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Your fantasy road safety ad campaign

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. OK, so you win one of those stupidly lucrative American lotteries for 300 mil or whatever. You have all the bikes, boats, houses, helicopters and whatever you could ever dream of. You decide to use some of your largesse to run your own series of TV road safety ads to help out other riders, and cost is no object.

    What do your ads focus on? What do they look like?
  2. I'd build a public/private racetrack, somewhat close to the city. It'd have lots of run-off. About 10-12kms long, well surfaced, with lots of different types of corners.

    I'd charge people $2/lap, probably achieved using transponders. Open sessions during the week. Graded sessions during the weekend for safety (once again - using the transponders to assess people's grade). Bikes must be road registerable. No race bikes.

    The track would therefore be self-funding, and a place on which people can practise their cornering and riding skills in safety. Would be open during daylight hours, with an ambulance on-call.

    I'd have some riding trainers on site to help people with the finer points of bike control. A trainer's time can be hired out for around $40/hr.

    All riders would have to undergo a public road safety training course and pass a series of graded tests to earn a license to use the track and increase their riding grade.

    I'd advertise it as a rider training and road-craft training center. Riders would flock to it to make use of the facilities, and in the process they'd get advanced rider training and be subjected to a reasonable amount of educational culture on safe road riding before they can hit the track and have their fun.
  3. $2 a lap? I'd never leave..

    Granted I'd only go through a few dollars a day, but still :LOL:
  4. I like the track idea, but I'd also install a high speed test track so drivers/riders can get that "how fast can my bike/car go" out of their system (relatively) safely. An inbuilt speed measuring device would also eliminate arguments over speedo (in)accuracy.
    I'd also put in a large flat paved area so knobheads in VL Commodes can get the "look how fooly sik my car is 'cause it can make one of the skinny, gripless, retread tyres on the back end spin" out of their system.
  5. haha yeah awsome idea
  6. stu, that would be freakin AWESOME!!! good work!

    add campagne? id run a campagne putting the human element back into motorcycling. similar to the old doug mulray adds, but with no famous people. and if i was stinking filthy rich, i'd run an add every add break for the next 50 years.

    riders are humans too. watch out for bikes on the road.
  7. Definitely a great set of suggestions. Something that would improve the skills of a lot of riders very quickly. But perhaps half or a bit more of crashes are single vehicle, where the other half are caused by other road users. I think JD included the drivers (although a separate track for open sessions might be nice), but what about road safety adverts specifically?

    I'll kick in a few examples.
  8. 1. Two people are in a car. A bike splits past and the driver has a whinge about 'illegal' and 'not waiting their turn'. A passenger calmly points out that it's legal and that every bike that splits through reduces traffic congestion, and the driver sees the point.

    2. Something about safe lane changes that reinforces indicating early, shoulder checks and the 'look bike' message. Maybe emphasising 'not all vehicles move at the same speed'.

    (since these are privately funded we can deal with reality rather than be bound to the speeding message)

    3. Something about tailgating.

    4. Even more 'look twice, look bike' type ads: "before you pull out from the side of the road or a side road, are you *sure* there's not a bike coming?"

    5. Something about appropriate and inappropriate places for U-turns.

    6. A massive 'keep left unless overtaking, everywhere' campaign that includes the notion of *not* creating a moving roadblock by sitting right beside a vehicle in another lane.

    7. (and probably most important) A campaign about courtesy and unslefishness and how it actually makes your own life on the road better, safer, quicker and more enjoyable if you think of others and be courteous.
  9. And let's add "Cyclists, yes, the road rules apply to you too".
  10. I'd buy my own island and refuse to let all the idiots in. If an idiot did anything nasty to a bike on my island they'd be sent back to the mainland.

    Just as well I'm happy being alone. :)
  11. My ad would have a the ubiquitous slow-moving vehicle hogging the right lane to the tune of "I'm An A$$hole"

    Part of the song (for those who don't know/remember)

    "I drive really slow in the ultra-fast lane
    While people behind me are going insane
    Coz I'm an a$$hole ......"


    (with apologies for the American spelling)
  12. advertising campaign

    I think to reduce the numbers of riders put at risk by women who don't see them as real people that a series of ads should be aired using desirably bodied young men that I interview wearing nothing but helmets.
  13. Specifically to combat cager road rage:

    The ad starts with a teenage girl (16-18) kissing her dad goodbye as she runs out the door. They clearly have a good relationship and love each other very much.

    Cut to father driving the family 4WD, waiting at front of traffic lights. Bike with pillion filters up to the front and waits in front of father. Father is visibly upset about bike “pushing inâ€. Maybe comments to his wife or friend in passenger seat?

    Cut to bike moving through slow moving traffic, changing lanes often, but sensibly. Father is following determinedly, with a mind to give the “bikers†a scare.

    Cut to scene of accident, police and ambulance personnel have arrived, father is visibly shaken as he tries to explain to police how and why he ran the bike off the road.

    Cut to ambulance personnel removing pillion’s helmet and revealing a teenage girl. Father recognises his daughter and falls apart.

    End with suitable message about road rage and attitude toward riders.

    Doesn’t need to be graphic in nature to make the point.
  14. Run an ad something similar to what they had in the UK: A guy stopped at an intersection, has a quick look and pulls out. Next thing- he's T-boned by a bike that he pulled out in front of... with a suitable caption highlighting how this could be avoided.
  15. Thats actually a great idea. I have noticed myself its the people who love someone who rides (motorcycles or pushbikes) who suddenly become much better advocates for safety than we are. :)
  16. There actually may be an Australian version of this ad coming out later this year.
  17. That would make for an excellent add!

    You should really consider submitting that idea to the TAC and see if they will run an add for it.

    I've got shivers down my spine from picturing it...
  18. +2 on NFAT's +1. That's fcuking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Is that the "How close does a motorcycle have to be before you see it" ad? That's effective however it has one little problem... the first sequence of the driver looking right doesn't actually have a bike in shot at any point! When they run the sequence in slow-mo the second time there is a bike in shot; they're two different bits of film! Have a look at the Youtube one and you'll see.

    I loved that ad until I figured this out. Any non-bikers who see it and figure out the same thing will almost certainly discard the message or worse, think it's simply not true.
  20. Oh, I definitely like this one...