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Your first ride after passing your learner test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by YamahaWoman, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. I just passed my learner's test today, and I was wondering how other people went with their first time riding out on the road after passing their learners. One thing I'm a little nervous about is the extra speed that you travel on the road. Of course you can only get up to about 30 or 40 on the learner's course, and I noticed myself hanging on a bit tighter while going at that speed. Of course you'd get used to it, but did anyone else out there get a bit worried about going faster out on the first ride?

  2. I just went on streets close to my place, not too far at all. All 60 or less. I caught myself going way under the limit in the 60 zone the first time.. 40km/h felt so fast haha!

    I did it during the early afternoon so people were still at work/school etc.
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  3. When I went on my first ride after getting my L's I was relieved to be able to go faster than I could on the L's test.
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  4. Congrats on getting your learners Tahlia, just find streets/roads you are familiar with that are quite or get quiet on weekends and practise and practise and practise. The secret [which IS hard to do at first] is to relax :) and yes, any speed that you are not used can be daunting at first, but you will gain confidence and you will do it with ease, take your time with it.. Any new estates being built nearby? go for a cruise around those streets if you can.
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  5. Congrats on getting your learners.

    It was a month after my learners before I got out on the road and then my first few trips were around the shopping centre car park after hours when it was quiet. Just do it at whatever pace seems comfortable for you.

    You could try the Waurn Ponds campus of Deakin Uni if that's not too far from home, or even in the Eastern Beach car park down near the swimming enclosure if you go after it gets dark. Anywhere close to home as pastafarian said where you can be away from traffic and can practise the basics of stopping, take off, gear changes etc so when you're on the road these aren't as big a deal.

    Then when your ready to try a bit of speed if your close to North Geelong try the Bacchus Marsh Road, it's a lot quieter than the ring road. If your South of Geelong the roads around Moriac don't get a lot of traffic.

    The ride down to Torquay on the Surf Coast Hwy is fairly troublefree and try the Barwon Heads Road as well.

    Just plan your route first.
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  6. Thanks everyone, all very helpful :)

    I live on the Marshall side of Grovedale and there's plenty of new street/courts being put it at the moment, all 50km zones so that should be a good starting place. Deakin car park sounds good too, I learned to drive a car out there. It'll be a few months before I have a bike which is a little frustrating, but maybe if I annoy my boss she'll give more more work haha. I work with Roaming Reptiles, I'm just waiting for some paperwork to come back and then I can start getting paid. I've been volunteering there since October, it's good fun, even when the crocodile runs at me because it's cranky haha.
  7. Oo, yes I remember the first ride! (It's only been a couple of years). Wasn't particularly nervous beforehand, but as I came up to the 80 mark I found myself hanging on to those bars for dear life! It felt super fast the first time, but you'll be surprised how quickly it turns from scary to fun :) Going fast is the easy bit! I agree with goddie too, relaxing is the key, and I still have to remind myself of this frequently. You'll be fine.
  8. Well mine was interesting, but in a modern climate, hardly instructive.

    The day after I got my full motorcycle license after doing just two feet-up U-Turns in front of the local Police Station, I rode my brand new Yamaha RD 250B from Denman to Singleton to work. I left home at 4:30 in the morning (August, so it was pretty mild) and home again at 7:30pm. Nothing happened, and I did it again for another year till I got transferred closer to home.
  9. I had to ride my bike from north melbourne to brighton, my first time on the road. Very daunting experience!
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  11. Absolutely, there's a few streets around that were put up early to mid year last year that should be good, but I'll certainly be very careful. The roads to Deakin are good, not too complicated. Nice to see another Geelong person on here :)
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  12. My first ride was to take my new bike home from Peter Stevens city store, through the CBD and out along the Monash / Citylink then along FTG Rd to home. All on a Friday night before a long weekend. The next morning I rode up to Lake Eildon. This was ridiculous and stupid and not recommended - way too much for a new rider really.

    The advice from pasta, goddie and HB is spot on. Take it slowly, always ride within the limits of your experience and abilities, and you'll be fine.

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  13. Well i rode to work ( not working there anymore ) for my first ride.. and after that i went to sorrento.. along the esplanade.. was my first "big" ride.. now its just a casual ride to go have coffee.

    as for speed, start slowly and then work up to the 100kph freeways.. its a bit daunting the first time having cars whiz by, but you'll get used to it.. also relax your arms you don't want to have the "death grip"
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  14. My first ride after getting my L's was sooooooo long ago... I rode my XT250 to work - Hornsby to the city via the Pacific Hwy. Dang, traversing the Harbour Bridge in peak hour was a new experience! Years later (when I returned to riding) I picked up my GS500F, rode from Castle Hill to Liverpool and later back home to Mona Vale albeit avoiding using the motorway.
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  15. .... As soon as I got my L's, my partner ( who taught me to ride) took me out for a ride on the streets. I was following him on my little 250.. and was so hyped up that I kept forgetting to breath!!.....:-s

    It felt fabulous and scary at the same time!!... But my first ride all by myself felt amazing!!!..... :dance:

    Congrats... And enjoy!!... =D>
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  16. Congratulations on passing your Learners, Tahlia! My first ride after getting my RE licence was to go over Mt Glorious. I thought it would be best to tackle it straight away since thats the route hubby and I take all the time on just about every ride. I was really nervous but took it nice and easy and there were no problems at all. It did wonders for my confidence to know I could ride over it right from the start.
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  17. Crashed. Don't do switchbacks on day one. Does Victoria even have switchbacks? <_<
  18. Everyone has to get that first ride out of the way.
    Do something fairly simple to start with...say 15min ride along a few main roads, then go home, catch your breathe, have a cuppa, and wait for a little while.

    That first ride is out of the way...so now you can just go for a ride without all the silly 1st ride distractions messing with your head.

    if riding is something you are fairly confident with and you are ok on your general bike control skills, then head out for the rest of the day...stopping as needed (no need to press on when you are tired or stressed etc.) Relax and continue on.
  19. I can't remember. Weird. It was 11 years ago and I think I just stuck close to home and did a lap of Eltham and Warrandyte. :-k
  20. I did all the back streets and roundabouts I could find near where I lived. I was more concerned about the embarrassment of stalling in traffic than anything else but once I had the clutch mastered I've been riding it everyday ever since.

    Try the refinery area of North Shore if it's not to far there's some nice empty open roads/car parks there to practice along Seabreeze Pde and Walchs Rd. You may or may not see someone practicing their wheelies over there sometimes ;)