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Your favourite cafe/pub?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ned, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. We all have our favourite roads and destinations, however, I've been getting out and about lately and thought about how much I enjoy a particular cafe. While some riders may not be fussed where they eat/drink, I actually look forward to the establishments I have frequented in the past, but still willing to try new ones along my travels.

    One which tops my list isGinger Baker in Bright where I have enjoyed a perfect coffee every time along with a brekky of some description. Fireside dining is a drawcard especially in the cooler times, like last weekend. Friendly staff willing to have a chat, along with the great tasting, well presented food will keep me going back.

    Ginger Baker:
    coffee ging.

    So what are your fav places? Do you set out on a ride intending to eat/drink at that particular place? Do you travel a long way to get there? What is it, a cafe, a kebab, pizza shop? Or a good old fashioned pub? What draws you there, the coffee, quality of food, scenery perhaps?

    Share your thoughts......:) Feel free to post pics too (y)

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  2. The Butcher Shop Café at Mudgee in central NSW is one I've visited and enjoyed a number of times. I ordered at the counter and barely had time to seat myself outside before a strong latte and BLT were placed before me. The table I sat at had a bit of a wobble that the server noticed and chocked. The latte was strong as ordered and the BLT was everything it should be - bacon-y, lettuce-y and...you get the idea. _wheel__wheel_ also recommended the High Cube Café also at Mudgee which apparently has the same owners.

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  3. Cafe Bean, main street of Bunbury WA.
    Amazing coffe and an allday breakfast menu to die for (my favourite would be parmesan toast with crispy bacon)
    Great quick service
    Bike exclusive parking right out the front.
    What more could you ask for.
  4. Pie in the sky on the old pacific highway. Great roads and great pies.
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  5. Oh I am going to love this thread, nice one NedNed

    My list is so so so long, but my all time 'no one comes close to' favorite is the Mansfield Coffee Merchant.
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  6. Thanks for your input so far, if I'm ever near the ones you recommend I'd be keen to try them some time :)
  7. I will put a vote in for The Flying Tart between King Lake and King Lake West. Out on its veranda is a nice spot to eat. Their coffee isn't to bad. Excellent baked goods.

    Definitely a vote for one of our members cafe's Piccolo Meccanico in Diamond Creek. The best coffee on that side of town.
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  8. New delights in Healesville!

    Munroes Burgers, they are delicious!

    We've tried four, the two chicken options (if in doubt, go the 'dirty bird') and two of the beef options and we plan on going back to try more. The trio of sides is amazing too.

    Check the website for the menu
    Monroe's Breakfast, Burgers, & Beers

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  9. What a mouth watering thread NedNed!
    The Sphinx rock cafe, Mt Burrell Northern NSW.
    Sphinx Rock Cafe – Licensed Cafe Restaurant in the heart of the Tweed Valley

    It's on a top Moto route, chilled atmosphere with live music on weekends, has great variety (incl lactose free, gluten free, vego, vegan if you're that way inclined.
    Moto friendly cause the owner / chef rides bikes :)

    Best chai lattes ever and you know the salads are fresh cause they grow them behind their own cafe!! :) Could also have to do something with having Nimbin just down the road... Lol
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  10. I always like the Cafe at Cudlee Creek in the adelaide hills. But I avoid it on busy days. The service gets to slow. Usually great coffee and nice food and a nice view. Last time there though, Eric got sick shortly after. Hope it's a one off.
  11. ooh thread revival, I missed this one back then.

    Favourite pub - well there'd be 2. Tumbarumba Hotel, no prizes for guessing where it is. The accommodation is basic but comfortable and affordable. The Farmers Home in Wagga does a good feed. The Astor in Albury does a good feed as well.

    Favourite cafe - that's not so easy. The General Store at Talbingo used to do a pretty damn good burger, I haven't been there for a feed for a few years though. There's a Kebab shop (Twin Town Pizza and Kebab) in Murrumburrah that's pretty good. The White Rose Cafe in Temora used to be pretty good, haven't been there for a while either though.

    One to avoid though, sadly, is the Niagara Cafe in Gundagai. It used to be brilliant. But I stopped in there for a coffee last year and it was disgusting, I ended up tipping it out on the side of the road, and the service was abysmal.

    Oh if you're in Wagga and you like souvlaki, Marks Fish and Chip shop on Gurwood St is the place to go, and they do chunky chips.
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  12. Pip's Place. North Richmond NSW
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  13. #14 Rus Ler, Sep 20, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
    Where does a fat bugga who luvs food start, Bright Brewery is fantastic, Bright Brewery | Mountain Crafted Beer | Bright might also have something to do with 14 craft beers on tap :hungry::hungry:

    I also frequent the Rib Cage in Albury when visiting my son http://www.theribcage.com.au, great burgers
    Unfortunately, they are both 600 kms from home.

    Closer to home and within an easy ride is Cafe 109 in Dunkeld where the coffee is made with love (my niece works there - I should inquire less into her love life if she's preparing my food :eek:)https://m.facebook.com/Cafe-109-132686366817805/
    The Black Panther cafe in Halls Gap is also frequented when up that way, at these last two I generally have fantastic company and scintillating conversation and of course great riding
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  14. The Rib Cage in Albury ????
    Either you were there on a good day, or I was there on a bad day.
    It was so bad I went out to dinner again the next night to a different joint to relive what should have been a nice evening the first time.
  15. Been there a number of times and its fantastic - burgers were great, and you get a bowl of peanut on arrival
  16. Fresh Cafe at Seven Hills, highly recommend you try the SibiSibi Slice or the bacon, egg and avo brekkie rolls. the coffees are awesome too!
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  17. I will have to try that!

    Me and MarmiteMarmite 's favourite spot at the moment - Tractor 828 , 828 Sackville Rd, Ebenezer NSW 2756. What makes it especially good is the ride to get there.

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  18. This thread sat idle for just on a year, I thought it was wasted, so thankyou for the revival with your recommendations and the excellent photos!! Whenever I am in those areas, I will be sure to look out for them, seeing they are coming highly recommended by yourselves:playful:

    As for the NSW entries, yes, I've been saying it for some time now, but I will be heading that way at the earliest opportunity, no doubt sampling your top picks while I'm there. Not only the food, but the roads too:woot:

    Keep them coming peeps, you're doing a great job (y).
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