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Your "essentials"

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Tas man, May 17, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure how many others out there carry a few basic tools in the hope of getting the out of trouble should the need arise, but I do.

    I carry:
    Tyre pressure gauge
    Plastic tie straps
    Tie wire
    "single shot" wd40 blob
    Electrical tape

    I plan on adding some tyre plugs and a mini compressor to my kit. At this stage all the gear fits under the seat of my Sprint GT. The tie wire assisted another rider in a group ride I took part in a month or so ago when we had to jury rig a fix for a failed hose clamp to keep him mobile.

    In my opinion a good maintenance program is invaluable, but there are times when things just go wrong. Thats life.

    So what do you carry for road spares? Obviously off road needs are different... Anything you've found particularly useful? And I don't mean roadside assistance membership - I've got that too as extra insurance.
  2. Being completely honest, right now I carry around whatever the manufacturer put under my seat. But I always have my phone and wallet which has the capability to get me out of 99% of the problems I would expect to live through.
  3. How does a "single shot" wd40 blob work?

    Can you buy these or is it a big can of wd40 with only one shot left?

    Genuine question as once on my old Street Triple the fuel cap lock seized, had to but a whole can from apetrol station just to open the flipping thing. If WD40 make a one shot version I would think about carrying that around under the seat.

    Back to your question, I used to carry a puncture repair kit (size of a matchbox) and a multi- size allen key tool and a pair of safety goggles (to wear in case I got caught out and had to ride at night - as I use a dark tinted visor).
  4. You can get compact cans of WD40, and chainlube, both of which are great space savers.

    What do I carry?
    OEM toolkit.
    Leatherman Wave
    Chainlube, sometimes.

    phone, credit card, license...

    Depends how far from home I'm going. On the Cairns trip, I had a puncture repair kit, a large flatblade, 12" shifter, Small can chainlube, small can WD40, several occy straps and a small LED torch. If I was going to do the gunbarrel highway, I'd be on a different bike and carry a lot more stuff, like 20 litres of water, spare tubes and tyres and an Eperb, at least 1 spare masterlink, probably 3, maybe a whole spare chain, and possibly a big first aid kit.

    PS - don't ask what the wife can't do without. I don't want to do that much typing.
  5. I ride a Honda, I carry no tools

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  6. They are a little plastic "ampule" with a rear off top. Just enough to get the job done, not too big tat it takes up much space.
  7. What on earth is the gunbarrel highway? That sounds badarse enough to be from Mad Max or something
  8. It is. You want remote, true outback, it doesn't get any more fair dinkum than this.

    The Paris Dakar is an organised event, with teams, race officials and rescue crews if things go wrong. The gunbarrel is a just a piece of road in the middle of nowhere. If you break your leg there and can't get back on the bike, you'll die there. And yes, it has been travelled by motorcycle, many times. Not all of them made it.

    Out there, you really are dependant on yourself, because there is nobody else. It's a simple enough concept to put into words, but words don't convey just how life-&-death important it is. It's a bit like Scott in the Antarctic, waiting for rescue. Or Burke & wills. There will be no rescue. It's up to you.

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