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Your first upgrade: My perspective on the H6.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VCM, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Well as some of you know, I took delivery of my 2000 CB600FS hornet last Sunday.
    Most of you also are aware that I am NO 'gun-ho' rider. I'm pretty conservative, mostly commute with the occasional twisty ride thrown in
    To be nervous about jumping on a 600cc would be an understatement. In fact, I had to ask Dave (SHEPPO) to road test & ride it to my workshop for me. :oops:
    I waited until later that afternoon before throwing a leg over my newly acquired machine.
    The ride began with a strange sense of jumping into unknown territory, not knowing what to expect.
    I kept telling myself throttle control is the key .. smooth and progressive. ( it aint a 250 )
    All went well. Ok that's a little understated. I was STOKED!! I could not stop smiling, well actually it was more like mid-way between an evil grin and a hysterical laugh.

    Almost a week later, aprox 300km my observations SHOCKED me. To sum it up in one word .. "SMOOTH"
    - I feel safer on the H6 almost like I am more protected?
    (could be the front fairing/screen giving me a false sense of security)
    - Slow riding in traffic appears easier to control, smoother, graceful.
    - Cornering feels more 'planted' if that makes sense.
    - Braking is AWESOME, nothing beats two discs.
    - Acceleration is instant and supplied with ease.
    Another observation is my chicken strips. I've always had the right side much larger than the left ( twice as wide ). Due to not feeling comfy leaning to the right. On the H6, however, both sides are identical.
    I'm either more confident in my right corners, or I'm not leaning enough on leftys. ( I believe the former to be the case)
    My thoughts so far is that my reluctance to upgrade many months ago was uncalled for. If I had known what it would be like, I'd have done so yonks ago. The only drawback is that it can become quite lonely at times.
    Not long after you take off at a set of lights, You find yourself alone and separated from everyone very quickly and unexpectedly :LOL:
    I hope this newfound experience does not make me 'over-confident' and 'cocky' and be my undoing.
    My advice to those that may be wary of upgrading from a 250 is that it may be unwarranted. Treated with respect, a larger bike can definitely be an advantage, and help improve your riding.

    .. I am STILL smiling :p

  2. Awesome choice in bike Vinnie.

    I wanted a 600 Hornet after doing QRide on one identical to yours but alas I could not find one.

    I started on my current bike a 2000 CBR600F, very similar machine bar fairings etc and while it certainly goes hard when needed it has such easy to use low down power and is super stable in town and in the twisties.

    You will have to really make it angry to bite you as it is a forgiving machine but still damn fun to ride.

    I never had the anxiety of an upgrade in bike and what it would be like to go from 250 to 600 etc but you have served your apprenticeship and learned the basics now go and enjoy the H6.

    Who knows... next year a H9..... :grin:

  3. I'm loving it !!
    I was actually looking for a CBR600F, but couldn't find one I was happy with. When this black beauty came along, it was love at first sight.

    I have much to learn, but am confident the Hornet will be a patient and understanding partner. :wink: