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youngest netrider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pt, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. i was wondering whether or not im the youngest actual netrider? i managed to get my Ls when i was exactly 16 and 9 months, and my Ps two days after my 17th here in nsw. everyone on both those courses was at least 5 years older than me and everyone here seems ancient :p i know 1 guy my age who has his Ps....anyone whose 17 or 18 around?

  2. maybe liscense wise
    but there is a netrider who is about 15-16 and hasnt got a bike , rides a deadly treddly .
  3. yeah 17yrs 3 months and 1 day in adelaide though. Had to get my car license before my motorbike house restrictions.
  4. well i'm only 5, beat you all :p
  5. HAHA! i win :).
    Im in Tassie so i got L's at 16 and 3 Months, cause you can do that here (one benefit of movin' to tassie)

    Right now im 17 and 1 month gonna go for my P's after i get the bike back on the road, probably go for them in 2 months :D

    So beat that?
  6. mmm. know what you mean gordon. had to get my car learners first now theyre trying to keep me off the bike till i get my car Ps. not working though. 16 and 3 months! that is a bonus. looks like youve taken the title benny boi.
  7. *The Rock Theme Music comes on*

    *grabs flyweight netrider belt*

    Thanks all very much appreciated :D

    *Flexes ass cheeks and pecs on way out*
  8. You'd better book in now then, they're only running the P course on Sundays and are pretty well booked out.

  9. Geez really, well im inquiring about a L's session for my "apprentice" so i'll have to book in advance then :)
  10. im 17 and 10 and a half months. yes, im counting down the weeks....
  11. I was 18 until some sunday of last week...

    So at the ripe old age of 19... I'm far from the oldest netrider.
  12. Everyone here seems ancient huh! keep that up & you won't live long enough to be the oldest netrider!
    pmsl! enjoy your youth it slips away faster than you can imagine!
  13. I thought I was young until I had kids...:LOL: People always say that kids keep you young but mine made me age a lot faster :? :LOL:
    Wouldn't go back to not having them though
  14. I'm 19 not the youngest, but the only p'plter riding a 636 Ninja!!!
  15. Fark. I thought I was young at 22.

    I bet you lot don't even remember the first Gulf War. Youngins.
  16. You are young at 22 :p

    I remember GW2, GW1, East timor, the berlin wall coming down , several other small south african incursions , the USSR falling apart, Afganistan,Iraq/Iran, Figi in 84 , korea / vietnam ( but to young to get drafted for either :( ) Hmm starting to get the feeling i grew up in troubled times LOL

    But there are other OFARC's who can remember the parting of the red sea !

    :p :LOL:
  17. Sorry I missed your birthday :LOL:

    Alright - technical point - we have Netriders with no bike and no licence because they haven't done their test and they're yet to purchase a bike.

    My 4yo is in the same boat (actually, the same sidecar) BUT she hasn't posted yet on Netrider. She does, however, have a lot of road time as the navigator/tactician/sandwich unwrapper/banana peeler with team ChairFamily.

    If I get her to post in the new riders section (she can give tech tips on assisting Dad to take fast left handers) does she get to claim the "youngest Netrider" prize?

    She doesn't remember life before the Web
  18. Chairman Mark, I don't remember life before the net..:LOL:
  19. i didnt HAVE a life before the net. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: