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Your first time on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by listek, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Reading the other post about the guy who wants to take his 8 year old kid on a 300km trip and a few of the replies brought back the memories of the first time I ever went for a ride on a bike.

    I'm not sure how old I was but I reckon 8 would be close to the mark. It was a Moto Guzzi owned by a mate of my dad who was kind enough to take me out for a ride on the back of his bike. If I close my eyes I can still recall the sound of the big twin and the feeling of zooming through the corners, and can I still remember thinking at the time that the road was so close when we went round the corners that if I reached out my hand I could probably touch it...

    Bikes alway had a special significance for me after that, although it was a few years until I got my first bike - a pull start, mower engined mini bike. Gee we did some miles on that thing, rode it everywhere. Of course the Guzzi experience has left me with a bit of a weakness for them as well. I don't know if I would have gotten into bikes if not for that formative experience when I was young, so it's nice to think how that warm sunny day roaring around the countryside on the Guzzi has had a hand in shaping the outcome of my life.
  2. The first pillion ride I can remember is remarkably similar to the OP!

    Friend of the families, big red Moto Guzzi and a 50km blat through the local roads. I doubt I would have been much more than 10.

    I remember feeling slightly embarrassed at all the attention people were paying to us! At the halfway stop I seem to remember some people coming up to chat and how bizarre that seemed.

    I remember getting a glance at the speedo and being amazed at the difference between that number and the advisory speed signs on the side of the road!
  3. Ah yes there is nothing like the sound of big twin...music to the ears :grin:
  4. i was quite young, younger than 8 (can't remember exactly); on the back of a scooter i believe...
    It was in india so nothing really to stop me, funny thing was i don't think my parets knew about it otherwise don't think they would have been to impressed.

    Being of asian decent, bikes and scooter has alway been a norm and no such thing as too young to ride lol
  5. I was young too when I had my first ride. I was 25... :shock: :rofl:

    It was an ex's uncle who had a CB175 chook-chaser and he took me for a spin up the road and back and then I spent the rest of the arvo riding it around farm. What a bloody hoot! I was hooked after that, got my L's 6 months later.

    But it's in my blood too, my dad was into bikes when he was younger before I arrived on the scene
  6. I was 6 years old, and my cousin took me to school on the back of his Honda CBsomethingorother to school.

    I kicked arse at Show & Tell that day.

  7. LOL Similar story with me. I was about 6 and my brother would pick me up from school on his bike (he is 10 years older than me). My brother is cool :grin:
  8. I was between 3 and 4 years old the first time I was on the back of a bike. My cousin took me on a short trip to his place. He even had a helmet for me. I was 30 the next time I was a pillion.
  9. Do trail bikes count? Probably not, but my old neighbours at my old house had a peewee 50 that was a lot of fun at the time... no idea how old I was... 10? Dunno heh.

    Road... back of Dads? Didn't really enjoy it that much, I was in work uniform so not feeling too confident... First time on my own on the same bike though, WOOO HOOOOOOOO :LOL:
  10. stupidly riding a mates cb250 on the road when i was 13.

    very dumb. but i fell in love right there.

    you'd all agree its the best mode of transport onroad bar none.
  11. My dad used to dink me around on the old postie bike at the orchard when l was really little. That bike was the fastest thing on the planet when l was 5. The old honda 110s still have a speical place in my heart.
  12. My first time on a motorbike was at the tender age of 53!!!!!

    Oh well, better late than never.
  13. lol and you are the winner :)
  14. First time? About 7 years old at a friends party on a peewee 50 in the backyard. Nearly crashed into the fence first go, only stopping cm's away from it :)
  15. One of my early memories is on the back of the CX500 bounceing through the old creek at the family farm... must have been 4 or 5

  16. 14 on the back of my dad's Katana as he negotiated the back streets of Kew at speed. I didn't get on another bike for 16 years. I wish I never took that ride as it put me off riding for so long. :cry:

    But I understand his joy with riding and wish to share it with me. For that I am thankful.
  17. First time was a minibike, which I was too scared to change out of first - it might go too fast! :oops:

    Second was on the back of a mates Ducati 600. I remember this little straight where we were stuck behind a car. He overtook, and the bike seemd to go from 50 to 90 to 60 in an instant! (I was riding a 50cc scooter at that time in my life!)

    Since I've been riding a motorbike I just can't get over-excited about cars anymore.
  18. Ditto


    crazy. I guess that's how it happened for a few people :grin:
  19. TAS zip start mini bike. I never leaned into the first corner and went straight into the old paling fence. Barked knuckles are a bragging point when you're 9.
  20. The first for me was on a pee wee bike as well, i would of been about 12.

    We were on our family friends farm just outside of Bega.The owner of the farm put the biggest smile on my face when he said i could take out one of the bikes for the afternoon while all the oldies were inside having tea.
    He showed me how to start it and how everything worked before i set off.

    Was on it for about an hour before i tried to turn to quickly on loose gravel. The bike came out from under me and the wheel rear wheel landed on my leg and the throttle got stuck in the ground still reving. Lost a fairly good sized amount of skin from my shin as it turned. In pain i tried to kick it away only to have the exhaust land on the same leg... I was wearing shorts...

    I got the bike off myself, but forgot how to get it started again cause i was in too much pain. Being roughly 500 meters from the house i had to hobble push it back with all his cattle just staring at me, stupid cows.

    Didnt turn me off bikes, even after the brown liquid anticeptic hit the wound.