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Your First Track Day???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by fastlane, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi guys new to the forums but would like to know about your first track day

    nervouse? :?
    best day of your life :grin:
    scared :eek:
    where at and on what bike? :cool:
  2. Slightly nervous...but disappeared as soon as I went down the main straight.

    Money well spent...awesom day :D.

    Not scared...just gained more confidence.

    Broadford in Victoria...and on a Suzuki Across.

    hope that helps

    phong =P~

    PS...please remove caps lock.
  3. If you want this thread not to disappear faster than Rossi on the front straight, please REMOVE all caps.....

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  4. Not nervous, but very excited.

    Best thing ever done on a motorcycle thats for sure. Cant think of riding now without the track in the back of my mind.
  5. I recall being very nervous and not sleeping the night before my first trackday... Nowadays I still get bugger all sleep, but more out of excitement.

    But it's just like any other ride, you don't have to go any faster than you want to. You just want to go faster! You end up riding at roughly the same percentage comfort that you do on the road, but the pace is faster because the road's wide and smooth and most of the random variables are gone.

    It can be a very exhilarating experience - I wouldn't call it the best day of my life, but it's a part of the motorcycling puzzle that you should expose yourself to.

    Mine was at Calder on a Hornet 900.
  6. First time, yes nervous yes and rode like above (on my sv), every time since then i have pushed my comfort level to experience greater lean, faster turn in and just how much grip motorcycle tyres actually have.....it's something so different from road riding but i do feel it has help/not helped my road riding pending whether you speak to me or Mr Plod :LOL:

    The thing i guess i was most nervous about was crashing my road bike, since then i now have a cheap r6 i take down, sure i don't want to crash but i guess if it happens i am only watching a few grand slide along down the road instead of 10k
  7. About 3 years ago at broadford, cbr250r

    felt totally awesome, ALL THAT ROAD MINE!!! MINE!!!!
    I remember thinking crash corner wasnt so hard, thinking turn 2 was crash corner. then someone pointed out the right crash corner to me and the next session I had a close call, followed by 2 more. It goes to prove, you cant be afraid of what you do not know.

    At the end of the day, there was so many close call that day, but the bike was never dropped. The next day the bike got written off on the road. pffftt

    Track days are totally exhausting
  8. First "track day", Amago Raceway (near Los Angeles) in 1995, on little 2-stroke Yammy YSR. Subsequently entered a race that was happening a day after and netted 3rd place. Not bad! :grin:

    Was great fun -- you'll learn more about going fast in a single day than you can on years of street experience.
  9. First track day was on my R1 i had only bought a couple weeks earlier (straight off a 250). it was the best thing i did, as i learnt how to ride the bike in a controlled environment. i recomend everyone does this when upgrading (going to a track, not the 250-1000cc upgrade).

    That was at Sandown (pretty average track in my opinion, unless u like armco, 90deg turns, bumps, and little/no run off).

    My first Phillip Island day, that was nerves, excitement, etc. I think i was more excited than anything, as i've always wanted to ride that track. Growing up, watching the GP and Superbikes, all the world's best riders, fanging around.... i was stoaked i'd be riding the same track, be it a little slower, hahaha.

    The PI track day was probably THE BEST time i've ever had on 2 wheels, and I also rate it highly in the "great days in my life".

    Track days are something everyone should do at least once.
  10. I would love to try the corkscrew at laguna seca.
  11. Fastlane, I edited your title, as it was all Capital Letters. Please don't do it like that, again, on this forum.
  12. thanx guys all sounds really good and reading them with a smile cheers and keep em coming :grin:
  13. yeah track days are good, mate. I've seen all my bikes get a good thrashing up at broadford, starting with the FZR250 a couple of years ago, moving onto the yam thundercat, and more recently with a K5 gsxr750 - (which is a ridiculous track weapon by the way :shock: )
    My time on the 250 there was probably the best in terms of learning how to corner properly, it really doesn't matter what bike you're on, the point is to find a comfortable pace and then try and slowly improve things. Its a buzz. Get out there :grin:
  14. Did my first (and so far only) track day at Wanneroo (I refuse to call it Barbagallo :p ) in October. Well, technically it was a Racecraft course, but, effectively, we slow dilletantes were mainly left to our own devices as long as we followed the rules and didn't do anything dangerous.

