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Your favourite movie scene ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. #1 Mickyb V9, Jun 24, 2006
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    Looking around youtube, I found one of my favourite movie segments.

    It has to be one of the classics with so many one liners !! :LOL:


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    As soon as i read "Your favourite movie scene" i knew it had to be Full Metal Jacket - BEST movie ever!!!!!!!
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    Hmmm....fav movie scene...so many to choose from...
    Motorcycle point of view:
    Steve McQueen on the bike in The Great Escape.

    Mickey Rourke on his Black Death chopper in the opening scenes of Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. (with ZZ Top playing Wanted: Dead or Alive) And the last 60 seconds when he rides off from the rodeo. :LOL:

    Many bike scenes in Stone.

    The chopper chase scene thru traffic in Stone Cold.
    Not a bad movie until it went all "Hollywood" for the last 15 minutes.

    Mad Max:
    Jim the Goose jumping on his bike and burning out of the cafe car park.
    Jim the Goose screaming along the country road on his silver pursuit bike.

    The opening scenes of Silver Dream Racer.

    James Caan chasing a guy thru the streets on a trials bike in Freebie and the Bean.
  5. #5 Kraven, Jun 25, 2006
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    There are waaay too many to put up here but one that makes me laugh everytime i see it is this one (Second half of the clip is the funny stuff)

  6. Ludicrous speed scene from spaceballs!
  7. #7 Mik84, Jun 25, 2006
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  8. Rutger Hauer's death scene in the rain on the roof of the building in Bladerunner. Nothing comes close for dialogue or pathos......
  9. #9 jbray, Jun 25, 2006
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    Would have to be the all-out, in-the-street shooting scene in "Heat", where it's Al Pacino's crew (Police), versus Robert De Niro's crew (bad guys)with automatic weapons, shooting everything up in site. Watched many many times. The surround sound is done to perfection on the DVD. A must see with a decent home theatre setup if you haven't seen it!

    Ah, here's a link:
    That sound in the background is great, first time I think that was used in a movie, have heard it in lots of stuff since. A great movie generally as well.
  10. Hehe, that's great. I haven't actually seen it. Will have to watch now I think!
  11. Tooooo many to list, but one that i've always liked from book to movie;
    A Time to Kill (movie in 96 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117913/ )

    The end courtroom speach...
    "Now imagine, she's white."

    Truely powerful...
  12. My all time favorite, is from Indiania Jones: Temple of Doom, the temple scene where the Thuggee priest is sacrificing some extra (by ripping his heart out).
    And then Willie Scott (played by Kate Capshaw) is put in the cage (with her white almost see through outfit) and sent down into the pit of lava.

    I was about 12 or 13 when my dad took me to the cinemas to see this movie. All the things a young boy needs to know about life
    Death by torture, sacraficed virgins, and heros that save the day. How I wantted to be Indiana Jones.
  13. My all tive fav funny scene is the priest kicking martial art butt in BrainDead (one of Peter Jacksons early gore/splatter movies) SO SO FUNNY. Watched the movie at least 100 times and I still fall off whatever I am watching when that scene comes on from laughter.
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    This scene is representative for me of my shift in my relationship to bikes and riding : I first bought a scooter and loved to watch the first of these two gangs, but one day, watching this movie again, the roar of the other engines moved me in such a way, that I knew I'd crossed over to the other side.

  15. #15 FALCON-LORD, Jun 25, 2006
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    Great sequance, though the sequance near the end when the Pykies get there own back has more flare.

    Magnificent movie, magnificent scene. And when they get rid of the Schmultsy talk over and the Hollywood ending in the directors cut, it reall adds to the movie. Less is more and all that thing.
  16. The scene in 'gone in 60 seconds' where Cage steals 'Elanor' the Mustang. I could just sit there and listen to it without the pics, that sweet, sweet Mustang music.

    That and about 50 scenes from Dumb and Dumber :LOL:
  17. yeah i know its a chick flick

    the scene in Michelle and rommys high school reunion

    theyre watching "pretty woman" and the part where julia roberts goes to rodeo drive (i think ) and goes into a shop where the snobby girls wont help her.. their response...

    "poor julia they wont let her shop, boo hoo.. as if those girls arent more of a s&*T than she is"
    cruel but classic....
    :shock: :grin:
  18. LOL

    That like me with the movie Flying High !

    Doctor - We need to get this man to a hospital !
    Steward - A Hospital ! , what is it ?
    Doctor - Its a big building with patients, but that not important right now !

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Knock on the door in the first Transporter.
    Looks through the peephole and Jason Statham runs at it and kicks it in.
  20. I'll give my vote to Bladerunner. On the roof in the rain. That dialogue is pretty moving and the whole movie is well done too.