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Your general opinion of Hyosung motorcycles:

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by termis, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. I'm doing a bit of personal research on Hyosungs in Australia, and I just want to know what people think of the brand in general.

    I'll simply start off with the broad question, and compile my findings afterwards:

    "What are your thoughts on Hyosung motorcycles/scooters?"

    Thanks in advance for any input folks -- :wink:
  2. Surely that has to be a troll OP.... if not:


    Can I suggest you do a search of NR.... there's plenty of opinion on file already!
  3. Cheap and good looking to people who know no better. Excellent fuel range, at least on the 250. Acceptable ride quality despite wooden brakes and cheap suspension.

    Absolute rubbish in terms of quality. The sheer number of whoflungs that have quality issues is staggering, and some of the faults are unforgivable. Until I see evidence of this changing, not only have I resolved to loudly advise people against buying them, I also quietly categorise those that buy them as fools until proven otherwise.

    I think this pic sums up my advice to the whoflung factory:

  4. I would not consider myself a fool(thanks Loz).

    You may be best to do the Search, and PM the people who come up. Starting a thread like this is just going to create bitching and moaning, anger, ignorance, and stir up those that jump on board the internet bandwagon.

    This thread will invite posts from those that are ignorant, informed, enraged, happy, content, indifferent, and a few people who just can't be categorised.

    I am happy with my bike, I am less than impressed with some of the dealer aspects. So far I have done over 5000kms in just under 12 months(I know it's not excessive, but i often have to move my Chef's Knives between sites, and I'd rather not do that in a backpack), about 50% commuting about 30% done on mystery nights, and about 20% general cruising about.

    The main issue I have had with my bike, where(TBH) it was my fault, was not noticing the excessive wear on my rear disc from worn pads(Check your brakes better!).

    It has 2 wheels, it goes, and goes quite well impo. At the time, this was the best feel for me, irregardless of the brand reputation. I bought what I wanted, what I felt was right for me, that I had researched, that I was satisfied with, not what people told me to buy and if that makes me a fool, well yay for the fools. Who would want to be anything but, when the world is full of people who will take to a podium and denounce other peoples purchases. Informed or otherwise.

    I'd still rather have a ducati.
  5. My understanding of Hyosung is that they are improving on quality each year but they still have some work to do to be on par with the more common manufactures.
  6. Ah, I honestly didn't realize the brand was so "controversial" (I've been a rider for 16 years, but am totally new to Aus).

    This is all good. I'm just mainly interested in an average Australian rider's perception of the brand, so it's not particularly important that one has actually ridden a Hyosung to contribute to this discussion. I mean, I've never ridden, say, a BMW, but I have my own thoughts & perceptions about that brand.
  7. you have a 996.. least you worry about hyodungs :p
  8. IMO the early Hyosungs were rubbish but the last couple of years are much better... these days the new ones are ok (but only just ok).

    The resale value sucks though.
  9. For future reference, it is spelt H y o s u n g . Wouldn't want anyone to get the impression your a little bit silly.
  10. You're not your.
  11. My 2 cents is, and I have to add that I've only ridden a really early 650cc naked one (forgot what it was called), is that, brand new they feel tight & and sturdy, but there's the finish on the components are alittle iffy.

    I mean sure, they're priced really 'competitvely', but for me, I would be all old fashioned & go for a 2nd hand japanese bike at the same price range.

    You do have to consider that fact that, in the end, you're settling for something that is the cheapest in the market to put between your legs...

    I must admit though, they're everywhere nowadays.....
  12. Not a bad bike, so-so quality, lots of people have had issues with them. My '08 is in the shop now, two weeks after a service, and three days after picking it up they've yet to figure out what's wrong with it.

    So yeah, YMMV. Buy a 675 or an 848 instead :)
  13. My mate bought a new GT650(L) about 2 and a half months ago, has done about 5000km on it (4000km while it was restricted) and he couldn't be happier, he's had no problems whatsoever, I took a quick boot on it after it was derestricted and was actually quite impressed with how it rode, acceleration, stability, comfort and cornering (and the staintune pipe he put on it).

    I have no problems with them, and have been considering buying one also, quality has improved dramatically it would seem, there are still a few small quality things like a screw done up so tight we couldn't undo it without destroying the screw, but it's a cheap bike, so I feel you do get a lot of bang for your buck.
  14. From the two bikes I've looked at closely it was pretty easy to determine the quality is sh!thouse. One of them was an 05 Comet and looked more tired and worn then my 10 year old CBR. The other was a much newer cruiser and while the owner hadn't had any troubles with it the quality of the finish, in particular the plastic and "chrome" was abysmal.

    So basically what your asking for are peoples opinions and perceptions of the brand. Mine are that they are cheap, low quality bikes. But for the price they seem OK. I'd never buy one however.
  15. Pre-07: Stay away!
    After 07: Good value for money. The quality isn't upto par with the Jap bikes, but then neither is the price.
  16. I was recently shopping for a 650 LAMS cruiser so it came down to either the hyosung or the yamaha. In the end I went with the yamaha because the look of the hyosung was a bit too big a departure from what I was expecting of a cruiser. Hard to pinpoint exactly but I'll say it looked too futuristic and edgy, not the classic cruiser style at all, which was odd given the 250 cruiser they do is very classic in its cruiser style.
  17. One of the problems is that you don't hear anything from Hyosung about what they are doing to improve the bike. They may have made many changes to improve the bike, but nobody would know, so they are stuck with the reputation they got right from the start.
  18. I test road a GT250 and didn't like the big tank perched between your legs and it was a bit bigger than the other bikes I test rode. Only thing that impressed myself was the accelaration, compared to the CBF/scorpio/CBR 125, that isn't hard.

    In the end I went for the Honda based on resale and bullet proof reliability. Only issue I have had (not attributable to the rider) is the throttle cable stretching (which is normal anyway) but I did have some difficulty prying of the cover to get to the adjustment point. Hey, i'm really scratching for a fault with the CBF mechanically here!

    ....oh yeah, it's missing a cylinder. :shock:
  19. I liked mine, 30,000kms no major dramas. Would I recommend it to a noob? yes, unless they had mechanical skills then I would say buy and old banger and ride her till it breaks.

    They are good bikes if maintained and looked after, problem is most noobs don't even know how to tighten a chain properly :oops:

    Size was a big issue for [6'2"] and as I was using it everyday for my sole transport and the Hyosung was the only L bike that really fitted me. Now with LAMs I would have a larger range of choices.
  20. /waits for the standard response from dougz and stigger they're usually much quicker than this. :p