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Your First Rides

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Engrider, May 13, 2013.

  1. Ok, so share your first ride. I mean proper ride, on your own or with friends, on the road - not getting on the clapped-out CB250 at the learners course.

  2. So I got on the bike for the first time this weekend past. :happy:

    Got as far as the top of the driveway before I realised I couldn't shift up because I couldn't get my boot under the lever. So I rolled it back, out came the tools, and off I went again, up and down the street, practicing shifts, proper posture, grip, indicating, headchecking, slow speed etc. I know I stuffed some of it up, but hey, it's practice for a reason.

    Half an hour later I came back in to cool down, no airflow and too much stuff on underneath waterproof textiles on a dry day.

    Then, out onto the backstreets. One 60km road for about 300m before I got to a residential area which is nice and technical for practicing. Roundabouts, indicating, stopping, left and right turns with the odd car, speed humps. Excellent fun and good learnings. But, stalled probably 15 times - mix of reasons, but the most derp one was uphill into a roundabout. My back brake is vicious and needs to be let go of *before* letting out the clutch...now I know.

    To improve on:
    -Everything, especially turning off indicator after turn.
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  3. Picked up my shiny cbr600rr in Brisbane... Nearly went under a truck while trying to uturn..... Rode through Ipswich in peak hour traffic.... Round mt tamborine... And down to he Gold Coast.
  4. Can't remember. Maybe Java or the Philippines. No licence obvballs. Would have been a 110cc underbone. I remember the first time I got really cold was in Cuba; may have been the tropics but it got really chilly in the evening and the high teens temperature is freezing on a bike if you don't have a jacket.
  5. Hubby was following the first time I rode on the roads. I got half a kilometre up the road, turned left into a sidestreet, took the turn too wide, right in front of a car....I headed to the gutter, came off.... Car occupants and hubby came rushing over, bike and I were ok except I had a scraped knee. Got back on the bike, and about 2 kilometres further, came up to a busy roundabout. I froze. Hubby had to park his bike, then ride mine across the roundabout, walk back, and double me across on mine. We rode further on with no mishaps at all, and my riding got much better after that. It really encouraged me to focus on cornering correctly from then on.
  6. I did some riding around and around the block where I live but after that my first proper ride was from home (Gisborne) to Riddells Creek with my boyfriend following. I was pretty nervous and it went well until a woman tried to overtake me into oncoming traffic on the Gisborne-Kilmore Rd (single lanes in either direction) and when she realised she pulled back into my lane and nearly ran me off the road. I was probably doing about 10kph under the speed limit but still accelerating so dunno why she was so impatient, maybe wanted to get away from someone with an L plate. My boyfriend chased her on her bike and forced her to pull over where he lost his rag at her. He said she would be unlikely to do that again. The rest of the trip was uneventful!
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    So...I'd bought and paid for my brand new, shiny white and very loud V-Star from Yamaha City on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne.

    Thursday night I'd got my Ls. They'd promised to deliver it to my house on Friday afternoon. I was pumped. The first of my many mid-life crisis dreams was about to be realised.

    1pm on Friday - the phone call came. "Really sorry Luke, our delivery guy called in sick today. We are trying to organise something for you but it's pretty likely you won't get the bike until Monday. Unless...da da da dummmm, you want to come in and pick it up today."

    Me? Actually ride it from the CBD in Friday afternoon traffic to my place in East St Kilda? You're joking right? Gutted. "OK, give me a call if you manage to sort out someone to deliver it."

    2pm. Damn it, I want my bike for the weekend. Man up Luke. What's the worst that can happen? Oh yeah, I could crash it and die. fcuk it. Grow some balls. "Dave, it's Luke. Managed to find someone to deliver my bike? No? OK, I'll come and pick it up".

