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Your airshow pictures

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by smee, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. I'll start


    5. I know there were a lot of distractions but I like this shot for some reason.
  2. 6.
    9. These buggers were everywhere down there in some sort of dragonfly orgy
  3. love #5, but would crop it slightly at the top, taking a little bit more sky out.

    good pics :)
  4. More to come but I don't want to flood the forum
  5. would also crop dragonflies #9 at the top slightly, so they're centred top to bottom :) if that makes sense... keep em coming :D
  6. If I could have had those dragonflies pose elsewhere without me pointing my ultra telezoom at them it would have been easier.
    I'll play around with the crops later.
  7. 11.
  8. Ok this is the last of them promise!!!
  9. wow! what was the explosion from!?
  10. GREAT SHOTS SMEE, thanks
  11. They sent an F22? Noice!

    Nice pics, all of them. Thanks.
  12. we used to get effects like that using avgas, pipes and some other tricks
  13. I would love to own an F20 Tigershark, failing that an A10 Thunderbolt [​IMG] Not even I could break one of those.
  14. smee we never told you to stop keep em coming.
  15. More pics smee, they look great!

    I kinda forgot to take the camera when I went on sunday ](*,)

    That B1B was f*cking loud, sounded like it was ripping the air apart when it went over.
  16. That's all I have for now let's see some other people's :)
  17. Thanks Smee. Excellent job with the photos.

    They now form part of my massive screensaver collection...
    (others from warbirds.net and airliners.net)
  18. Nice shots, I'll upload mine too when I get the chance to.
    I wonder what the Connie would be like to fly
  19. Awesome shots Smee, every one.
    My favourite was the one with the Blackhawk and 3 Hornets (y)
  20. Here is a link to a Usenet newsgroup called aus.aviation.


    The fellow, Sandy Howard, at the time was a Qantas 747 pilot (captain). He is/was involved with HARS and specifically, the Super Connie.

    This link is a start if you want to know more about this classic aeroplane.