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Your daily commute time?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Apr 4, 2014.

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    The City of Wyndham held a race this week to compare commute time between different modes of transport. Of course they forgot to include a motorcycle, so the result is a little bit fake IMHO.

    If you commute by motorcycle every day, how do your times compare to the results here?


    At what time is the commute? Does that make any diff?

    As expected - over a short distance 5 - 10 kms, a bicycle will always be fastest.

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    5km, all on congested inner city minor roads:
    Car - 25 min (on a good day)
    Motorcycle - 15 min (of which 9min is spent waiting at red lights!)
    Bicycle - 11 min (dedicated paths closed to other traffic and with few traffic lights)

    (Morning: 8.30am, Evening: 5pm)
  3. Glen Iris to willy by motorcycle 25 minutes, car 30-35 minutes, bicycle 1 hour 10 minutes.
    apart from the bicycle which is dedicated paths so never on the roads, it is 90% freeway so the real benefit of the motorcycle is the entrance and exit points on the freeway or filtering through when it is at a standstill.
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  4. My commute 20 minutes. But... as jdkarmch said at what time? I'm on the road at sparrows, not much traffic. Bicycle's are the slowest at that time. Even when I hit the CBD they don't catch up. Evening would be a different story.

    I noticed one of the cars reported an average of 15 km/h - that's about what this unfit tub-o-lard gets average on the bicycle computer, so for me the bicycle would take about an hour.
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  5. Usually 5-15 mins on the motorbike, depends on traffic, 5 if there's hardly any traffic, 15 if it's peak hour. I'm a shift worker so I start and end at all different times. The distance is 4.1km according to google maps.
  6. At the moment, i'm doing about 30 mins on the motorbike for a 20km trip. (total no split lane) This is around 7.20 to 8am in Sydney. I expect to be alot quicker when i have more experience. (only had my bike for a week)
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  7. My commute is 6km.

    Monday to Friday 075o and 1700. By bike it takes 15 minutes, by car it takes 15 minutes.
  8. My commute is 24.8 K's.
    The time it takes is very dependent on if it is 3am or 4pm. 15 - 25 minutes.

    Bicycle - you would be a moron, car - 25-30.

    I should probably add that I don't live in the city.
  9. The cycling times don't factor in a shower and change of clothes.
  10. True, but not all of them bother.
  11. I don't ride a push bike to work for 2 reasons. There are no showers at work and I haven't ridden a push bike since 23 August 1983.
  12. They clearly forgot to include helicopters as well.
  13. My commute is from Wyndham Vale to Burwood East, 60km give or take. I am a shift worker, so my times vary heaps, but the quickest would be around 55mins and average being around 1 hour 10. It can get up to 2 hours quite easily on it's worst days, but that was in a car. On the bike it's been 1 30 at it's worst.
  14. So? On your bike, how long would you say it would take to caver the route in the race, at that time of day, given that you traverse that stretch fairly often? Would you win the race given the times listed?
  15. Eumemmerring (near Hallam) to near cnr Toorak and St Kilda Rd takes about an hour on the motorcycle. I don't take the car bc there's no parking. I've left from just after 7 to up to 7.45 and the time doesn't change that much. What really screws it up is if there's an accident on the Monash.

    I used to commute by car to Port Melbourne, so further in the same time, but I left earlier - 6.15 ish. Found that it makes a significant difference if one leaves before 6.30.
  16. My commute is 42kms - assuming leaving at 7am, times are door to office building)
    Car: 90 minutes
    Bus: 120minutes
    Motorbike: 50 minutes
    Sea Plane: 30 minutes
  17. Endeavour Hills to city rd Melbourne 35 mins at 6am return trip 35 45 mins depending on traffic
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    with a 07:30 start, I'd guess around 50mins. my morning commutes start at 05:45 so i miss the really bad traffic. It takes me around 30 minutes to get to the tunnel. if you lane split fairly competently (unlike me) then you'd be faster still.

    minus 10ish minutes if you started from Werribee instead of Wyndham Vale. Wyndham Vale is off the map. it'd be slightly below your profile pic lol
  19. The reason they didn't include bikes cause they don't want to know.
    Did it daily from maybe 3kms the other side of Werribee station to Kangan tafe just down the road from fed square, I'd allow 30-40min leaving at 7:30, that's splitting all the way except the bridge and not being in any particular hurry.

    If it was for a race well...

    To travel the same distance via bus and train I allow about 90min
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