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Your drinks stash...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. As this subforum is aptly called 'The Pub', I thought i would show you guys my alcohol stash at home...
    No, im not an alcoholic, otherwise they would all be empty :D!
    I also have a drinks fridge, and a fairly respectable store of cruisers and coolers (mrs messy), rekorderlig ciders, and soft drinks too.

    Go ahead and add yours!

  2. No Irish :-(
  3. Mine consists of non alcoholic beers. Teetotaller for 3 years now. Call me Captain Buzzkill.
  4. Impressive, but I have more, if not more variety.
  5. Not bad! I think you could do with a few more bottles of Bundy though :)
  6. #6 smileedude, Aug 26, 2012
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    Precisely why my collection at the moment is the keg of home brew (tapped on Thursday, I'm not that bad), about half a litre of dry white goon, for cooking and a bottle of Chinese cooking wine. Anything bought is usually gone in a couple days.

  7. Well that makes my two bottles of scotch look rather... inadequate...
  8. Couldn't see any butterscotch schnapps, so really no point in having Baileys
  9. I'll join you in your inadequacy - I have two bottles of scotch, a bottle of sherry and a small bottle of home distilled calvados.
  10. Looks good Mr Messy, but what are you drinking next week?
  11. Doesnt last long enough to make a photo lmao. Nah im all out of my good scotches at the moment. On a rum bender.
  12. Theres 2 bottles in there :).
    An everglades clear on the far left behind the yellow labeled vok triple sec, and one of the unlabeled brown bottles that i threw some highly recommended essence in some vodka to try - gotta wait a couple weeks yet for it to bond chemically!
  13. nothing i buy makes it out of the bottle shop door
  14. thats the spirit!
  15. Don't drink much, but was invited to Clemo's birthday party on Saturday. Was only going to take some small cans of lemonade, but thought I'd have a quick look in the grog cupboard to see what might be hiding.

    Bingo - one LARGE bottle of Midori.
  16. Cmon someone else must have a decent collection :p.
    I suppose the only special stuff i have there is 2 bottles of bundy black (and ones open :angel:).
  17. The partner is a bit of a collector so we have about 20 bottles of Jim Beam - all unopened - date range 1985 - present. Just limited edition ones.

    Here's 11 of em.. the rest are hidden away - sorry for the bad quality pic

    Distillers Series 1-4, Sea Eagles Premiers 2008, Christmas green and red 2007, 2007 Car, (and i think) 2009 car, the last Booker Noe batch in a wooden crate/glass front - 12 yrs old, and an extra bottle from the 2007 car - the tin got damaged.
  18. Just seen this. I will have to take a photo of mine, its about half the size of your collection Messy. I have everything hidden in one of my cupboards, need a proper liquor cabinet.
  19. Jim Beam is foul, I can't drink it at all anymore. The JD honey isn't that great either.