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Your dream bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FakeJimmyMorgan, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Ok NetRiders....heres some background.

    My Dad was a biker from years before I was born. I remember he had a red Kawasaki and I was too short to even climb onto it as a little tacker. I got my licence after watching Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round series and wanted to do a big bike trip.

    Before I got the funds up for a bike that would be suitable I got really sick and wound up with an osmotic bag and not being able to ride for ages.

    I still was desperate to ride and I managed to keep my ZZR250 but began watching a heap of House MD (on the hospital tv service) and loved that here was this guy with medical issues, who was cool, and rode a bike. Ever since I would love to own a Repsol CBR like Hugh Laurie's in the series. it has become my dream bike.

    What's yours? c5f6a83232e5a1315a7d944e503da97c-2.
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  2. Z1000 or cb1000r.
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  3. Kawasaki H2R or MV Agusta F3 800, they just look awesome
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  4. I'm already riding it..
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  5. 2015-BMW-S1000-XR.
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  6. P90136332_highRes1.
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  7. Custom-Sin-Rival-Motorcycle-by-Marcus-Walz.


    bike (2).
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  8. Dream bike is definitely the R6 right now, I just love the aggressive look it has and just really catches my eye!
  9. Tis but a dream but at least I tried to reach for it :cry: Next life time when I am a 6'2" male like my brothers both were- they can be the short arse tubby females ! I'll start riding at 14 and progress rapidly to a stable of supersports bikes top of which will be the Aprilia RSV4R :D

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  10. OldmaidOldmaid are you going to get a zx10 instead? I'm 6'2 and couldn't really ride an rsv4 either, my legs are too long. My dream bike is something like a ktm 690smc but with a hossack front end and 100hp.
  11. Oldman, I thought you'd bought one?
  12. People laugh at me for this, but a Honda Goldwing. The GL1500 was one of the bikes I looked at and thought I wanted one when I was younger. I now can't decide between a BMW K1600GTL or Honda GL1800 once my restrictions expire.
  13. Oldman? Pfffft!
    Okay, let's crack the scab then. I had a deposit on a 2015 model and it just couldn't be lowered enough without royally screwing everything up ...so no deal.
  14. I have quite a list but I am leaning towards a Zx10 or Z1000 they lower quite well.
    November will be decision time :)
  15. Night rod, gsxs1000, s1000r
  16. I lean more to the adventure style...

    Triumph Tiger 800 XCA

  17. 381613382.
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  18. I have a few dream bikes (hopefully I can own all of them at the same time :p ).

    - 2009-2012 Yamaha r1
    - 2013 BMW s1000rr hp4
    - 2008 -2012 Honda CBR600rr
  19. Get a 2011-15 ZX10R...you won't regret it 8)
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  20. I have just got rid of one of my dream bikes, Ducati Monster.

    Next dream bike on the list is a Ducati Diavel. I test rode one before buying the Monster, at the time just wasn't sure on it, but I still lust after one!
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