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Your embarrassing'ness during your test/s

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone did something embarrassing during their test, perhaps dropped the bike, popped a wheelie and stacked by accident. etc.

    Well this has stuck with me since I did my L's practical, and because I never did the course before, I had no idea what to expect.

    So the instructor was actually telling us how easy it is to go around in circles, then as I was called to go first, I went around in circles, the same as the instructor did. I was wondering why he kept saying 'ok, off you go' during my circle work, I was thinking wtf, you wanted me to do this, right? I was lost!

    but he wanted me to ride up, do a right hand turn and weave through cones, and return to the end of the line.

    he was surprised I could even do circle work, so was I

    I know its a stupid thing to feel "embarrassed" over, but it alway haunts me lol.

    I was not switched on at all.

    now i've shared mine, now share me yours. :p
  2. Didnt do anything embarrassing on motorcycle tests but my pilots license test is one that will stick with me for the rest of my life!

    Perfect day for a test, studied my ass off and was keen as mustard to get out there and show the tester what I could do.

    Was a little bit jittery at first, my voice stuttering and breaking during radio calls a bit of exessive use of the throttle. Nothing too bad tho.

    I taxied to the start of the runway and held my position and gave a call to the tower to let em know i was ready to line up on runway 17 left. They replied back "ahhhh, where are you?"

    I said "Ready runway 17 left!"

    Tower said "No youre not!"

    My instructor was quietly giggling. Me none the wiser.

    Tower said " Ah, there you are.....youve taxied to the wrong end of the runway!!!"

    I then got this sensation as if someone had thrown a bucket of boiling hot water over my face! :oops:

    My tester said to me "shall we try again at the other end??" whilst trying not to laugh. Prick. He knew the WHOLE TIME what i was doing. But i guess thats his job.

    There was also a few comical remarks made over the radio shortly after by some unidentified pilots listening in.

    But I passed so who gives a fu$#. :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Talking about embarrassed under pressure, my flight instructor organised a fly over to land on the non duty runway at Moorabbin... he unplugged my headset, asked the tower to make the call, then the tower responded to my inbound call with the change in runway instructions.

    WTF??? I utterly cracked under the minor pressure of doing something slightly different. While my instructor watched on, I made a crap radio call back, didn't hold 1000 ft at all once I got into the circuit - was 600' on base, cut corners, the only good thing was the final approach... finally I was doing something I recognised. LOL. Up until that flyover, I was a pretty decent student.

    On my second solo flight, I was holding for a guy doing circuits who was on final approach. He had lined up the east west runways, rather than the duty N-S ones... Pilot put in his final approach call. Tower says -

    "(call sign) are you sure you're on final for 17 right?"
    "Er no you're not",
    "I'm not!?(rising inflection)"... the plane adopted a very shaky body language.
    Tower says, "(callsign) Cross winds are X kts, you're cleared to land on the XY left if required"
    ... silence...
    Tower says, "(Call sign) Moorabbin Tower"... "(Call sign) Moorabbin Tower"... no response.
    The plane is now fuffing around on a kind of final, not committing to a landing, not going around... I'm sending out mental telepathy to this guy... and watching the minutes tick by... then tower says:
    "(call sign) Moorabbin Tower, go around"
    ... in a rush of squeaky words the pilot says, "(call sign) going around" and proceeded to drag the planes arse back into the circuit in less than spectacular fashion... poor bugger! He then put in a call for landing next circuit. LOL

    On cracking under no pressure... I pulled into the garage after a loooooong ride and just sat on the bike, feet down while I breathed a sigh of relief and collected my thoughts... then I dismounted... I hadn't put the stand down. :facepalm:... luckily the bike fell gently onto a pile of rags. :oops:
  4. i only did 1 embarrasing thing during my riding test:
    for the P's test, I rode to the examination place on my Cb250 with every intention of doing the test on my own bike - I figure saves me having to get used to a different clutch etc. plus, I know how to get MY cb250 in neutral (they're buggers for that...)

    anyway sitting in class, we're about to head out for the first practical. instructor says 'ok we have scooters, trail bikes & cibby's people can use. Unless of course you were stupid enough to want to do your test on your own bike, which will be embarrasing if you drop it. No-one here's that stupid are they?'

