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Your 5-bike dream garage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Okay...what's in your dream garage? We'll impose a totally arbitrary 5-bike limit. You're not Lindsay Fox, after all.

    To kick things off, here's mine (note: list changes on an almost daily basis):

    The sports-tourer

    BMW K1200S

    One day I'll get one of these. Okay, it'll be 30 years old and I'll be 75, but if I start saving tomorrow...

    For twisties and track days

    Triumph Daytona 675

    The "it" bike of '06, but I don't really care. It's light, pretty and not another Japanese sportsbike. It gets a guernsey.

    Something old

    Nothing really old, though. I don't get all dewy-eyed about pre-war British engineering or the smell of Castrol R. I toyed with the idea of a green-frame Ducati, but I think I'll go for a...

    Kawasaki Z-1

    It's Stone, it's production racing, it's the vibe. Nuff said.

    Let's get nekkid

    MV Agusta Brutale 750

    You need a reason?

    Wonderful lunacy

    Honda Rune

    Glorious irrelevance on wheels. It's what a "bike of the future" would have looked like in 1940. Surely the best argument yet for the over-use of proscribed substances. Make mine candy-apple red, and polish up that chrome. All of it.

    Now - over to you!
  2. one each of

    Yamaha R1 2004 - Best looking bike on the planet

    Hayabusa + turbo - most technologically rediculous bike on the planet. Could replace this wtih that y2k jetbike.

    Triumph Rocket III - For nights in a trenchcoat

    Yamaha FZR250 - cool tacho. revs

    90cc postie bike - nostalgia. learnt on one of these.
  3. Oooh!

    RC30 - droool, droool.

    ZXR750 - bog standard 91 era model with the hooover tubes (in burgundy)

    K1200LT for super comfy mega-touring

    GSXR750 for track days

    Probably keep the 1100S or something similar (K1200S, perhaps...) for general bumbling and 2-up days out.
  4. Good thread Clive. like you , my top 5 changes daily:
    Bee Em 650 Dakar ( cos I like black and white)
    Harley deuce (black with purple fade out flames)
    Ducati MHR ( cos I like the italian colours all on one bike)
    Triumph speed triple ( but only in nuclear red)
    Kwaka 636 ( in that silver and tattoo/flame paint job)

    There that covers any type of riding mood I may be in.
  5. And in hindsight, I should have mentioned a six cylinder so I would have all types covered.
  6. Here's my stab at, oh and I will change my mind on these from time to time.

    The sports-tourer
    BMW R 1200 ST this is as good as it gets I reckon

    For twisties and track days
    Aprilia RSV1000R, drool very fast and very cool

    Something old
    1975 BMW R90/6, my grandfather drove one of these all over Scandanvia and Europe. Very sentimental reason I know. 900CC of memories.

    Let's get nekkid
    Tuonno 1000r this bike scares me looking at. Very sexy, very italian

    For posing
    MV Augusta F4 AGO only 300 made ensures I will probably be the only one with one at Friday nght coffees :grin:

    Oh I also need a commuter for every day use BMW F650GS all the things a good bike should be although reality dictates that I will get a Kawasaki ER6F.
  7. OK...

    Sports Tourer
    BMW K1200S - because I want one...

    Adventure Tourer
    BMW F650GS Dakar - go anywhere and lighter than the GS twins, great for dirt roads etc... and a really good commuter with the ABS brakes which you can switch off for the dirt.

    Thought about this - lots of older bikes but I want rideability- not someting I need to keep working on.
    First of the RD400 Yamahas - fun, fast and very rideable (and I like two strokes) or possibly a Suzuki 500 Cobra - not as fast but fun and rideable.

    Naked Bike
    Triumph Thruxton - they just look great. Bonus is they handle well and have that indefineable something...

    [Rampant Stupidity]

    I agree with you about the Rune and it would be on a list of 10...
    But I think probably a turboed Street Rod would do the trick.
    Lots of go, lots of show and has a little more cornering clearance than the Rune...

  8. Suzuki Hyabusa - As a sports-tourer.
    BMW F800S - For commuting.
    Suzuki 1100 Katana - As a restored classic.
    Yamaha SZR660 - For twisties/track days.
    Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro - For cruising.

