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Your 3 favourite bike photos

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Valkrider, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I like to take hundreds of photos while out and about travelling but there's only the odd few that really stand out.
    So here's a thread to show us your 3 favourite photos of your bikes, past or present.

    Here's my 3


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  2. I really like that first pic.
    Where was it taken ?
  3. Wow there is a LOT of chrome in those photos. Stunning scenery please show us more. Are your police really really shortsighted ?? your number plates are HUGE. :wacky:
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  4. It was taken at the top of a road called the Col de Roussett in Southern France, down the bottom of the Alpes.
    If you look on Youtube there's plenty of bike videos on it.
    This is the road I had to endure to get that photo ;)
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  5. Stunning.
  6. Your not wrong, our plates are big and fugly. I'm not sure if you have it in Australia but our police have a system called ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). You drive past a police car and your vehicle is checked within 3 seconds, for road tax, mot and insurance, disqualified driver or anything else they put on the system.
    Here's a "pretty" picture of my plate (y)

    This one was taken in Wales in the UK at 5am as the sun started to hit the hills in the distance. My bike and tent is on the right, and yes, it's all transported on the bike and trailer.
  7. ValkriderValkrider your dedication to photography is admirable - that is a lot of twistys to negotiate for a picture. Out of curiosity what does the beast weigh in at ? Your rig would be a lot of fun touring in Australia - maybe one day in the future ?? And yes we have number plate recognition as well but we have convinced the authorities that big number plates present a serious hazard to riders and hence have plates 1/4 the size of yours. If we are lucky they collect a lot of road grime and are difficult to read.
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  8. #8 Valkrider, Apr 6, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
    The "ole beast" has a dry weight of 309kg, I reckon with all the extra bits it's probably close to 375kg.
    Fully loaded for touring it's probably getting close to 400kg towing a 160kg trailer.
    Add me and the wife and it's no wonder I get through quite a few rear tyres. :whistle:

    One day I hope to get to Australia and do some exploring, don't think the Valk would make it across the Simpson Desert tho.:playful:
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  9. I thought that was the tip of the alps in the background.
    So did you endure the ride, or was it just your bike ? That looks like a nice bit of road to spend a day on.
    I wouldn't like to have been dragging the trailer behind me though.
  10. Sorry Stever, that was my poor English wit.o_O
    The road was one of the best I've ridden, the photo opportunity at the top was an added bonus.
    Just behind where I stood to take the photo was a tunnel through the mountain about 2000m long. Well, you have to play.

    The best bit about riding up that road is knowing you have to come back down again. (y)
  11. [​IMG]


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  12. Maybe on a cruiser that's a road to be endured, but I have to tell you that the word I would use would be "enjoyed". Or maybe "fanged" ... :D
  13. Here are my 3 favourite pictures of my bike (so far that is, i have not had a decent camera for long haha)
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