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Your goals for the common motorycling good

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Or: What 3 things should motorcycle advocacy groups fight for?

    Forgive me if this takes a while, but there is a point & there will be a TL;DR at the end.

    Motorcycle advocacy in this country seems...useless. Worse than useless even at times, in fact some things seem to set us back. (Two names spring to mind, but I'm not here to name names & point fingers, we need to move froward & a lot of it is a hangup from before my time as a motorcyclist anyway.)

    It seems to me that whatever advocacy groups are out there just do their own thing as they see fit, without any sort of greater sense of the bigger picture or even much forethought. Doing what they see fit, rather than what the motorcyclists actually want maybe? Tail wagging the dog?

    I understand that to a certain degree, we're a strange group "motorcyclists", without too many common thoughts & ideals, from all races, religions, social, political & economic groups. Largely, I think we just want to be left alone to ride, but even that's getting harder & harder.

    Without getting bogged down in semantics & details, it seems that if we had an advocacy group who had three key (but fairly broad) criteria for operation, that the majority of us could get behind, that would be a good thing, right?

    Like, if we had Rule/Goal 1 being that the advocacy group would "fight for the upkeep of motorcyclist rights", that's something everyone could get behind, right? Cruiser riders, noobs, seasoned veterans, boy racers, that would suit everybody, right?

    The current attitude of apathy is understandable given the history, but it wouldn't take much of an effort to shift it, you wouldn't even need to do anything per se, just give money to the people who will on the understanding that they would use these three key criteria to make their decisions.


    So, if there were three things, key goals that motorcyclists from all walks of life could get behind, that you would happily pay a motorcycle advocacy group to fight for, what would they be, in order of most import to not quite as important?

    Mine would be:

    1. To fight for the rights & freedoms of motorcyclists in all aspects & gain new rights as they see fit

    2. To legitimize motorcycles as a valid form of transport to the relevant parties

    3. To educate other road users on the uniqueness of motorcycles.

    Like Meatloaf said, 2 out 3 three ain't bad, hell if you only have 1 priority, lets hear it!

    Ideas & thoughts below if you wish, & of course if such an organisation exists, please let us know!
  2. I wanted legalized filtering, but then we get a law against anything but the most restrictive of between lane movements.

    I wanted drivers to see us and now they are trying to mandate high vis.

    Any noise that we make will be turned around against us.

    We are our own worst enemy. Things aren't that bad for us at the end of the day but we do need to be ready to defend ourselves. When the growing authoritative state tries to take our fun away we need to be ready. We should take a defensive stance, there is not a lot which we can ask for but there is a lot that can have taken away.

    But for the moment enjoy what we have, riding is fun as fcuk.
  3. Umm this has been done before.

    But my three

    1. Legalise filtering nation wide - including the dreaded 'splitting'.

    2. Legalise crossing double (or single) lines for motorcycles.

    3. Establish a new speed limit for motorcycles - say 20kmh faster than other traffic.
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  4. I'll get around to nominating three goals but I would like to also address the issue of funding the advocacy as well.

    I think the old model of donation-style memberships is long past it's use-by date. To generate the kinds of funds required you nowadays need to SELL the target group a product that they are happy to pay for.
    I'm kind of attracted to the notion of track days, training, tours and weekend rallies but I expect there are other things that other riders prefer. Whether it be custom shows, drags, some form of financial or legal service? I don't want to limit it if there are better ideas.
    All of the above step on someones toes, I know. But what I'm suggesting is 'what would you be willing to pay for that you haven't got affordable access to right now?'
  5. No. Try again.

    Too specific. Think guidelines for achieving common goals rather than common goals.

    Specific will always divide opinion & we will end up with this infighting again.
  6. There are way too many ego's involved in motorcycle lobbying at the moment for any them to agree on anything.

    I can remember a previous chairman of the MCCNSW telling me about a meeting of it's members where they were asked to come up with suggestions along the same lines as you have.

    Remember, these are motorcyclists. Some of the suggestions were.

    Ban all dirt bikes.
    Enforce the road rules at track days.
    Introduce mandatory Hi Vis.

    They are out there and they won't go away....
  7. 1. Preservation of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

    2. Respect us and don't try to baby us.

    3. Listen to riders concerns regarding any new legislation. We know what we are talking about.
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  8. 1. Train the car drivers properly.

    2. Enforce road rules on the car drivers to the same extent (or more) as they are enforced on riders.
    (When did anyone last see cops booking a car driver for hogging the middle lane, or the right hand one, at 20 kph under the speed limit?)

    3. Bring in London style (as in bikes and scooters exempt) Circulation or Congestion Tax on cars in all the decent sized cities, and disallow that tax to be an income tax deduction, too.
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  9. 1. All decisions specifically affecting motorcyclists to be subject to approval by a national peak body specifically representing motorcyclists.

    2. That all state governments explicitly accept the right of citizens to choose their own method of transport including motorcycles and freely travel on public roads without hindrance.

    3. That government legislation acknowledges that PTWs are not cars and addresses their unique needs and capabilities without prejudice.
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  10. These roads are designed for cars, pure and simple. The difference between a car and a bike is huge.

    Therefore I think its quite simple dumb that we have the exact same laws, regulations and expectations as cars.

    But hey, what can you do...
  11. There are a few, but I'd have better crash investigation somewhere quite high up the list.
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  12. So to spin that the other way, how would you improve the current situation?
  13. With all the bullsh!t Australian politicians and laws, nothing really.

    Id love to try but it's not worth the oxygen.
  14. That is the main problem, and the best solution is to set up a Benevolent Dictatorship to run the country.

    I'm too busy riding bikes to do the job, but I'm sure my wife could be talking into taking the job.
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  15. Hi smileedude.

    You obviously don't hang out with too many Ulysses Club members.
  16. Stop treating bikes as a safety problem and start recognising them as a legitimate means of transport.
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  17. Right, but what if someone came along with three core promises that you could get behind, or two, or even just one really big one & you didn't have to do anything apart from support them financially?

    What is it worth to you if not oxygen?

    Serious question.
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  18. One last hijack (and then I'll stop, promise).
    Dunno about you and CrazyCam but - putting on my selfish Aussie biker helmet for a moment - I would want something tangible NOW for my money. Give me something I can use right now and I'll even pay more if I think it's going to people who will use it well.
    But I'm not inclined to shell out money on promises.
    Just sayin.
  19. Promises from who, politicians? Yeah right.
  20. Not talking about politicians, talking about good, honest volunteers who so often run up against a brick wall despite their best intentions, and are then judged harshly when they cannot deliver.
    I just think the money should be creamed (openly and transparently) from the sale of real goods or services.
    But I guess that's another discussion.