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Your Christmas Day and/or Biking Day Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NSSherlock, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Do you have one planned? Where will you go?

    Today I'm thinking a ride down to Byron Bay. Not far from here. I take a background that used to be a shortcut before the new Hwy was built. Then on the Old Pacific Hwy through Brunswick Heads and only 12 km or so on the main hwy.

    Tomorrow, Boxing day, maybe head a bit inland through Uki and see where I end up. Possibly The Channon, maybe Protester Falls.

    Wherever you ride enjoy and be safe.
  2. We did a ride on Monday which took us over Camp Mountain, Mt Glorious, Esk, Hampton, Toowoomba, then through the Gatton to Esk Rd, Somerset Dam and Mt Mee. Was a huge effort of around 440 klms and planning to do it again next week. Was hot and humid with long stretches in the saddle and arrived home exhausted and loved every moment. :)
  3. Sounds great! :)
    You might be interested on a ride on 19th January to Crams farm done by a local club here - http://thmcec.com/events_thmcec.php
    Not as challenging as what you did or as far and more a social ride but might be worth considering. All are welcome but you pay $10 for lunch and a backup trailer.
    It will be my first ride with them.
  4. Thanks, will definately consider it! :)
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  5. Will be doing the double Spur's run around lunch time once all the traffic if any disappears.
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  6. Yeah, they reckon Xmas day is a no go for the roads. So quiet around here.
    I reckon some just leave early to head off to family things and return later.
    Boxing Day around this way is packed though - tons at the beaches.
    Spur sounds like a great run for today - enjoy!
  7. Did anyone get caught riding in the Sydney xmas rain like I did? It was surprisingly enjoyable apart from my crotch and socks getting soaked. I don't know how that happened when I was covered from top to bottom in waterproof gear. My new pinlock visor worked a treat :D
  8. I did a morning ride to West Head via Akuna Bay. Love the early Christmas Day lack of traffic. Did get a little bit wet on the way home but it was still only nuisance value rain rather than a soaking that would have happened later in the day.
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  9. I ended up reversing my plans and did a trip out to a place called Crams Farm.
    Absolutely beautiful spot.
    Hardly a car on the road.
    On the way back I just shock my head in joy saying "This is what it is really all about"
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