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Your funniest moment on a bike.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. This happened over 20 yrs ago, but I was reminded of it today over a few beers after work..

    Like a lot of the military guys I used to do security work after hours to supplement the piss poor wages.
    Anyway after work one night I was riding home to Ipswich from Brisbane on my faded red Honda CB175 with bright yellow full face, it was about 1am, and I was still in my Wormald Security uniform complete with nightstick. I stopped at the lights at Rocklea and all of a sudden the earth began to vibrate and rumble, next minute I am surrounded by about 20 of the biggest, dirtiest and ugliest Harleys you ever did see, and the blokes on them were even bigger, dirtier and uglier. I sat there waiting for the lights to change, and the whole time I could feel these guys staring down at me, and I'm thinking, what do I do? I can't take off with them, and I can't out run em, and I didn't want to look like the woos that I was feeling.
    So being the brave guy that I am, when the lights went green I kept my foot on the brake, let the clutch out and stalled it. They all rode past me but the last two and I thought, Oh #### I'm dead. Anyway the guy leans over and asks if I need a hand, I felt like saying yeah, do you know how to change dirty underwear cause I just shat in mine. Well I fessed up and told him I stalled it, he lent in closer and said , don't worry mate, I would have stalled mine too. With that they took off, and I rolled shakily to the side of the road and had a very nervous smoke.

    It wasn't funny at the time, but after a few beers you can laugh at anything.

    anyway thats mine, you guys got any?

  2. that is very funny, I almost wish I had a story like that.
  3. Not that i saw this but really wish i had . I'll put this as the funnist moment i missed . Groberts taking off while disc lock still on . To see him standing there holding up his beast would have been priceless.
  4. I did that on a Saturday night in Hawthorn, across the road from the rather large que outside the nightclub, room.
    I got an applause but no bastard offered to help me get the bike up.

    And no I didnt think it was funny.............maybe in another 20 years [-(
  5. Watching 3 mates of mine pull up at the lights early one morning a long long time ago
    and not one of them put their feet on the ground , and just collapsed in slow motion

    I have a suspicion it was the mind altering substances, but hey I thought it was funny at the time :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Read in a journal and other articles of guys falling off their bikes after long freezing rides where they are so numb with the cold they stop and are too slow to put their feet down after cramping up.
    Over they go.
    As for me, when I first got the bimmer i was taking off slowly and went over uneven ground. Tried to take off slowly and stalled. Went to put feet down and was on the high bit, you guessed it, over i go in front of colleagues.
  7. Whiles geting on to my bike I droped it in front of large group of attractive females... than I droped it again on the other side whilst truing to pick it up... then I droped it again back onto its previous side... than one come over and helped me stedy the bike...

    I ended up going out with her for fiew months...
  8. hmm..drop a bike only to pick up chicks :wink:
  9. Yeah been there done that ..... dropping a bike when you so dont want too :p

    But i recon the funnyest was a few years ago, and it was just a reflex action but looked so good. The three guys behind me where at 1st awe struck then nearly fell off there bikes in stitches.

    Was riding along in the 'zone' as you might say, just cruising when out of the corner of my eye i saw a little black blur...... ducked and stuck my left hand up for for further protection the 'little black blur' ended up being a Starling ( bird ) and how do i know what type of bird it was you ask ???
    Bc i damn well caught the thing as it flew past :LOL: :?

    All the guys behind me saw was me tilting my head putting my hand up and catching a bird ( like i ment to do it ) :LOL: :LOL:
    Then looking at it in my hand, shaking my head in wonder, then they watched it fly off as i released it.

    Ps: they still recon i ment to do it and wont take the word... arse or fluke as an excuse !
  10. that's awesome!!! :D :D :D