    I raise my hand & say "i'm that stupid thanks"

    instructor laughs.
  5. Rob that brings back memories of my second solo flight. The $#@%# did a runway change as i was on downwind. Had never done one before. Youre right tho, the second something doesnt go EXACTLY as you have been trained to do, it all goes to shit.

    I think i ended up somewhere over brighton during this direction change before i summoned the guts to put out the "request further instructions" call.

    Ive heard plenty of student pilots over the radios getting a bit stressed out. It sucks. You can hear in the tone of their voice that they are completely overwhelmed and would give ANYTHING to be back on terra firma. Then you think back.....that was me once upon a time! hehe
  6. I was a slow rider during my Ls course, but not because I couldn't go faster, because there was always someone too close in front of me. My instructor kept thinking that I was just not confident so he kept making the throttle action signal at me. So coming out of the corner I yanked it for all it was worth and popped a little wheelie :rofl: Wasn't embarrassing though, he loved it.

    Then in my Ps test, during the practice I nailed the test every single time, and was very overconfident. Then in the actual test I wasn't concentrating as I'd done it perfectly every time before, and I touched both insides of the uturn bay! 8 points! But it was ok as I realised my error and concentrated for the test of the test :grin:
  7. When practising drills for my P's I was on a bike different to my own, so the brakes clutch seating position all felt different & wrong. We were doing e-brakes & I was plodding along & doing fine but still felt like I wasnt pinching in as hard or as pulling up as fast I normally could on my own. So on one of my goes I decided to give a little more acceleration & a little more crunch to the front brake which resulted in me lifting the rear wheel & thinking "WTF is this strange sensation?" as I pulled my first stoppie & then just fell off!!
  8. one of the guy's in our group finished the course with no points accumulated..

    He got to the end and was told he did the cone weave the wrong way around..

    the instructor failed him..

  9. My embarrassing moment was during my P test. It was raining and it was wet. I did everything perfectly until it came to emergency stop. I was going 30km/h and I did a stoppie, and while I was doing it I locked up my front wheel. the bike fell on my leg and I held it up at 45 degrees. While I was trying getting it back up the instructor walked over and failed me.

    I repeated the test following week, this time in the wet. I pulled a stoppie again, but this time I got a big applause from everyone and passed. Good times! :)
  10. On my P's test during the emergency swerve I had a "Brain fart" coming down the runway. Instead of riding through the first set of cones my brain at the last second said "go round them" so, I swerved straight over the top of the first cone sending it flying.

    I dropped my head certain it was an instant failure, but the instructor came over and said because I'd turned early I could have another crack.

    Passed, felt like a loser though.
  11. My big blunder was doing a practice flaps up landing with a tail wind...floated forever and never did end up touching down, before I had to power up and go 'round...
    Flew over the top, checked the wind sock, and in the time it tool me to join the circuit/downwind/finals etc, the bloody wind had changed!!
  12. Just about dropped the bike during my licence test.

    I had practiced and practiced the slow ride task (about a 20m long ride between 2 lines 1 foot apart at walking pace) about a hundred times and had it down pretty well.
    When the time came for the test I got the wobbles up pretty bad (I didn't keep my head up) but was so determined not to put my feet down that I did a 90 degree turn out of the lines to the right and then the bike started to fall over.
    I "almost" had to let it go and step off it but I caught it at the last second. Phew! Rather embarrassing in front of 10 other people.

    I still passed the overall licence test though.

    Another when I was doing my pilots licence. Two of us took out 2 aircraft (PA28's I think) from the flying school at Parafield to do some stooging around over in the training area there.
    After we were done we headed back in and I put in an inbound call to the tower and then continued my approach.
    I did a perfect approach and landing and rolled off the runway, beautiful, only to hear the tower ask me over the radio for all and sundry to hear "(callsign XYZ) Where did you get your clearnce to land from, because I didn't give you one"
    Freaken Oooops!!!! ....... I forgot totally about doing ANY calls after my initial inbound call.....
  13. P's test.

    Woke up 6am morning of the P's test.... and found my rear calliper had shat itself over night.. brake fluid everywhere :cry: Went and did the p's test with nil rear brake.
    Came time to do the test and in the emergency brake section.. there was a bit of loose gravel (nothing major like sand where the surface had been worn away with constant emergency braking manouvers). Came in at 30kph full front lock slid and recovered... just... all will power holding it up off the ground!!, didn't drop it, got a smattering of applause from the other guys on the test and a gruff you're ****ing lucky you didn't drop it from the guy testing me.