    3pm. I'm on the footpath outside Yamaha. There's people everywhere. People are stopping to check out my bike and the obvious newbie being handed his keys. It's a very pretty bike. I'm looking around at the swarm of people walking along Elizabeth Street, thinking to myself "Holy shit, I'm going to have to ride this huge (huge after the little dirt bike I'd got my Ls on) thing through the city crowds, off the footpath, onto Elizabeth Street and then home?. Bad decision Luke. Crap"

    3.01pm. Salesguy disappears leaving me with my bike, the keys and 15,000,000 onlookers. Helmet. Check. Gloves. Check. Start bike. Wow it's loud. Heads turn. "Don't drop it Luke. Don't drop it Luke. Don't drop it Luke."

    I duck walk the bike though the crowd, around the various obstacles and off the footpath onto the road. So far so good. 2 left turns, a u-turn, another left turn and I'll be home (I'd been rehearsing the trip home for hours). Heart pumping and concentrating like never before I head off. Stalled once but made it home unscathed. Cars seemed to avoid me. Damn right. Pulling into my driveway, dropping the stand and getting off the bike, I breath a huge sigh of relief. "You probably should have waited till Monday and started with some local side street riding".


    9am Saturday morning. There's a note on my door. "Dear resident. Your motorbike is VERY LOUD! According to the body corporate rules, blah, blah, blah, blah...According to VicRoads, blah, blah, blah". Awesome.
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  8. So this guy I knew.
    He bought his GPX a few months before able to get a licence. He spent a few weeks tinkering with it after school, learnt a bit and also drained the battery.
    The family was going on a one week holiday. Unfortunately he was stressing over an upcoming exam and needed to stay home to ‘study.’
    At 2am and after about 10 attempts to get it going by pushing it up a very steep and short drive way, he got it started. He figured out the controls and clutch point in the carport and rode around for a few hours in the empty streets, stalling a few times. Each stall required a long walk up the nearest slope and flinstoning to build up speed.
    When the family got back, for some reason the tank was bone dry…
  9. I've had a number of memorable first rides...

    Before I ever got my licence, a friend and I hired 50cc scooters in Cairns. Rode them around town in the pouring rain.

    Fast forward several years, got my proper bike L's last August. Went out to look at a bike for sale the next weekend. Took it out for a test ride. Dropped it trying to do a U-turn. Damn thing wouldn't start afterwards. Bought the bike anyway. Turns out it wouldn't start because it was in gear and the side stand was down.

    Came back the next day to ride it home 20km across the suburbs of Melbourne. First ever hill start, first time sharing the road with trams.

    About an hour later, first ride after getting the bike home. About a 10km round trip to the shops (so, really just an excuse to ride).

    A few days later, thought I'd attempt my commute by bike (trying the route in the evening, when there was less traffic). Got a bit enthusiastic after that turned out okay and despite the rain, took some suburban roads more or less at random and got lost somewhere around Sunshine, but made it home again in one piece. First night ride, first ride in the rain, first ride on the freeway, all at once!

    About a week after that, wanted to get out of the suburbs and try my hand at corners on the open road. Rode out to Healesville, up to Toolangi and Kinglake, down to St Andrews. Taking corners at barely what the advisory speed signs said, found myself tailgated by a truck and some 4WDs, glad I had an L plate on the back.

    A couple of weeks after that, my first long ride: Great Ocean Road and back.

    A couple of months later, strapped my tent to the pillion seat for my first multi-day ride, a two week trip to explore the countryside and visit friends in Canberra and Sydney. Also my first time on unsealed roads. And my first crash (also on an unsealed road).
  10. The day I picked up my Honda CB175 twin from a friend of my girlfriend way back in 1978/9.
    As I all ready had a car licence getting the Bike L plate was just simply applying for the learners licence (no test as the road rules are the same) and getting an L plate for the bike.

    Put the L plate on the bike and rode it home.

