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Your $50k 3-bike collection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Redmosquito13, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Ok, so imagine you won a bit on lotto, or your night at the casino went really well, or grandma died, or you found some pirate treasure. Whatever happened, you find yourself with a nice round $50,000 to spend on what you want. You look at your trusty steed in the corner of the garage and think "I could replace that with 3 great NEW bikes to suit whatever mood I'm in and whatever ride I'm doing".

    The question is, which three, and why?

    Rules - must be able to be found on bikesales or similar for the NEW price.
    On roads and insurance don't come into the equation.


    1. 2016 Ninja 1000

    I think it's a great allrounder that is reasonably priced with good features. Price $16k

    2. Indian Scout 60

    I've never owned a cruiser, and I don't want a Harley. I reckon it looks nice and at 990cc it's not too big. Price: $16k

    3. Triumph Street Twin

    Never owned a pommie bike, and this one looks the part while still being offering modern performance. Price: $14k

    So my three come in at $46k, leaving a bit for some accessories / mods.

    Which three would you have?
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  2. New Triumph ThruxtonR $21K
    2017 GSXR1000 $18-20
    DRZ400 $8K
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  3. VFR800 for out of town; ducati scrambler city bike no traffic; drz400sm commute
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  4. BMW S1000RR - $22K
    Ducati 959 Panigale SBK - $20K
    DRZ400 - $8K
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  5. ZX6R or GSX-R750 For short fast fun journeys.

    Ninja 1000 - For the longer trips but still put a huge smile on my face.

    Vulcan 900 - not into cruisers but a good bike that has heaps of height adjustments, so if my mrs wants to ride it, she can without having to muck about too much with aftermarket linkages etc.
  6. $50k...... on 3 bikes??

    2 repco 10 speeds and a pimped 1299 S with matching ducati car sticker.
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  7. Desmodici RR and two rusty tricycles from the kerbside.
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  8. let me know if you find a desmo for $50k...... and make sure it's services ($20k+)

    (thats what i was thinking too lol)
  9. Does it really have to be found on bikesales?

    Surely I can spend my $50K on whatever bike I want and my 3 bike collection for $50K would have to include a 1981 Maico Mega 2.
  10. Yep, although I prefer the original red on red colour scheme.
    Now go find one on bikesales for the NEW price as per the rule below!
  11. Not sure what the rules mean so I'll go with two sets. My approach is similar in both - the first bike is probably my favourite of the set, then there's a pure fun option and a sensible choice to cover what the other two can't do.

    If it has to be new:

    KTM 1190 Adventure R - $25k - this is my 'if you had to own ONE bike' choice, because it can do it all while being a bit mental

    KTM 690 SMC R - $15k - the keys you reach for when you're in the mood to forget adulthood for a while

    Yamaha MT07 HO - $10k - the honest runabout for when the 1190 is too cumbersome and the 690 is too impractical, that makes a good noise and handles well

    If you can go older, but at the new bike price:

    2012 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP - $21K - the ultimate expression of not only the air-cooled Hypermotard family (which I love, obviously) but also of that glorious engine. Not much more practical than the Aprilia but at least it's comfy(ish).

    2004 Aprilia RS250 - $13k - I used to (part-)own one of these, and I've always regretted not buying out the other guy when he wanted to sell. Pure fun, but they're very collectible now so they're fetching near-new prices on the used market.

    2013 Honda VFR800 - $14k - the ultimate sports tourer to add some practicality, comfort and legs to the garage, and leaves enough in the kitty for a Staintune exhaust.
  12. Ktm super duke GT - it will be the ultimate sports tourer $27k
    Triumph daytona 675 - track day fun $15k
    Suzuki DRZ650 SE - the bush basher $8
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  13. Aargh so much choice

    Aprilia Tuono around 20k for twisties, weekend fangs, touring, the odd commute.
    GSX/R/ZX 6 around $16k as a dedicated track bike (no I'd never buy one new in the real world).
    Honda Grom for ?? (POA on Bikesales but assume $5k?) - arseing around, commuting, taking away on holiday etc.
    Leaves about $9k in the kitty
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  14. Moto Guzzi V7 Racer , BMW R1200RT, Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 . Guzzi for a cool bike ; BMW for a comfortable touring bike ; Enfield because I like the sound of a 500cc single . A bit over $50,000 , but if you've got $50,000 , then you can get another $6000 .
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    Yeah I looked at the GT535 too, but I guess I'm just a sucker for something that looks the part but is fairly modern.

    Yeah the choice is what makes it tricky! I didn't even think about a dirt bike like some others have, but it makes a lot of sense.
  16. BMW R1200RS - $22k
    Yamaha WR250R - $9k (+ SuMo conversion)
    Harley Davidson Iron - $15k

    All my bases covered. Cruising / Touring / Sport / Hooning / Off road / Wrenching (Harley) :p

    I found this very difficult with this budget for some reason.
  17. I'd have to start with a KTM 1290 Super Duke. Based on what I've seen, it has everything that I'd want to have in a bike. Big V twin, lots of power, upright seating and great handling. I think they go for about $25,000.

    Second, I'd go with a track bike. I've got a bit of a soft spot for Gixxers, so I'd go a GSX-R600. That's about $15,000.

    Last of all, with my ten grand remaining I'd go for a dirt bike. I've got no experience with that so I'd go with something like a Yamaha WR450. Good brand reputation and bigger engine are always better right?
  18. Great beginners off road bike there! LOL
  19. You would reckon that $50k would easily be enough for three new bikes, but then you get into researching and, like the Stones said, you can't always get what you want.....:)
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