    Although if I had just one of the above I'd still be happy.
  9. curtain girl... thats right its nuclear red not hot pink like someone would say. Well I think Ive gone through enought bikes in the past 6 years and the triumph tripple was good a real head turner.

    i went from a balius to a honda 600f and then the tripple which got traded in for a Duke 748sp, which i crashed and then went to a duke monster s4 and then that was too expensive to service so i ended up with my current r6.

    but in my garage would have a moto GP bike from each manufacture

    1. Yamaha - in rossi colours
    2. Suzuki - just like chris's
    3. Ducati - the malbaro one
    4. Honda - hmmm tough one but like nicky's
    5. Kawasaki - just a green one
  10. Paul, Ive co-owned a CBX 6 and the motor was so smooth , like riding a sewing machine. Imajo, I was gonna say lipstick pink for the Trumpet but thought Id better be P.C. I had a friend that was marketing manager for Triumph Aust, and she would always joke with me bout the colour of that bike.
  11. well, my garage would have to be a compromise of my bikes & my BF's bikes. So here goes:

    Honda CB1300 - that's my BF's bike and he's NEVER selling that baby.
    Honda Hornet 599 (2006)- you heard me, I love my 1998 Hornet 600 but let's face it, if I had the chance I would have bought a brand new 2006 599 instead.
    Kawasaki Mean Streak- again, a bike for my BF. he wants one for those days he feels like posing.
    Honda VTR 250 I love the cibby but these just LOOK nicer!
    Yamaha TW200 - for playing in the mud!
  12. heh heh, loved the look and sound of that bike, although I never got to ride one......

    When the Yanks were doing the US R&D for the CBX the workshop was next to a USAF base, and one of the guys built a six-into-one exhaust system that sounded just like a Phantom fighter jet!! Needless to say, it didn't make it into production!! :LOL:
  13. Buell XB12Ss - Tough & fun

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX-R10R - FAST!

    Triumph Rocket III - Very cool

    MV Augusta "Senna" - BLING!

    Harley Davidson VRSCA V-rod - it's a Harley!
  14. great thread

    Sports Tourer
    it doesn't fit i know but: BMW GS1150S adventure - because the adventure category is taken :LOL: ...

    Adventure Tourer
    BMW F650GS Dakar - because... well, just because

    R1 is so pretty

    Naked Bike
    Mine, the SV650S

    [odd one out]
    rocket III

    we can dream
  15. That's some interesting choices there.
    The usual range of high performance exotica.

    But what's interesting is the consistency of the BMW 650GS. I thought my inclusion of it was a bit eccentric but it looks like there are a lot of people out there who value the versatility and general "niceness" of it.

    I've had them as loaner bikes quite a few times and every time I have one I find myself liking them more and more. :grin:

  16. Sports-tourer
    BMW K1200RS

    Fast & Furious
    MV Agusta F4 Tamburini

    Chook Chaser
    KTM 250 SX

    KTM 625 SMC

    Yamaha Midnight Warrior
  17. Sports Tourer:
    VFR800 '99-'02- (still can't get that V4 growl out of my head!)

    Adventure tourer:
    KTM 640 Adventure (or maybe the 950 if I'm feelin' brave)

    Twisties and track:
    Triumph Daytona 675

    Makin' noise in the streets:
    Aprilia Tuono 1000R

    Just croozin':
    Harley V-Rod (so long as I'm not paying!)

    Edit: Oh yeah - Just for lookin' at: Laverda 750SFC
  18. Here is my choice although my choice of bikes is a rather mixed bag of classics and would probably hosed down stupidly by the latest and greatest 1000 sports bike but I don’t care there my choice

    1/ A laverda V6 1000


    The bike that broke all the rules, and caused a life long addiction to the marque.

    2/ A Boss Hoss Motorcycle


    Well if I had the money to have 5 in the garage why not go over the top

    3/ A Munch Mammoth

    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/Gallery A/Munch 2000 5.jpg

    That crafty Fredrick he’s been at it again

    4/ Just the thing for a long fang in the northern territory open roads a Honda RSC1000 1980 Endurance racer the last of the greatest run of domination in endurance racing


    5/ The Commuter just has to be one of these the most ant social hooligan bike ever made the mighty Suzuki RGV with the full lucky strike sticker kit Ye Ha go the wail

  19. TonyE, I noticed that too. And I too, have had a loaner for a weekend ! I loved it, the bike that will do a bit of everything. I was gonna buy it too, but ended up goin to Vegas instead! dealy, I would have that and a mid size sports bike.