    Three months later I passed the practical around the block riding test on the same bike. Limited to 250 cc for next twelve months then automatic full licence after that.
  11. My first ride on the road was on a mates DT175 in 1983 (pre getting my licence). Rode from his parents farm near Bunbartha to Tallygaroopna for smokes and beer. As much fun as it and other rides were it took me until I was 30 to finally get my riders licence.

    Probably the most memorable early ride though was shortly after that when I and a few mates rode dirt bikes around a drought stricken Lake Mokoan only to realise that we had to ride on the road for quite a way, oh well.
  12. I will include the Qride course, as it was the first time ever on a bike. Day one was ok as it was just around the riding course. Day two saw us going on the road, which the first time ever for me. Still on the service road (60km/hr zone) along the motorway the instructire stopeed the group only after about 2 kms. Instructor walks up to me "Fckin keep up!!" Next minute we are on the motorway in the 90km.hr zone. Shitting myself was an understatement. Having never ridden on the road to being on the motorway after 3kms - holy shite !!

    A month later, take possession of my first bike. A friend of mine test rode it before final purchase then rode it home for me. So 9pm at night in the first week of June I set off in the suburban back streets to practice and learn. Will never forgetjust how cold it was those nights. After two weeks, ventured a bit further to meet my Mentor for more drills, practice etc.
  13. Saturday I got my Learners. The whole remainder of that weekend I spent on the internet, looking for an oldish naked 250.
    Monday I went to the second hand dealer who had 3 bikes I liked on the internet. Sat on 2 of them, decided to test ride both. Came in Tuestday to test ride, decided I want the Spada. Wednesday I came in again to pick her up, buying a helmet off him at the same time, declining the 50 dollar delivery offer.
    So I rode my 'brand new' bike from Elizabeth Street to Melbourne Uni (Parkville) (through that one huge, horrible roundabout). I was tense, especially when huge trucks were making me look so very tiny and vulnerable right next to them. There was quite some traffic which I tried very hard not to get intimidated by. All other bikes filtered past me as I sat behind the cars. I was very relieved and proud of myself when I made it to uni. Without stalling, without cutting anyone off, without being cut off; had an exciting but safe first journey on my bike of which many more were to follow.

    After uni (during peak hour traffic) I had to make my way from Parkville to Prahran. I left early, giving me heaps of time. Again, I was tense, but after a while I was able to relax. I simply pretended I was in a car, owned my lane, and sat in line (unlike all the other bikes filtering past me again). And that's how I made my second trip on my 'brand new' bike. The way home from Prahran to Coburg was much more fun as there was way less traffic to deal with. Only short trips, but all 3 on my first day of riding with only a 1 day learner course experience. That evening I spent some time in the garage staring at my new pride and joy, finding it still hard to believe that such a beautiful thing is all mine :)
  14. I kinda eased into it. Trike (ATC90) had been on dirt roads getting to dunes. Long before that we'd take bikes down the road to head for trails. Those don't really count.
    Trail bike when I was licenseable (not a word) I just got on and headed down a more major road to go off road. Extended the distance and amount of traffic bit by bit but it was still a rural area and not much to deal with. Probably only went 20 k's from home. A few trips down to the beach.

    Then moved back to Newie and had the Bike sent down. Much more traffic but didn't extend it until I was pissed off parking the car to go to the footy so I jumped on the Bike, threw my then girlfriend on the back (ooops) and rode to the Footy. Parked the bike up close to the Grandstand on a grassy area next to a No Standing sign, put a chain around the sign and the front wheel and we just strolled in.
    Saved so much time and hassle.
  15. I had an original model YZ80 as a kid. Brought a Kwaka KH125 from the local Bikie club owned dealer at the time. It never made it up the driveway to the road. Damn unreliable thing. As far as I know 25 years later parts are still on back order...

    Brought the worlds greatest bucket racer. Hoonda H100S just in time to get my license at 16. First proper road bike. My parents lived about 60kms out of Darwin. First proper ride was to town. The bike went 0-100kph on the blink of an eye. You could get 110 down hill. Scary experience? Try riding a sewing machine and being overtaken by double decked cattle truck triples. 100% fair dinkum outback road trains along the highway. I don't recall much else about that ride except being over taken by just about everything on the road and being scared stiff.

