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Your bike in bike magazines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maytheforcebewithyou, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I have three questions: =D>

    I was wondering, when you read a review of your bike in a magazine, if you agree with what's written or if you don't?
    When you're interested in buying a new bike, does a review influence you a lot or do you just test ride the bike to see what you think of it and disregard any other point of view ?
    Do you believe that contributors in magazines are quite objective or that they too often promote the same manufacturers?


    Listen: "You can't use a mobile phone :blah: , eat your lunch, clean your dashboard, brush your hair, grab something in the boot and drive your car at the same time!!"

    Some people should use Public Transport or move to the jungle...

  2. Read 'em all, ride 'em all then make up your own mind
  3. Read reviews in multiple magazines, reviewers have their likes and dislikes and their riding style may not suit yours. You are right that the financial interests of the magazine have an influence. A big advertiser is likely to be treated more kindly in a review. Take the reviews as part of the mix in your decision but in the end it's you that has to ride it so test ride it and if you like it and it suits you then buy it.
  4. For me the reviews, both professional and ones on sites like these were helpful. Coming off a 10yo 250cc near on anything would have felt better, so experienced people giving their opinion was good, they know stuff I simply wouldn't have thought about, or be at a skill level to appreicate yet.

    Given most test rides are at absoulte best 30mins, I found reviews helpful there as well, if you read between the lines a bit you can see where they have a whine. Ie seat hard, vibrations on the highway, high speed stuff etc. But you still need to test ride, its the same as cars, you know straight away if you'll like it, just not if you can live with it. Then reviews help. But you reallllly need both the professional ones, and forum reviews to get an accurate picture.

    More experienced guys will obviously have a different opinion.
  5. If enough people answered the first question the answers to the other two questions would become obvious.
  6. This is 100% spot on..

    I've written for a number of magazines over the years and the editorial articles, reviews and the rest , are heavily weighted on advertising.

    They wont (usually) flat out lie, but , you have to remember who pays their wages.
  7. this one was honest :LOL:

    TwoWheels 3.
  8. Hornet do you have a better resolution of that? Or a link?
  9. Hornet is getting old and that the best resolution he can manage :LOL:

    Amazingly (to me) I can read it. Only just mind you.
  10. "Cycle Guide" voted my bike "Bike of the Year" 3 years running. I guess that counts for something.
  11. "Honda seems to have done the right thing by taking a good package and making it a little sharper for aggressive racetrack use while maintaining its user-friendliness. It may not be the supersport scalpel that the Suzuki and Yamaha 600s are, but it may surpass last year's shootout winner - the Kawasaki ZX-6R - in terms of all-around goodness. And, as far as we're concerned, having a sharp all-around bike is exactly what we want and need."

    Works for me.

  12. heh heh, yes here it is at 4.3mb and glorious black and white on Photobucket

    http://s142.photobucket.com/albums/r100/HornetPics/General Stuff/?action=view&current=TwoWheel.jpg

    I'm indebted to MVRog for the article, and Loz for the scanning thereof; Rog stumbled across it while reading an old Two Wheels and thought it was me. I had completely forgotten writing the article piece, and don't still have the original picture (nor most of my hair :LOL:).
  13. When posting up non-photos, such as line drawings or text, GIF or PNG offer far superior picture quality, and at much smaller sizes, in comparison to JPG.
  14. The GS 500 is the only bike I didn't test ride before I bought it. There are so many user write-ups and mag reviews I felt confident in popular opinion. There were no surprises either, yup she's got a lil grunt,the steering is light and nimble the gearbox is very friendly, and yup the nose does a graceful dive under brakes.
    If she was rated as a dog I would have taken her for a ride to see for myself though.
  15. i think this is a very important topic. magazine reviews can end up being the exact opposite of reality. i am new to the MB world, but i can give a few examples of other products where magazine acclaim was great....but reality was the opposite.

    cars. wheels cars of the year.
    1974 - Leyland P76!
    1982 - holden Camira!
    1988 - VN commodore!

    Video recorders. Beta was the better product, but VHS was better advertised/reviewed and used by most australians.

    my Jet ski (VX110) was voted PWC Today (USA based) as 'ski of the year' (it was even in the Yamaha Brochure they gave me at the dealer)but in australia its known as the slowest and worst 4 stroke ski you can get!

    word of mouth amongst the masses....is the best advice on any product.
  16. my bike always kicks-ass in the learner bike shootouts.
    they never mention what a whore it is to live with and get parts for, though. or mention it's not designed for highway use and the warrenty won't cover any seizures from motorway use
  17. as i am going through the which bike syndrome at the moment have read a lot of articles on the two bikes physical and online i am thinking about ,but end of the day will test ride both bikes one after the other but do take on the mags comments(depending on the mag)
  18. spoke to someone last week who paid $15 for an AUSTRALIAN bike mag!!!:nopity:
    Think she bought it for the pics and one article.:-({|=
  19. WTF mate!!
    The VN is absolute highlight of a car manufacturing, it is the most amazing peice of machinery ever made. Just ask anyone in the Logan area of SE QLD or say Moe in VIC.
    Those things run best when they have never had an oil change and only 1 headlight and no brake lights, top that with the rattle on the boot as the occy strap fights against a sweet arse sub. The only thing that can improve a VN is 20" wheels with tyres so expensive that you have to stop feeding you kids for a few weeks to replace with dole money so you can do more skids.
  20. I'm always amused by the people who happily take on other people's opinions in the absence of their own. The P76 was the best engine ever built in this country, and by the time the early manufacturing gremlins were exorcised, the car was so superior to the Ford and Holden equivalents of the time it wasn't funny. It was hostile Federal Government policy which killed Leyland, not the P76.