    My steed was my old, battlescarred K100RS, with 250,000 kms up, cast-iron tyres and a fetching trail of cobwebs where I'd dragged it out of the shed after 2 years of dormancy. According to a Mate Who Knows About Such Things, using a bike you don't mind crashing is worth 5 seconds a lap :LOL: . Dunno about that, but after using it as my everyday mount for 5 years, it doesn't intimidate me in any way.

    First session was a bit frightening 'cos the pace seemed astoundingly quick, even in the novice group. However, in subsequent sessions, once I knew where the lines were and what gear I should be in and where, it was about the most fun I've had on a solo. Especially going round the outside of (one or two) modern sportsbikes.

    Result? Tyres frazzled all the way to the edges, engine incandescent and the biggest grin this side of the Nullabor. All for maybe $2 a lap.

    Oh yes, and a determination to build a lightweight K100 track day bike, to see just how quick a Brick can go.

  15. My first track day was at Phillip Island, about a month ago. It was a present from my GF (she knows what I like :) )

    I was so excited (and slightly nervous) beforehand. Booked a hotel room nearby to minimise the riding that I would need to do beforehand, and to reduce my fatigue because I knew I would need all my concentraction at those kind of speeds.

    Unfortunately I was so excited I barely slept. That, and the hard bed in the hotel room.

    Still, I had such an amazing day. The old (but new to me) CBR600 felt like it was made to go at those kind of speeds, which it was, rather than tootling along at 60 km/h.

    I got it to 230 on the main straight which was the fastest I had ever been on anything before (and quite rightly too, since I hadn't been to the track before!).

    Later on in the day I even got to try some of the Honda sportsbikes (it was a HRCA event) and riding a 2009 CBR100RR Fireblade is not something I'm going to forget anytime soon. That thing is just so powerful in any gear, yet so easily managed, and even though I was taking it fairly easy it was still damn quick. The wind blast I felt on the blade when sitting up at the end of Gardner straight at 250 km/h was pretty intense :)

    I would highly recommend anyone to do it. I feel it definitely made me a better rider through the corners, and the bonus was that it gets trying to do any kind of speed on a public road out of your system.

    The only downside I see is that I am going to have to pony up some more cash to do it again!
  16. I did a superbike school at philip island and I was crapping myself at first but once you get going its a great day. Cant wait to do a proper track day now and really get going.
  17. Mac Park

    My first day was back in 1988 at Mac Park, on my RZ250. I went straight on at the water tower the first lap, but didn't go down.
    The rest of the day was a hoot, and managed to empty the tank. Funny event was mate took my bike out for a few laps, and there happened to be another RZ250 out as well, but the other guy threw it up the road due to having no rear shock, and other mate yelled out to me "Look he's crashed your bike!" and I spun around and all I could see was this RZ on its side, streaming a trail of sparks and fairing dust as it slid down the track. My heart jumped in to my mouth, as home was 400k's away, and it was my only ticket home.
  18. I just did California Superbike School at Phillip Island yesterday
    Let me say... these guys are incredible, they really put together a great package that makes alot of sense.

    Before I went, I really wasn't very proud of my 250, but after having thrown it around the track - I am immensely pleased. Sure I got flogged on the straight, but going toe to toe with big bikes on the corners is a hoot!

    Can't wait to do my first proper track day now :)
  19. I had the same thing where I couldn't sleep - I reckon I got maybe three hours the night before my first track day.

    Broadford, on the NSR150SP. Could not wipe the grin of my face - quite literally, it was on there for hours. Very tiring, you'll be amazed at what the bike can do.

    Simply awesome.
  20. Re: Mac Park

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: that's too true......a lot of people including myself on three occassions and not on my first track day, run straight off the top there. It's one of those "I think I've got the balls - oh no I don't have the balls" corners.