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Your favourite android / apple apps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 12RS, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I'm really getting into TuneIn radio for my rides to work and back and installed the pro version so I can record long sets so I don't waste data later. I especially like Soma FM to mellow me out in the traffic.

    Usually better in 4G areas though or at home is your bandwith is good.

    What apps do you freqently use?

  2. Tapatalk. ...and snooker
  3. Beer and Bullshit.
  4. Tapatalk
    Rain Alarm Pro
    Andriod Speedometer
    Angry frikkin Birds & seasons & space
    Redbull TV
    (Police) Scanner lol
  5. Tunein Radio, Tapatalk, Weatherzone plus, Words with Friends, The Age, ABC, Foodspotting, Facebook. Just discovered Flipboard and loving it.
  6. HEHE , love the scanner - I went for a feedback loop at one stage (dont ask)

    G-strings ,guitar tuner
    Anything Voip related ,sipphone ,3cx

    Stick stunt biker - may only be iPhone - dont worry i dont buy Iproduct . i do run a server to grab .shsh blobs

    id rather hack the hell out of, and unlock phones then use one like a normal person. its why i own a crappy phone
  7. Dunno about favorite but Apples new Podcast app is a piece of shit...
  8. I use "SportsTracker" when I go out for a decent ride.

    It records your waypoints, and overlays them with googlemaps, so you can see the roads you took, the distance and duration of the ride.

    It records your speed, but not very accurately.
  9. I use Downcast for Podcasts


    Pocket Weather
    Words With Friends
    Alien Blue (Reddit Browser)
    F1 Timing App (most expensive App I've ever bought but is awesome on the ipad)

    *these are all IOS btw
  10. Google Maps...
  11. Why not Apple Maps? :p I heard they're awesome. :rofl:

    I've got a few faves

    TuneIn Radio
    Ministry Of Sound Radio
    Photoshop Express
    Sony Media Remote (allows me to control my TV. Brilliant)
  12. Astrid Tasks (to do lists and reminders)
    Money Wise (budgeting tool)
    Bump (bluetooth file transfer system)
    TripView Lite (train/bus schedule thingie)
    Shazam (music finder)
  13. Donkeys and Ladyboys
  14. HELPFUL TIP OF THE DAY: Do not google that!
  15. Got it! Awesome app.

    Now, all I have to do is figure out how the hell to use it on my bike. I need to figure out how to mount the phone somewhere.... sigh.
  16. Have a look here mate Search Results for phone > 650 V-Star Classic > Yamaha you might luck out and find something that'll work

  17. Heck no - that'd take me away from time on my bike :rofl:

    But if i ever venture to Vic, you can buy me a coffee or a beer - depending on what licence I've got by then :p