    Lost no points and passed with flying colours (the tester didn't know I had no rear brake).

    But my face was burning
  14. :LOL: when my girlfriend was going for her L's, she ended up having the same instructor that i had when i did my L's.

    She was regaling the class with stories about my accidents (car uturn and falling over while negotiating a roundabout due to non-existant tyre pressures from the dealer) and he says "sounds like your boyfriend's had a bit of trouble with riding"

    to which she replies "well you taught him!"... the whole class then burst out into fits of laughter...
  15. Embarrassing isn't the word :oops: ,

    During my L's test while doing cirlce work, the instructer indicated to come back to centre and kill the bike.
    Yep I killed the bike. Well sort of, I got to the instructor, almost ran over him, grabed a handful of front brake and down I went :oops:. He picked up bike and said " Well lou what did you do wrong"? and all that came out of my month was "F**k knows" :oops: . He made me do the rest of test with only half a clutch lever. :shock: But hay I past.

    And when I went back the 2nd time before L's expired, all he could say, was OH NO!!! :LOL:, my responce, dont worry i want run over you this time. :LOL: .
  16. When I went for my P plates ( 1987 :oops: - showing my age ) I rode to the testing center in Port Melbourne in the pouring rain. Then I did my test in the pouring rain. I had no idea that my spiffy new gloves werent dye fast , so after about 4 hours of wiping my runny nose and wet face I was rather , er, black. :LOL: Of course no one said anything till I looked at my face in my mirror at a set of lights on the way home.
  17. When I was getting my license, the instructor was going over the concept of using the front brake. He pointed at a small skid mark on the ground and said "That there is why you don't pull the brake on as hard as you can. That was a guy last week - he flipped the bike". Poor basturd.

    I later nearly had a very slow collision with a parked Corolla when practising U-Turns - he commended my efforts for realising the problem and stopping beforehand. Apparently previous students have collided with over 20 cars in that car park up to that point. :p
  18. Ok I will admit it. I dropped my bike during my P's course.

    This is a long time ago now back in 95, it was in the morning (not during the test itself). When we were practicing figure of 8s and seeing how tight we could do it. I had actually done a lot of riding on my Ls and so was fairly confident and so was pushing the limit and just went too far. The instructor didn't care as he was of the thinking that it is better fall off safely and to know where the edge is than not know what you are capable of.

    The dropping of it caused a bit of an issue though as it wouldn''t restart. I rode one of their bikes for the skills test but got my bike going again during lunch so had it for the road test (though it was stalling and not starting off the electric start and so I had to push start it). During the road test almost got left behind as I stalled at lights and had to push start it across the intersection. I told the tester later (as we ended up a bit behind the group due to that) and he said that if I could do a running push start in traffic (where you run alongside the bike to get speed and jump on and let out the clutch to start it) that is a good sign and probably a better test of bike handling anyway.

    I ended up passing that day. :grin:
  19. I had a relatively trouble free test....which suprised me as my mind was on the hottie in front of me for most of the day :LOL:

    The final test was the emergency brake.....get up to 30k in third gear, then on the signal, brake as hard as you can while down changing to first..... I did it with tonnes of room to spare, and the instructor walked up and said "congratulations, you passed without losing a single point!"

    A rush of relief came over me and i took both hands off the handle bars......and consequently stalled the bike (still being in first gear).....needless to say i shit myself with embarrassment, but the instructor just laughed :)
  20. well since we're on the topic of flying.

    probably one of my worst was doing an aerobatics lesson after a fairly well done breakfast and wouldn't you know it, I farkn start feeling sick. So, bugger it, I'll open the window (Cessna 152) and just boff out the side. Little did I know in my drunken state of sickness, you REALLY have to stick your head out the side to make sure it all gets out. I didn't, boffed, out it goes, straight out of the window, and back in it comes, straight onto my shoulder. :). It was a couple of years ago but damn.

    Instructor just laughed.

    I find with flying you sort of just do lots of stupid little embarrassing things (broadcasting on wrong frequency, almost doing circuit on wrong runway). Not too often I stuff up big big.

    Bike wise, it's hard to beat revving the shit out of it in preparation to do a wheelie/burnout/drag to impress the hotties watching you, and then bam, you let out the clutch, chug forward 10 centimetres and stall. smooth slick.

    I've got my L's on wednesday. I'll let you all know if I make king dick out of myself :grin: