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your gp tale [doctor, not f1]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. hello,

    we've all had funny things happen in the GP's office. let's hear your story.

    i had a staple left in my leg [got sucked in] that went missing 5 years later. i had x-rays taken but no sign o staple. this had me very worried and i expressed my concern to d GP.

    i said 'what if it's on the other side of the bone?"

    GP said 'that's ok, if you want to see the other side of the bone you flip the x-ray over'

    (thats like turning a photo over to see the back of a persons head)

    what's your tale of terror? :shock:
  2. My youngest has a cardiac condition. When she was 2mths they put a band around her pulmonary artery to reduce the pressure of the blood flow to her lungs.

    That should've kept her stable till she was bigger for the op.

    For months after getting the band on she was unwell. We were back and forwards to the doctors and hospital yet they couldn't find out what was wrong with her...one surgeon actually made a snide comment during one of her admissions that we must like the place as we were always there. :evil: We stuck to our gut instinct that somethign was not right...(she was sleeping heaps and vomiting etc) and months later they ended up doing a TOE (Echocardiogram through the oesophagus) and discovered that the actual band had slid along the pulmonary artery - tearing the artery and blocking off 70% of the blood flow to one of her lungs.

    That surgeon was the one who did the repair and her subsequent ops. We forgave him his stupid comment and I think he may have learnt to keep his mouth shut and trust parents as a result of it. I hope so anyway.

  3. i had hives once.... and well, the worst rashes were in the *ahem* nether reigons. My DR didn't speak english so well. I think he meant transmitted, but he said "Hey mate, it hives, don't think it transexual disease or nothing".

    Didn't know wether to laugh or be embarrassed. :)
  4. thats funny flex.

    rosie! that's as bad as they get [you know, apart from the tales that end in death] sheeeite!

    i wouldn't av let that dr touch her again, but that's just bossy me. your story is worthy of an HCCC complaint!

    when i showed up at a training session for surgeons [cause o my injury] i was impressed by what they were taught;

    -the patient knows their body better than you.

    -ask the patient what they think is wrong, they have a better idea than you.

    yet, they pop out o med school thinking they know everything better than everyone. only a few doctors are great at what they do. i can imagine it's a difficult job tho. the bad attitude doesn't help. makes me wonder why they became doctors, in some cases its because they want the respect drs have, me thinks
  5. Recently my wife went ot he Drs with a sore head. Doc prescribed Panadeine forte and said it should go away.

    Hmmm, panadeine forte made no difference whatsoever and then vomiting started. Well, back ot the docs and this time we had better get a cat scan.

    The cat scan showed a legion 1.5cm in diameter, possible anuerism and bleeding on the brain.

    Race off to the hospital and the 1st question they ask is why come here?? Why not go to a hospital that has a specialty neurology dept. Hmmm, why, coz we were told to go to the nearest hospital.....

    Dr goes, not much we can do for you here...... they then transfer to St V's.

    Arrive at St V's. Get sent straight to a room. Sees registrar some 17 hours later. Hmmmm, need to do an MRI. 3 days later MRI happens. The reason it took so long is they thought the legion was tumor and it is in part of the brain that is inoperable. FARK!!!!!

    Turns out it is a birthmark on the brain with some blood clotting. Need to do an Angiogram.....well, that took 3 days after fasting & being prepped two consecutive days.

    Well, turns out the birthmark has a spider vein which has clotted and after spending 16 days in hospital is on rat poison (warfren) until clot is gone.
  6. I was 10, Mum and Dad had just found out i had Bone Cancer from the Hospital i had some tests at.

    Went ohome to see the Doctor...... his caring and sympathetic diagnosis was.......

    Take him (meaning me) home and give him a good time, He won't live to be 13. He wouldn't give a refferel to a specdialist either because "there is no point" Dad nearly flattened the guy right there in his loungeroom. We turned up at the Childrens Hospital the next day handed over the Xrays, Scans etc...waited about 6 hours and finally got admitted without the refferal ......... and my life changed forever.

    Have lots of other stories but thats probably the single worst one. Otheres are mainly Doctors and Nurses with a severe attitude problem....... or others with really great attitudes. My surgeon was aqbsolutely great... couldn't have got better! And he really took the time to get to know each of his patients. I've since had surgery from one of his protege's and i can say he passed on more than scalpel skills :grin:
  7. iss nodda tuma

    +1 on d-stumps DRs wanting respect thing.

    I think older DRs are better because academic was a good thing then. In my generation when school wasn't cool unless you woz a fool... the only surviving nerds were real arrogant pricks!!!!!

    (I'm surprised at how many kids, and adults, can't spell or read aloud properly, and have really bad writing). I'm no genius that's pretty f'n obvious, and I talk pretty crudely, but I've seen some DRs make some baaaaaaaaaad spelling mistakes, and do chemists have special glasses that allow them to read prescriptions, or is pretty much a case of the DR writes whatever, then the chemist says "What're these for mate, crook stomach?" and when you say, "NO! I have a broken collarbone", that's just the chems sneaky way of finding out what to actually give you.

    I think the prescription is there for the sole purpose of proving you've been to the DR.
  8. Not that long ago I got whacked in the head with a jo (weapon) at Aikido (martial art, der).

