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Your embarrassing bike drops?! + got my P's Today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Silverrr3D, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Lets start a fun little thread about your most embarrassing bike drops or even a few of them.
    Some people don't like to talk about it but myself will admit to it and have a laugh later on.

    I'll start off by 2 of my most embarrassing or memorable:

    I had just started riding and thought i'd fang around the small back yard of my mums to try and learn. Bad mistake... I dropped my 09 kawasaki ninja 250r from pulling to much front brake and ended up having her crush my heel/ankle/foot. Turned purple and couldn't walk for a week. Luckily, the fairings were already busted from previous owner, I just hadn't replaced them yet!

    2. Hyosung GT650r, few weeks after purchase, I'm backing out of the carport when my boot slips on an oil spill from the mrs car, completely lose my footing and drop the bike onto the concrete, crushing my hand so i could stop as much scraps to the paint as possible. Mirror snapped in half, LED blinker exploded but sstill worked lol & minor paint scratches to the fairings.

    If you are game enough, post yours below!

    P.S just passed my p's test, 3 years until an r1!!
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  2. What! We have to wait three years to hear about embarrassing story about dropping brand new R1?
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  3. Not happened so far X fingers. Unless we go for a trip in the wayback machine.
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  4. By that time i would hope that i'm not going to ;) they are too precious
  5. I dropped my old gsxr 600 at a red light, coming to a stop and was about to put my feet down when the bike came to a stop quicker then expected because there was a small plank of wood that I didnt see and the bike toppled over. Landed on the toe I had broken earlier in the day to...
    Other drop was on my first bike a Hyosung GT250R had it on a wrong side of a incline and I hoped on and the bike just fell over as it was pretty much straight and not on any lean, broken indicator and rear brake lever.
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  6. Congrats on passing :)
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  7. Well done on passing!!
    Some people on NR (think they) are immune to dropping their bikes and will make out that you are leper-like for doing AND admitting it.
    For me learning that dropping my bike wasn't the end of my riding and world as I knew it was in fact a good thing for me.

    2 drops that will warm me during my upcoming dotage- in the driveway after having the bike for 4 days...grabbed the front brake like a life line when the bike had a giddyup wheeling the bike out of the garage and gravity did the rest for me..."neighbour" across the road just glanced at me, studiously ignored me and went on sweeping leaves...I was like a black bettle on my back trying to get out from under the bike and then I nearly birthed my bowels trying to lift the bloody bike up without a clue how to...I learnt how to very quickly after that.
    Bent the gear shifter to buggery as well but soon discovered a good whack with a shifter soon sorts that out ;)
    Next one was in front of the lycra brigade and about 100 bikers at Bald Hill...had my P s for about 3 weeks- down like a sack of shite after overbalancing on a downhill camber...leapt up like super woman, energetically lifted the bike up by myself only to realise I was on the wrong side of the friggin bike and the stand was on the other side...sheesh...! Luckily some lovely people I was riding with came to my rescue and I turned with a flourish and bowed to the bemused (?) onlookers...if I was a dog I would have liked to have licked my wounds furiously as I bruised my leg a beauty...it was so, so embarrassing in front of so many people. Thank god for bladder and bowel control though..it was a close thing :bag:
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  8. Congrats on the P's.

    Not a full drop, but was backing (walking) my heavy D'ohville back into its alcove in the garage, and in a tired stupor, leant it the wrong way away from its side stand side. Cue 250kg of fully fueled bike falling and pinning my hand against the garage wall. Couldn't move. Yelled for a while till Mrs came out and pulled bike off me.

    Thank heavens for double-brick 1940's houses as if it was a new plaster cavity wall the bike would have kept going through the wall, and onto a brand new tv.
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  9. It depends on your definition of 'dropping' your bike. Is 'dropping' the bike, different to falling off it?

    I've dropped various bikes over the years for various reasons, but mainly stupidity. Forgetting to put the side stand down, parking the bike on what you think is a hard surface only to watch as the side stand slowly sinks into the ground and the bike falls over. I've even pulled my bike over trying to get a recalcitrant bar end weight off.

    As for falling off bikes, well not counting dirt bikes (your supposed to fall off them), I've had 3 offs, all caused by my own stupidity.
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  10. "Pride cometh before a fall", what?

    That one has been added to the lexicon, thank you so much for this. Never underestimate how much I take phrases like this from others and pass them off as my own invention.
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  11. Thank you :)
  12. Cheers!

    Yeah, haven't had a public embarrassing moment like that happen yet except for missing gears which everybody does from time to time but i still can feel your pain. Glad ya okay tho
  13. Jesus, rip hand. Glad your okay.
    Hyo 650r's are like 220kg wet i think, lifting that was hard from a full drop so i can only imagine 250+ kgs
  14. mostly just dropping the bikes from a stationary postion on or off it, if i had a low side or a crash I'd state otherwise.
    bar weights can be bastards for sure!
    Almost dropped mine after taking the bike off the rear stand and forgetting about the side stand to be down first LOL
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  15. Spun out in a puddle of spilled diesel at a bowser one freezing cold night far from home on the Pantah. Managed to catch it after almost a full 360 to a cheer from the crowd and the servo PA system. No harm done and finished the ride incident free.
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  16. On L plates. After being followed around town by a police car for about 10 minutes I was wondering why they just didn’t hurry up and pull me over. I indicated right and slowed to take the turn and looked sharp left watching them continue straight past me. Of course it was a stupid thing to do. Bike dropped right out from under me very gently and I just stepped away from it. I was more embarrassed at the amount of people that stopped to assist resulting in me having to direct traffic and not get the opportunity to fix my own mess. I turned around to find two helpful young men had taken possession of the BlackBerri and moved it to the side of the road.

    Lesson learned? Always look where you want to go even if it’s an alien space craft descending upon you from behind.
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  17. Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS...

    1. I backed the bike out of the garage through a tight squeeze between garage door, the car parked outside, and the car parked in the other half of the duplex's driveway.
    2. This took the bike into some separating dirt between my driveway and driveway of the other half of the duplex.
    3. The entire rear tire sinks into the loose dirt. There is now a car both the the right and left of me and I am stuck in sinking dirt.
    4. Asked wife to move the parked car so I had room to get it out going forward.
    5. Gave it a "little" bit of throttle to get it over the edge...bike falls to the ground (211kg).
    6. Manage to lift the bike and get neighbour to move car so I can back out properly.

    Lesson learned...just move the stupid car behind the garage and avoid dirt like the plague. Now I have scratches on a bike that previously was pristine. Luckily it was only cosmetic damage.
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  18. First day ride tries - I'm in front of my house, I start the engine ready to go forward I stall and I slowly feel the bike pulling me down left I quickly put my feet down and hold the handle helping the bike slowly fall into the ground - all in slow motion - didn't damage anything!

    Ah I also did the same thing at my Ls course...!

    One month and a bit to my P's hopefully I get there gracefully! :)

    congrats to you!!
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  19. Cheers hemi.

    Goodluck on your P's, be clam and get your practice down and its cake.
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