    It's along way from that little H100S to Enterprise, the current ride. (K1600)
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    1994, a Yamaha YZ80 '79 model, Caterbury road from Punchbowl to Fairford Rd up to Henry Lawson drive then down the back streets to Riverwood.

    First ride on a road bike was about 2003 and it was a mates Honda Custom CM250 of about 1982 vintage. He had bought a demo model BMW GS650 and I had no car at the time so he lent me the bike, a jacket and a Helmet till I eventually got a car. The last ride on that bike was turning right across a busy road in Randwick and half way across the chain jumped off and locked up the back wheel stopping me dead in the middle of the oncoming traffic lane! I had to lift the arse end off the ground and run as it was a proper near miss by about a meter!! The headlights and squealing tyres had me nearly crapping my reg grundies!!!
  17. So I asked the dealer if he could deliver my shinny new 650RL as I was to scared to ride it home without an escort or some one watching me down the Eastlink to High St so delivery says no worries cya Tuesday.
    My heart is going very fast now. To fast for an old fart like me but Tuesday would be an awesome day. Living in a quiet part of the neighbourhood I had this block to practice on which I could not wait. had a nice left hand sweeper 2 left turns and a right into my driveway in the end.
    Tuesday comes I am shattered bike is delivered only to be raining all bloody day and had to wait till Wednesday
    Wednesdays after work comes. Its warm, sunny and clear and dry roads today is the day for your 1st solo ride. On go the dragons, dririders boots helmet gloves and forget the key :shock: back inside get key back to bike start bike check mirrors try and slow the old heart down again 1st gear easy the clutch out roll on the gas and I am rolling along the driveway get to the footpath clutch in brake stop feeling good about myself. Check all clear ready for take off and stall :( Clutch in try to start bike nothing happens, put bike in neutral bike starts and I start my trip around the block. Take the sweeper up the hill get to intersection check for traffic release clutch and stall again. Again bike would not start till in neutral. start her up and managed 3 laps of the block with out stalling. 20Km's and hour later I called it a day.
    Getting ready to call the dealer cause my bike would not start in gear I re read the manual that tells me it should start check the bike to find that the clutch switch was not connected. So my 1st repair. as well.
  18. First memorable ride was my test. Finished the skills and passed then while indoors watching road craft video down came the rain. Sounds daunting enough for someone who had been riding for a total of about 10 hours except that the instructor had just been telling us about the steep hills on our route and how some students had stalled and rolled backwards in circles and off the road. Due to the rain he changed the route and we stuck to the burbs. So off we go - oh that's what 3rd gear is like - I'm trying to figure out where the wipers are for my visor as the rain pours down. We hit a 70 zone and he is waving for us to catch up. We hit an 80 zone and he waves again. Full throttle in 5th in the rain - holy crap I feel like I'm a sail on a boat! Through round-a-bouts and school zones, more waving and pointing to speed signs we pass. Stop at the lights surrounded by cars, left foot down, knee trembling waiting for either my knee to give way or the green arrow, don't bloody stall it now. Take off, run a bit wide but make it around into a quieter street, where's that damn indicator button again and into the undercover carpark where we end our nightmare, I mean exciting road test! I get off the bike and manage to remain upright with wobbly legs, soaked Jeans and boots full of water. Made it and passed. Relief. Get home and tell the wife I passed and the response is "Its ridiculous they let you ride after only two days of learning". Thanks love.
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  19. It was 1986 on a Suzuki RG400, hit the power band and nearly flew off the back going into a corner, hung on for dear life.
  20. Got my Learners, then next day went on 53km ride no problems then fell off once in the gravel drive after getting home and then again two minutes later while dismounting with bike still in gear. Sheesh.