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Your experiences req'd - Bikers hit from behind [aus]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Post up your crash experience, when, where, approximate time, insurance involvement, police involvement, outcome etc, where you've been hit from behind by another vehicle.

    First hand experiences are best.

    There's a clear perception that motorcyclists are overstating the dangers of riding in peak hour or busy roads.

    Let's leave discussion of filtering out of this thread... it's a given, we all think it has inherent safety and logistical benefits in busy traffic.

    Please share.
  2. Hit from behind on a saturday ride by a old asian dude in a gold daewoo matiz.

    Fitlered to the front, he was reading the paper, lights went green and he accelerated hard and didnt even see me.

    I ended up lying sideways on his bonnet, in first, still astride the bike, slipping the clutch i sort of slid my way off the bonnet and landed on 2 wheels and rode into the servo over the road.

    no damage to the bike, no real damage to me, no damage to the car, the guy was shitting himself, but i chalked that one down to experience and called it even.

    be loud, be seen
  3. Yep, happened to me just outside my office, small ramp down on to Epping Road in North Ryde. It is a nasty junction at the best of times, you can only clearly see what is coming when you are at the stop line. Car in front of me pulled out, I moved forward and had to stop because there was a bus hammering down the left lane, car behind me could only see the other two lanes that were clear so thought I was going. I was so lucky that I had the front brake on hard otherwise I could easily have been pushed out in front of the bus. Bike ended up wedged on the front of the car, its bumper between my rear wheel and tail, reckon I could have got off the bike and it would have stayed there. Guy had to back the car off before I could even move.

    Was not much damage to the bike, just snapped the end of the tail off (the painted part where the rear light is, not sure what the tech term is for that). Anyway, did not even pursue it as this was just after I had lowsided the bike a couple of weeks before and was just waiting for the assessor to look at it and write it off, which they did, so no point pursuing it further.

    Scaring experience, especially when it dawned on me what could have happened here.

  4. ouch

    A couple of years ago I was riding in two-laned traffic at the top end of Crown Street Wollongong. The particular piece of road was level, and between two closely-spaced sets of traffic lights. Weather was fine and sunny.

    I was stopped behind a car when I heard a revving of a motor behind me, consistent (in retrospect) with a car accellerating off the set of lights behind me. Next thing I knew I was hit from behind.

    I was pushed into the car in front, and the rear wheel/Ventura Rack/etc of the bike was wedged into the plastic bumper bar of the Mazda van that had hit me, so tightly that the bike was not able to fall over completely, but was lying over at about a 45 degree angle. I was thrown to the ground but uninjured.

    Since both vehicles were driveable, I exchanged details with the driver (who asked if it would be alright if he said that his father (who wasn't present) was driving)! I assured it woud not be alright and that the Police WOULD be called if he persisted with that course of action.

    The bike was repaired under insurance (WBQE) and I can only assume that he (or his father :roll:) paid the excess, because I didn't. The repair was a drama, parts unavailable, etc, but that's outside the requirements of this thread.
  5. Pics or it didn't happen.
  6. I got rearended at a stop sign waiting for traffic on the through road to clear. A woman in her 50s apparently saw me but failed to stop in time. She gave me a big shunt from behind pushing me forwards, luckily it wasnt hard enough to push me into the oncoming traffic. I ended up lying on the road jsut past the line protected by parked cars, lucky the kerbside lane wasnt for traffic.
  7. Do you have to be hit?
    Twice in 20 years, I've been sitting in middle of stationary traffic cage-style, at the tail end of a queue, and seen a car coming straight at me with no chance of stopping. Both times I pulled between the rows and the car smacked into the car that had been in front of me. Not hard enough to injure the drivers but hard enough to disable both cars (or squash me to a pancake!)
    First time was Punt Road southbound, peak hour evening about ten years ago. Since I wasn't hit and nobody was hurt, I didn't hang around.
    Second time was Pascoe Vale Road, Saturday afternoon maybe five years ago. Not so many cars around (three in front of me at the lights). I spotted him early and eased to the far left of the road, placing a couple of cars between us. Culprit appeared to my eyes to be drunk, I hung around but the cops reckoned they didn't need any more witnesses (had half a dozen others).
    The almost-daily blind lane-changers I don't even think about as I avoid them.
    Realistically Rob, if you haven't managed to avoid them, you may not be here to give evidence.
  8. it was pretty damn impressive... the whole time i kept as much of the bike from scratching with my knee (silly when i think of it now) and kept it from stalling. i actually was on the bonnet revving the engine and beeping the horn because i dont think he knew to stop at first... didnt stall it either :grin:

    if you see a gold matiz....run
  9. Don't know if you want this in here as it didn't happen to me but I saw it happen.

    In brisbane I was leaving work took a right and saw a commodore run up the arse of a vfr800. He was going to fast and did a decent lock - mostly bald tyres to. Rider came off to the side and hit the car next to him (I think an accord) put a decent dent in the door.

