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Your Best Tour

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rc36, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. What has been your best tour?

    I've been keeping written records of my tours since 1981 so I have a huge number to choose from. What about you?

    Where did you go?
    How far was it?
    Solo or with a group?
    What made it great?
    Was it good enough to do again?

    Should make for some great reading...
  2. I'm planning a recce of the Tamworth trip next week, and then DOING the Tamworth trip next weekend; does that count??
  3. Not really....!!!
    A tour last for more than just a couple of days, usually, at least mine do.
    Mind you, that 963k's in a day thing a couple of months ago FELT like a lot longer!!
  4. My only 'long' trip was going solo back in Feb...1300 odd k's. 1st day was Alexandra to Corryong. 2nd day was Crorryong through Jindabyne down to Bombola, heading towards Lakes Entrance across the West Gate Bridge to Hoppers Crossing.....in 12hrs on the Spada. Only break was to refuel, every 200ks.

    Oh did I mentioned it was done in one of the greatest storms to hit Melbourne that day?? :wink:

    Going to that that very soon :wink:
  5. So you could probably also post in the "How wet have you been?" thread!!!
  6. Haha..i was thinking the same thing when i saw that thread title.

    And yes i was VERY wet..almost got hypothermia :cry: