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Your cages...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MREVOX, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Simply put, this thread asks... what notable cages you have owned, and would like to own.

    I started off with (embarrassingly) a Nares Blue 2003 Mitsubishi Mirage. Yes, that's an actual photo. Don't ask about the number plates.


    But thankfully, I moved on to something just slightly better two years later. It's something I still regret selling. 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII.


    Two years later (again), I moved on to a 2007 Ford Focus XR5 Turbo. Sadly, I don't have a photo of this one, even though it's my current drive.

    Now, I've picked up a bike, and look forward to making progress with it and moving up to something when I'm off restrictions... but I'm being tempted again. I *really* want an Evo X, and am thinking of selling the XR5 and picking one up (and killing my credit rating :cry:).

    Anyone else care to share... or do you all only own bikes :wink: :LOL:

  2. my first was a peugot 106xsi in the UK. Total piece of crap but I loved that car!

    Then i got bikes.

    oh, and Bumpn?

  3. My car is a 97 impreza 2.0L wagon. Don't have a pic of it on the pc and can't be arsed taking a photo.
  4. First Cages 93 lancer and 96 Nissan Bluebird, 2nd cage 92 telstar ghia 4ws (Miss this car sorley :( )

    However my favorite and current car is a Volvo s40 T4, love the car and will keep it till it dies, but honestly haven't touched it nearly as much since i started riding; I wonder why :?:

    Crap pics i know

    Its a Volvo, but at least its driven by a NR :LOL:
  5. 1996
    '56 leyland mini panel van - argued with a rock and a tree whilst trying the new sidewards flick... lost.

    87 charade 1.0L 3 cyl brmmmmm oh im doing 80...

    1999 new AUII Falcon SE Ute... weeee ugfgfhhh speed limiter!!#@, best falcon ute i have ever driven.

    1989 Toyota Carina(in the UK) bought for 300 pounds, spent 150 pounds on repairs, put 35000 miles on it in 12 months and sold it for 500 pounds.

    1984 Hilux Single cab... More rust than a rust factory!

    BA mk2 Fairmont

    1984 Chassis with 1986 Body, with a VN series 1 V6. 3 Inch lift kit and Full steel Bars, etc. Hilux Dual cab.
    2006 Saab 9-5 Wagon. Fully optioned, but no damn sunroof :(
  6. My first ever car i bought of my old man in pristine condition and now my biggest regret for selling it...
    Hj Monaro GTS


    Been through many cars since then, including
    Laser turbo
    Swift Gti
    XR6 ute
    Hiace Van

    Currently driving a Challenger...

    edit, pics are not of my cars
  7. This is my cage. Still being restored.

  8. I have had a few

    EH Holden
    XR Falcon
    XA Falcon
    XC Falcon
    XE Falcon
    XF falcon
    Hi Ace van
    X3 Hyundai excel
    Holden Rodeo ute
    VS Commodore ute
    Mazda E1800 van
    Ford Festiva
    Mitsubishi Magna wagon

    Our current family car is a new Jeep KK Cherokee
    I also have a 73 VW Beetle sitting at work and drive a new Chrysler Sebring as my work car.
  9. Ford cortina TE, TC Cortina, EB falcon, and lastly AU falcon.
  10. Squiff4.
    Speed machine! :p
  11. First car was a Morris 1100 that my grandma gave me that ended up seizing. Had a Mini that never really ran and I pulled to pieces. Used to drive the 'Space Pod', a very early Toyota Corona with a 2-speed auto gearbox: which ended up being repainted blue with paintbrushes and showed the brush strokes like a good Impressionist...

    Couple of Toranas, one Dad's and one mine, both of which were written off with me driving, one my fault, one not.

    Then I got into bikes and didn't really have a car for a while. Got married and my Mrs had a Corolla, then we upgraded to a Sigma wagon.

    Then, in the late 80s, the only really sporty or exciting car I ever had, a Charade Turbo. Less than a litre but under 600 kg, and an absolute heap of fun.

    Then an XD Falcon wagon, then a Magna.

    Then we moved to Canada and got an Oldsmobile, then a Dodge Caravan minivan.

    Back in Oz we bought a Hyundai Sonata which ended up seizing, and currently have a Nissan Tiida.