    The lady in that car was rediculously organised (she was a lawyer so explains a little) got the details off the rider and bogan and gave them to each party including her details. She went on her way. Bogan took his front bumper and left.

    I stayed with the rider, went around the corner to check out the bike a bit, Put on centre stand and the rear wheel was out a bit could see it moving from side to side spinning.

    He was fine. Sat with him while he did his insurance claim and got him water etc to make sure he was fine.

    Don't know the result in the end, but he ended up riding home as the bike rode relatively well.
  10. Titus fair point.

    I think any stories shared here will be only be the tip or top of iceberg. Filterers by default avoid these collisions and NR doesn't have total motorcycle user penetration. I personally know one person smacked from behind and sent to hospital and at least two who share the "splitted outa harms way in the last second" story just like yours.

    Still... in less than an hour 5 stories is a pretty fair response for something that cyclists consider as being utter mythology.
  11. Slowed to almost stop to give way to pedestrians at ped crossing. Taxi came around the corner, skidded and hit me from behind at about 10-15kms/hr.

    Bent exhaust my exhaust, but that's it as I kept the bike upright. The Taxi guy argued that he didn't hit me. It wasn't until I lined up the scratch on the front of his car to my bent exhaust, then started raising my voice that he conceded that he had hit me.

    Police didn't want to know about it. Collected the Taxi info and called the insurance company. They started chasing him, he told them that I backed into him. They said that because he was disputing it that I would have to pay my excess, chances are that I would not get it back. I told them to sod off.
  12. Hmm, is it just me or does this story not add up??! A Matiz accelerated hard and hit you? Reckon you must have dozed off.
  13. Hell yeah, sounds it. Impressive, and hilarious! Was it on the Kato and did you dent and scratch the fcuk out of his bonnet?
  14. I think I see the case you're working towards, and I think it already exists.
    Looking at statistics about road casualties, in particular those involving vulnerable road users colliding with cars etc., it is immediately obvious who is safer and who is more exposed. There is a prima facie case supporting safe space for cyclists in relation to cars. But they aren't the only vulnerable group (or even the most vulnerable).

    That it? or am I making my own agenda?[/i]
  15. Yes and No. I am genuinely curious about the prevalency of this specific kind of collision.

    I'd say 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 times that I'm out in peak hour traffic, I see drivers exchanging details from nose to tail incidents... how many times is there an MC in the sandwich?
  16. odds are not often, simply not many bikes out compared to cars. and bikes have the splitting ability which cars dont. meh.

    Its a pretty average feeling, sitting in the car watching the idiot scream up behind you in the mirror, knowing that you have nowhere to go, sit back and wait for him to hit you...
  17. I'm number two in a traffic queue. Lights go green, the car in front doesn't take off, but the one behind me does - straight into me.

    It was just a small bump so there wasn't any damage at all. The driver gave details and the like, even though I insisted that it wasn't necessary. Left it at that.
  18. Southbound on Punt Road with a pillion on F1 race day 2009, at about 2pm I guess. Just before the race was about to start anyway. Fine day with excellent visibility.

    I crossed an intersection and moved to the left of the lane second from left, basically on the white line. I was considering splitting through, but there wasn't enough room, so I stopped three quarters of a car length behind the car in front.

    Some idiot behind me decided to dash across the intersection as the lights went amber, then realised that the traffic ahead was stopped, hit the anchors and slide to a stop to my right, just before hitting the car in front of me. My pillion had had to pull her knee in hard against the bike, to avoid being hit by the idiots mirror.

    Needless to say, had I stopped in the middle of the lane we would have been hit, although there is some chance the idiot wouldn't have tried the dash if I had stopped well back and owned my lane.

    I agree that many of these incidents are avoided, and many that aren't avoided aren't reported, as they are "minor". After all, everyone who hits someone from behind knows that both the Police and the insurance companies will assign 100% blame on them, and so many people who rear end other vehicles try to settle privately.
  19. hehe i said he accelerated hard... he wasnt going neccisarily fast at the point of impact ill give you that.

    i was a little slow off the line to be honest, was in first took off a bit slugish as i was waiting for my mate to catch up (he was filtering at the time still)

    needless to say theese days i sure as hell let everyone in the next suburb know im infront of them, and take off a bit quicker

    that was a couple years ago on my little accross.

    Never did anyone pull out on me when i was riding the 800!!! :twisted:

    loud pipes save lives i guess
  20. I always filter to the front, I sit between the cars. so that if they do accelerate it wont be over the top of me, I then sit there in gear and with the clutch in, If any one comes up behind me and doesnt look like stopping, I just drop the clutch and move off out of harms way. I also watch in my mirrors the clods coming up behind me. has saved me quite a few times.
    Grabbing the brake and waiting for a car to hit you is sheer madness. you are the one that is going to get injured, car versus bike, the car wins every time.