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Your Confessions: when you are the one who was texting/eating/fapping while driving and SMIDSY'd som

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ad91on, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Was thinking about this on the way home.

    As much as we may think we are perfect, and lets face it, we are closer than most, there are of course times where we slip up, where we fail to fulfil our duties as purveyors of road-sensibility, street-wisidity and general fantastic-osis. Where we are too busy eating a bucket of chicken (true story) or too busy getting your rage on at talkback radio, or too busy perving or too busy fiddling with the GPS, and we look up to find ourselves in a most unlikely situation.

    Naturally, recognition of the situation is one step ahead of non-recognition but it is still our own fault for not paying attention and not reacting due to self-imposed distractions we allowed ourselves to be caught up with.

    So, I bring to the floor, a place to confess your transportation sins: a place where all are judged equally, a place where there is no pride and no prejudice, where one and all can come to confide their darkest moments of vehicular operation and where through this confession their sins are absolved.

    I remember having just left my old street. There was a set of lights followed by a zebra crossing. I had charged through the lights knowing their change very quickly and was barrelling down towards to pedestrian crossing. I became distracted with something, i think it could have been an ipod or the audio settings on the stereo (having only been in the car for a minute or two, i had not yet decided on my musical choice for that trip.) The road was slightly greasy.

    I look up about 2 seconds before the crossing and holy **** - a jogger was running straight for it. I slam on the anchors and the ABS is pumping away beneath my left foot. I come to a halt half way across the crossing. My windows were down, and i look to my left to see the jogger with this bewildered look on his face. I couldn't apologise enough. I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry i pleaded and pleaded. He just smiled and jogged off, but still looked bewildered. He must have been high on endorphins because he was very good about it.

    I was really shaken up by it; if he hadn't had looked (like the girl who crossed infront of me today playing with her phone) he could have been killed - by me. That's a very brutal realisation.

    And now i open the floor to your own shameful acts due to your human condition of distraction.
  2. being on the road all day i've had far too many near incidents to remember just one.
    i don't deny having a few heart-stoppers, but honestly i get more than i give, and they all go in the category "it's not gonna stop me sleeping tonight so i'm not gonna stew on it"
  3. My only confession is I don't have a car licence so I don't drive
  4. I had a minor moment (not really close enough to be a near miss, but still the point where I should have stopped) at a pedestrian crossing in Balmain on my first trip up that way since getting my new car couple years back. Was paying attention but the massive A-pillar on the car (thanks to the curtain air bags) created just the perfect blind spot and the speed the person was walking towards the crossing at matched up with the relative speed I was approaching. Haven't had issues since just have to move my head around a bit to make sure that blind spot isn't an issue...
  5. None. I'm pretty much perfect

    EDIT: none with motorsickles which is all that counts, right
  6. Well there was the time I nearly took out the local police sergeant on his postie bike when I was living in country SA...

    He was riding in seriously heavy rain with no lights and came through a stop sign though. I think calling him a ******** might have been the reason I got booked a few days later...
  7. About 13 years go, I was driving in New Zealand, just off on a little day trip somewhere. I wasn't going slow, probably doing about $1.40 or so when the asking price was $1.00

    I came upon slow traffic ahead and simple indicated and went to pull past him. I'd checked my mirror a few seconds before and was confident in my situational awareness that nothing was anywhere near behind me.

    It was a few seconds too long, a couple of blokes on bikes each paying close enough to $2.00 for the pleasure of a ride on a sunny day had closed in on me without me becoming any the wiser. It was their reactions not mine that kept them in one piece as they had pulled out to overtake me as I had moved out of my lane. Too close for comfort.


    This one is on behalf of my ex-wife's old boss, just because it was a funny story.

    He was driving a milk tanker in NZ, many years ago, and was just going through the country town of Kawakawa. Well, the latest fashion at the time was hot pants, and he laid eyes on his first pair, painted on to a shapely young backside swaying down the street. His mind wandered for a moment, and by the time it came wandering back to the task at hand he was almost on top of a Mini that had stopped at a pedestrian crossing.

    With heavy foot he slammed on the brakes, tyres screeching on both prime mover and trailer. He came to a stop about 6 inches from the mini, his nose pressed hard against the inside of the windshield. Then the milk in the 3/4 full trailer moved from the back of the tank to the front...

    When he stopped again, he was on the crossing and the Mini had been deposited slightly crumpled on its opposite side. Nobody got hurt.
  8. I had a SMIDSY with a motorcyclist a few years back.

    Was in a hire car while ours was being fixed (hit and run while parked). One lane of stationary traffic, one line free-flowing, saw a gap, didn't see the motorbike. I'd like to blame the different car with unfamiliar mirrors, but it was entirely my fault.

    Fortunately he'd anticipated me deciding to change lanes so it was a glancing blow, but the bike still ended up on its side. Didn't actually realise i'd hit anything until I looked in my rear view mirror. Very quickly parked up and got back to him.

    Rider and pillion both ok, bike not so much. Was newish so wouldn't have been a write-off. I would say it definitely set me up in good stead for when I got my licence, as exactly the same thing happened to me on the bike one day, however I didn't have a row of parked cars blocking my ability to fully get out of the way.
  9. Driving home from work one night a couple of years back on the Cumberland Hwy near Wenty Leagues. Three lanes, I was in the far right. Coasting along with about $0.80 in the ashtray and after a 12hr day my mind was miles away when I realised the traffic in front of me was at a dead stop.

    There was no time to even think about braking or indicating or blind-spot checking. I had two choices - straight up the arse of the car in front, or change lanes blindly.

    I took the second option and got away with it but the incident sticks in my mind because I distinctly remember thinking as I began to swerve that I had absolutely no idea what was next to me and with the traffic around there was probably a 50% chance I was going to steer into someone. Pure luck.

    I'm now hypersensitive to following distances - ask anyone who drives me somewhere.
  10. Not so long ago, unfortunately.

    Had a delivery to make and was given the keys to company shyteheap Magna wagon. Coming out of sidestreet, and stopped at give way sign. There is a white van coming toward the intersection from the right, but it's slow and I figure I can easily get across in time.

    I give the magna a kick in the guts, it lurches a metre or so forward and then decides to translate the torque into front wheel spin, slowing to a creep. Look up to see the white van looming, but even worse, a motorcycle courier has come around the outside of the van and is bearing down even faster!

    Nothing to do but slow-pump the accelerator to try and get some traction, it's too late for stopping. I'm inching forward, gripping then spinning, but gathering momentum at a snails-pace. In the end there is just enough room for the rider to slip around the back of the car, shaking his fist. Fair enough I suppose, although I would have needed x-ray vision to know he was going to be there. I s'pose I could have waited for the van to go past, though.

    Worst thing was the whole thing was seen by a workmate. And he's a rider.:oops:
  11. I was driving down the freeway towards Geelong when I decided I wanted to take the next offramp (I have a huge selection to choose from). However I was in the right hand lane and quickly running out of distance. Looked in the mirrors, over the shoulder and didn't see anything near me, so dived straight across 4 lanes.

    As I drove around the offramp I see a car in my rear view mirror with the driver shaking their head.

    Turns out that their car was exactly in line with my huge 'c' pillar when I was looking around, and over 4 lanes so not in view of the mirrors.

    No contact, but I imagine they dropped an anchor to avoid me.
  12. *heading to the guilty corner in shame*