    TBH I just can't really get excited about cars any more. I watch Top Gear and they enthuse about this $70,000 sports car... and then give a 0-100 km/h time that my sub-5-grand bike will pee all over. It just costs way too much money to get any decent performance out of a car. So I'll keep the boring-but-reliable vanilla sedan to pick up the shopping and get the fun out of the bikes...
  12. Self confessed car hoon :) Even raced the quarter at Eastern Creek in my younger days lol

    So my cars so far...

    LH 'G Pak' Torana
    VK Calais
    VT Commodore (Still have her, love her)
    LX Torana (restored and sold)
    SE Frontera

    On the "To buy list".... a DB9
  13. Dato 120Y with 200b motor.
    VL commy
    Pulsar SSS- worked
    Volvo V40 T4

    My current car is a 300+rwkw XR6 Turbo and the wife drives a CX7 Mazda.
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  15. it's okay for you bods who only have to remember back 10 years or so...

    1969, a mate GAVE me his 1953 Austin A-30. It had the floor nearly completely rusted out, so, naturally, I repainted the outside, with a brush :shock: and drove it to near the time I knew it wouldn't pass rego, then I gave it back!!! It once did 63 miles per hour down a big hill on the F3 freeway. I don't remember what it did on the way up the other side :LOL:

    1952AustinA30. (Not the actual car, of course)

    Then, in 1970, my brother and a mate rebuilt a 1961 Ford Anglia (the one with the weird back window), that had been sitting in a paddock for 7 years. We spent all the money on looks, but never bothered to change the oil or get it serviced, so, of course, it snapped a cam follower and chewed a lobe off the cam and died. I sold it to a guy who turned it into a speedway car. The 5 1/2 inch rims and tyres that I put on it were worth more than the car.

    fordanglia. (not the........)
  16. Mainly 4WD's, although a 328i Convertible :cool: and just got this Impreza

  17. my cage...eventually :) exclusively two wheels, like forever, it seems.

  18. 1988 Holden Astra - went really well, worked high compression engine etc. But standard handling. Also blew three gearboxes as engine was putting out so much torque

    1968 Mini Deluxe 998cc

    1969 Mini Cooper S 1275

    1991 EB Falcon

    2003 Subaru Liberty
  19. First was an HK Kingswood wagon (a work car).

    Then an EH Wagon

    Then a Mk 7 Jaguar - similar to this

    a 2 1/2 litre Riley RMC shared with 3 mates (this model - ours didn't look as good :LOL:


    A Rover 110

    A Rover 3 litre Coupe

    A couple of Hillman Minxes

    Volvo 164 - From Adelaide to Brisbane it averaged 100 miles in one hour and 110 in the next across the Hay Plain. :cool:

    VW Beetle 1500.

    A very ugly yellow XC Falcon

    A couple of Fiat Regata 100s

    Alfetta 2 .0 litre sedan - lovely to drive and as J. Clarkson says - "You can't call yourself a petrol-head till you've owned an Alfa" :p
    Identical to this:

    I'm sure there's a couple I've missed out on in that list as well. :LOL:

    Several work Commodores.

    These days I salary sacrifice a Camry Azura. (I'm limited to locally manufactured cars) With this car I put a premium on reliabilty and comfort.

    Next car will be leased by my wife who has a much wider choice - something a lot smaller and a bit more fun. Possibly a Mazda MP25.
  20. First car was a pulsar q, bought 2nd hand in '97... probably around the 1990 vintage model. nice first car, drove it like a dick at times. But rarely a problem with her.

    Sold that when i got my first company car. A VX or something commodore exec. I think i was 21 or 22 at the time when i got that. Drove that like a complete dick at times, as one of my colleagues said, its a battle tank, go anywhere, up gutters, park it anywhere, great!

    A taxi ass raped that car, and the company sold it not long after that. I picked up a very nice berlina as my next company car, as they were not buying new cars, and this was sitting in spares bay, i got it, then got to keep it as my company car for abotu 2-3 years. People were quite p!ssed that i had a upgraded car over them.

    Moved into marketing, company car had done its kms so had to be sold, and leased a subaru forester XT-L in 2005. These are great cars to drive. Lease ran out in 2008, so sold it. Still miss it a little.

    Almost bought a BMW 125, or a EVO X. But alas, decided to take a company car again, VE Calias or whatever the latest model is. And bought a bike instead. Dont even really miss the power, some days i do, but most days, i love that i can take the car anywhere, park it anywhere, have absolutely no worries about petrol or if someone damages it. Best decision!!

    but i am sure in a 3 years when its up for renewal i will want to upgrade to a new toy.