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Your dream long distance ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. If you had the money, the right bike, super amazing off road bike riding skills and the opportunity to head off anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    I'd do a world trip. Would especially love to go to certain parts of West Africa..(Bandiagara escarpment/Timbuktou/Senegal). I've always wanted to travel there and doing it on a well equipped bike would make it even more sweet.

    France for sure. New Zealand. Tassie (lol).

  2. I'd like to do the Bunbury-to-Bunbury ride next year, sigh......
  3. Around the world, Europe and the US in particular (steering clear of large populations whenever possible in the US).
  4. Dream ride?

    If I had the time? Apologies if the following is too deep!

    I actually don't think money is the problem, except we all like somewhere to come home to.

    Sell the house, the cars, rent out 2 or 3 children, and we could all do anything we wanted to!

    Time. The most precious thing that there is.
    I have been almost dead twice (stroke and heart attack), and the time a semi ran over me was close too. Then there was the time I spoke back to my wife?
    There is always enough time to do what you want. You have to WANT to do it.

    Where would I go.?
    Everywhere - no fixed itinery - just amble around the world. Don't like it - just stay a while longer and assimilate a bit more. Or move on.

    I reckon about 5 years should see me through everywhere I needed to be.

    Skills - you would pick them up along the way. Survive - hell yeah!
    Enjoy - you have to work at that bit. Too many long faces in the crowds.
    Don't be a drone - get out there and live.
    (This coming from a guy that has 2 weeks hols every couple of years!)
  5. Assuming I had the time/money I'd probably look at either riding from Singapore to somewhere in China (ie Hong Kong) - on one of those generic Honda Cub based scooters. Although I'd also like to see Eastern Europe, ie take the long way from Germany through to Russia, on something like an MuZ. There's no adventure in having a bike that doesn't break down at least once along the way :LOL:.
  6. Start from home and cruise up the coast to QLD across to Darwin back down via the Alice to Adelaide and then back home to my family. The only important bit is finishing at home. :grin:
  7. 8 hours around Suzuka race circuit is my choice for a long distance ride :grin:
  8. Wouldn't have a specific destination. Just would ride off in different directions as the whim took me.
    Oh, and would love to visit Nurbergring!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. And many, many laps of the Isle of Man.
  10. I should add 'no laws' to the above as well - I'd like to do the only twisty road (and it's only a little one!) on Phillip Island (bar the actual track!). It's the road that leads to Cape Woolamai l/s club. The speed limit is 40kph and yep, it's there for a reason..traffic and pedestrians. I'd like the whole road closed off to both.
  11. Hmmm,interesting thread,just what I was crapolin on about to peter-reebok answering his question in another thread.
    Well where you want to go Rosie, you need to borrow my recording of the Dakar this year, you will absolutely lovit :grin:
    Parts of Africa's too unstable for me personally :eek:hno: If they have to change coarse of a major event like Dakar due to crazy locals, a couple of bulletts wasted on a couple of bikers aint gonna matter to em.

    Personally I would do all of S.E.Asia and India, Pakistan, and definitely Himilayas. China would have to be a high priority as well, especially before it comes too westernised.
  12. So true, so true.

    Any way apart from doing the round Aussie up the middle, across the big wide bit thing.

    Route 66, Pikes peak, Great lakes district, follow the Mississippi, catch a couple of races, Indy, Datona.

    Follow the old Paris - Dakkar route at my own pace.
    Ride the Orient express rout, follow the old silk road.

    Ride the full length of the Nile, white and blue

    Start at the mexican border and ride down to the tip of Argentina checking out the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, etc stuff along the way

    Where does it stop given enough time and money i'd be 200 years old by the time i finished.
  13. A dream of mine would be to go to Italy buy the latest Ducati and tour all over Europe following the MotoGP Circuit.
  14. All over Europe and lots of Asia. New zealand might be nice too :LOL:
  15. Up the servo.

    Hey, it's a dream. I'm smashed and out of cigarettes.
  16. 11,000 miles around the US of A

    Probably in 2009 :cool:

    ohh in 11 days
  17. Hey that's where i wanna go! you single'n'free honey? maybe we should hook up :grin:

    i figure i may as well combine passions - ride around, stop for a meditaiton retreat here'n'there, see if there's anyone in the world i can do something good for .... oh, and then maybe head over to israel or sweden for a decent bush-rave :wink:
  18. I'm up for one of those tours thru India/Pakistan on a Bullet - Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris or one of those type of things. Failing that, a quicker blat thru NZ on a quicker bike - either way!
  19. :rofl: for some reason that absolutely cracks me up, dare to dream dude, dare to dream, every great journey starts with a footstep :LOL:
  20. just starting to ready bike for trip to perth later this year, possibly via Darwin, 8 weeks with a bit of long service and holidays should do it, so if you see a derilict looking black sidecar september/october anywhere give me a wave.

    Of topic a bit but if i leave home-ride to perth and as part of the trip go to the sidecar rally at bathurst on the way home should i get long distance for the whole trip or just distance from home?
    Won long distance and worst sidecar last year so want to have another go.

    Doing big miles on a bike built from scraps gives a whole different sense of accomplishment than riding a factory built thing.
    in my opinion