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Your bike tuned for 98 RON

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by takagawa, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. On my next service, I'm considering getting my zzr250 (carbie fuel injected) to be tuned for 98 RON fuels. Seeing as how the tank is small, I thought'd it would be a better idea for it to burn a much cleaner fuel and getting it tuned to get as much out of it as it can.

    I decided on 98 RON since the last time I filled up on 91 I had an extremely bad batch for which I had sudden stalls, and didn't run as nicely as with 96 or 98.

    Has anyone else had their bikes tuned for premium fuels?
  2. Mine doesn't run on anything except premium fuels. I once topped up $5 of crappy fuel, and it was a terrible mistake. :(
  3. I only use the BP 98 octane stuff in my Duke. I find it runs so much nicer. I did not have to get it retuned because the injection system and associated electronic trickery sorts it all out for me.

    But you have confused me a little, is the ZZR carby or injection because I am sure it cannot be both.
    stay rubber side down.
  4. I used to run my GPX250 (same motor as ZZR250) off BP 98, and had it tuned for that. It run superbly and I used to get around 460km out of a tank til reserve. That was probably an extra 60-80km or so more than when i was using standard unleaded. Im a lightweight though. I think its worth it for the extra dollar or two that ultimate costs over std unleaded.
  5. Your bike should run better on 98 RON without being re-tuned.

    Unless you are changing you compression ratio there is not much to be gained by re-jetting your carbs just for the different petrol

    Having said that, if the carbs are still standard there is something to be gained by rejetting from the conservative factory settings, regardless of fuel. This is even more true if you have a modified pipe on the bike.

    So go for it. But I would suggest you go to a workshop with a dyno so that the gains are real, not just in the imagination of the mechanic.
  6. I got told by someone from the bike store where I got the bike that putting premium in my bike (XV250) would clog up the carbies. Don't know if thats crap or not.

    Will be getting it rejetted anyway at next service and telling them to optimise for power over economy.
  7. The original Shell Optimax was advertised not for use in carbie fed bikes. The other 98 octane fuels as far as I know are fine to use. BP even say it's 98 octane is really good for bikes.
    most of their websites give information if you can get onto them.
  8. My bad, I thought what I said sounded wierd :p .

    Yes it does run better, but I want it running better than better :D . I just would like to get the ignition timings to work with the higher octane fuel, and get some better performance out of it.
  9. what you'll probably end up doing is handing over a couple of hundred bucks to a mechanic who will run some carby cleaner through it (IF he does that) and tell you its right to go now. i honestly think you could spend your money a bit more wisely than that. if you want to take off a bit quicker, a better spend would be on a new front or rear sprocket. you lose a bit of top speed, but i think you'll find that the ZZR wont hit the rev limiter in top anyways you wont be missing much :wink:

    your bike is probably already running at its best on the premiums, i doubt there'd be much point trying to get it optimized.....
  10. It costs a couple hundred bucks to get a retune done? I thought it was a (relatively) simple procedure to do.
  11. if your talking a bit of a carb overhaul, then yes, i reckon it'd set you back a pretty penny. havn't had a lot of work done by mechanics tho so i could easily be wrong. but even a service is likely to cost you a couple of hundred, so something with a bit of REAL work involved is likely to be pretty expensive i'd think....
  12. When my last bike was running rich I brought it to a trusted mechanic and he quoted me around $400 to have my carbies overhauled. However he was factoring in the cost of new jets, as the old ones had worn out (which when I bought them to do the work myself were still $120 in total). This was about $200 cheaper than other quotes I received when i told them exactly what needed to be done.
  13. OK RON stands for rsearh octane number which indicate's its resistance to high compression or avanced timing which can produce pinging. Higher the octane the better resistance to pinging. Now I run Optimax in my ZX9R 03 model optimax has a higher specifc gravity thus 1 liter of optimax compared to 1 liter of standard unleaded the optimax is slightly heaver. So if your carby's are tuned for standard U/L or other 98 RON PULP the Shell Optimax will run slighty richer.
    Also optimax does a great job cleaning the fuel system so if there is a lot of carbon and crap optimax will clean it out thus may cause fouled plugs and filters. But onced cleaned I have had no problems with this fuel.
  14. Rossco, your bike runs fine on optimax because it is water cooled and injected. Shell do not recommend the use of Optimax in air cooled or carby engines. It will foul plugs because it is a denser fuel and will cause rich running.
  15. Not to mention there are much better refined fuels than Optimax. Optimax is just 96 RON fuel boosted to 98 with additives. BP Ultimate, and Mobil 8000 have been refined to 98 RON.
  16. but only shell accepts flybuys and fuel discount dockets :LOL:
  17. any stock bike should run better with a tuned jet kit, since it's not being tuned to pass emission standards

    just weigh the cost against how much the bike is worth
  18. BP & Shell are the same fuel, Superior fuel is available from Caltex or Mobil.
  19. Correction Safeway's had fuel discount dockets first but have heard too many reports of bad fuel from them!
  20. where'd you hear that from??? i noticed a HUUUGE difference between these two when i was riding the old bandit. shell gave the thing a flat spot around 6000rpm or so and so did caltex. also made the thing a biatch to start on a cold morning and took a couple of tanks of mobil to clear these symptoms up. never had a prob with BP when i used it, but i mainly used mobil, cant go wrong with that....