edit; I forgot the wet weather gear

    edit2: There was another helmet. My wife's Arai
  3. I'm a one helmet kind of guy but only because the helmets that I like, that fit me always seem to cost $800.
  4. 2 × Sparx S-07 : white with black and orange old school stripes , white with chrome graphics
    X-Lite : Checa rep black and orange
    M2R Vixen black and gold
    R-Jays Tomcat , matt black jet style open face with double visor.
    Zeus : open face with visor , matt black with orange stripes .
    M2R off road / MX helmet , red and white .

    Don't even get me started on jackets !!
  5. I've only been riding again for a couple of months and I sadly threw out my 80s much-loved Arai 'Mike Baldwin' Supervent last June in a cleanup.

    Now have:

    KBC VR-2R Afterburn (sounds like indigestion) in red/white which has good visibility at night.

    Shark S650 Live in black/white/gold because it is cool as fk.

    RXT Metro openface in matt black with the visor taken off. It's a bit (a lot really) of a bobblehead look but it's incredibly comfortable for my head, whereas the standard RXT Challenger open face is a really bad fit. Same with the Bell 500 range which I love the look of but they are just wrong for me.

    The M2R 225 openface series are a great fit for me and are on sale at Helmet Warehouse at Yagoona in Sydney for $70. I'll be getting a red and a gunmetal when they re-open in a week or 2.

    That collection may keep me calm for a while.
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    My Nolan T43 might suit you; removable chin bar but fully rated when it's fitted. I ride with it out around the city. Very happy with the comfort. It's a bit noisy but I ride with earplugs, still able to clearly hear the Sena speakers. It lives alongside a Nolan N103 flip-front and a THH open face with a peak and sliding visor. Plus four jackets, five pairs of pants, four pairs of gloves, three pairs of boots...

    Nolan Italia.
  7. got a few on display right behind the front door so they're the first thing you see as you open the door :)

    2 Shoei XR1100's
    1 RJ's
    1 AGV
    1 generic aldi to check them out
  8. I had matching shoei kagayama replicas, a blue xr1000 and a silver x-11.... But a cat pissed in my x-11 so that's gone now...
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  9. I was in Top Gun yesterday looking for a tyre gauge and repair kit when I spotted the RJays helmet I used to have. Tried it on and it fit better than I remembered. Maybe my head isn't as big as it used to be! :) Anyway, it came home with me. Christ, that's three in nearly as many weeks. Sigh.