    Didn't think much of it, bawled my eyes out for a while, but just went home with a headache.

    Woke up the next morning with a worse headache, and was dizzy. Went to the doctors and he wanted me to go straight to emergency to get a scan because I had a glazed look and he thought I had major concussion (meanwhile 1. if I had major concussion, I don't think I'd be able to drive, and 2. Even Sverre said "Did you point out you've ALWAYS got that expression?" biatch :p)

    Anyway, went and got Sverre to come with me cuz hospitals and I don't mix. Went in, stood around for a while, I got taken into this room to 'check in'. The nurse had no idea what the doctor was talking about on his letter. She sits there searching GOOGLE to see if she can find out what it is :mad: . Anyway, she signs me in and tells me to go back out to the waiting room. Thankfully, the anticipated 3 hours wait ended up being about 5 mins where a whole group of people got called in like an assembly line. The doctor goes down the line "What's wrong?" "Ok, go here, next" ...gets to me..."What's wrong?" "GP thinks I've got major concussion and need a scan" "What happened" "Got hit in the head" "Passed out?" "Nope" "Go home".

    Well thanks very much. I coulda saved myself the stress and hour or so of being in a damn hospital myself!
  9. Yep been there many times before.

    Forces the point though when your already inplaster or worse BEFORE you arrive..... if you can be seen to be already suffering from medical issues you get attention quicker.
  10. Our first baby & we're at the hospital for our first ultrasound. Pictures of our son come up on screen and we're both giggling like schoolkids and making goo goo eyes at each other (you know those looks you give when you haven't been married long...). The bloke doing the ultrasound gives a big sigh and spits out "It'd be a lot easier if you'd stop laughing!"
    I'm about ready to job him but can see the imploring look in my wife's eyes and so bite my tongue. Luckily we never saw him again or I might have been tempted to shove the instrument up his arse & do an ultrasound on his kidneys.
  11. on way back from camping hols, one friend had neck pain and insisted on seeing a doctor cause it was that bad.

    the dr smoked cigar, had thick glasses and was 90 something. he handed gareth a script.

    we went to the pharmacy and were told that the script gareth had was for hemorroid cream.


    i dont know what to think of spelling mistakes. it is lacking of eduacation but spelling's not important at all. [those who see the spelling cannot read the text].

    spelling in my opinion is no different from the paint on your car. it makes you look educated, doesnt mean you are educated. its an image thing, not a realistic thing.

    people do look really stupid when they mis spell a word, especially when it's a simple word.

    some people just don't get spelling or care for it. i can see why.
  12. it iz becoz i iz black innit?
  13. i went to the doctor to get a repeat prescription for a medication i have been on for a few years.
    he counted how many days it had been since last visit (just shy of 3 mths) and said he couldnt issue a new prescription for a few days.
    i told him that i had completely ran out and the side effects of not taking the drugs could be very detrimental to me (and the rest of society) with one of the most common risks being stroke.
    he then told me i should have thought about that before i took all my medication.....
    meanwhile, i am preping myself for a brain explosion, and then he says = "oh, sorry, there is 31 days in both december AND january...."

    i no longer see this quack.
  14. good move, what a duckwit.
  15. well, you'd have to be a goose to return to a quack that cant count :grin:
  16. & you should have seen the bill :roll:
  17. groan... enough with the quack jokes :roll:
  18. yeah, i would rather one that can count than one that cant spell :grin:
  19. Interesting posts there people. Some made me :LOL: others :shock: & the rest.. :evil:

    Only story; well actually I have two. both are old & as in happened many moons ago.

    1. I recall I was like 9-12yrs of age. Family doctor used to put me on patient bed & do
    full body examination incl checking my penis to make sure it was functional by making it
    erect. Used to get good look at boobs as well & recall loving em because they were large
    & had lots of cleavage to look down at when she unbuttoned her top. Never touched em
    tho. She did all the touching; & I was young & didnt know better.

    These were the days when locums used to visit you at home which she used to do, &
    not work related but just dropping in to see how we all were doing etc. Anyways one
    day I told my mum about what had now been happening for awhile. Cant remember her
    response what I do know & remember is she liked our doctor & still continued to take me
    to her.

    When mum came into the consulting room with me, the Doc would get me on the bed &
    pull the curtain across so mum had no idea it was happening right in front of her with the
    curtain stopping her seeing what was going on.

    She remained my Doctor into my teens until she moved to a different surgery & we all
    eventually lost contact with her.

    2. Teenager years. Had hemorroids which eventually had to get operated on. Anyway before
    the op, the doctor pushed this pump into my ass & started pumping air in there so he could
    get a good look inside my ass. :shock: :oops:

    Gawd, I dont know how faggots enjoy having this region violated. :?
    It was fairly uncomfortable & I started pushing the air out again to relieve the pressure & I kept
    apologising for breaking wind in his face. I remember feeling very embarrassed but the Doctor
    was understanding. At least it was only the clean air he was pumping in there that I was farting
    out. He told me not to be embarrassed & that it was a normal reaction. :p
  20. :shock:

    You should report this to the Medical Board of Victoria and the Police.
    If this Doctor is continuing this behaviour elsewhere they need to be stopped. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: